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If war-gaming could be spoken to.

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harley001 #1 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 09:39


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So imagine if war-gaming was a single entity that you could speak to and ask questions. Note, this is just comedy and not meant to be taken seriously. Feel free to come up with your own conversations. 


Light Tank Woes.

"Wargaming, I am a light tank, i got no armor or way to damage the enemy without dieing!" 

You are a scout. Spot the enemy tanks though passive or active scouting. 

Oh okay that makes sense. *spawns in himmeldorf* Wargaming, there is nowhere for me to hide or maneuver here. 

Use your speed to harass the enemy and avoid their fire. 

Wargaming there is not a lot of room for me to maneuver, and using my speed to avoid enemy fire doesn't work in city maps. There is no room for me to maneuver. 

Use zig zags in things so the enemy cant hit you 

Now you are just assuming the enemy can't aim at all... 

Use your speed to harass the enemy!

...Yeah I am going to wait until the battle is almost over and than finish off some weak targets or hunt SPGs or hope the enemy left a flank undefended.


Heavy Tank Woes

"Wargaming. I keep getting hit by arty." 

Arty punishes campers. Stay mobile and learn the spots where arty can't hit you.

Wargaming I get hit even when moving as fast as my tank can go and zig zagging.

Don't be in the open. Learn the arty safe spots.

Okay. But now I am just going to stay behind this cover all game because arty hits me if I leave. I can't push forward.

Now you understand.

But Isn't this camping? The moment I try to push up to attack I get hit. But if I stay in one spot arty can't hit me. Thats camping, staying in spot. 

If you play as arty you will understand! Play some SPG's before judging them!

I do play SPG's... 

Arty is in the game to punish camping and slow tanks that move in the open.

But if arty hits anyone that pushes forward and leaves cover than it encourages camping and not attacking. Its not possible for heavy tanks to stay in arty safe cover the entire time if they want to attack. Why have a class of tank that mainly punishes heavy tank drivers?

You just need to learn where arty can't hit you. Play some more SPG's.

*Light tank player jumps in* ARTY JUST HIT ME WHEN I WAS 60KM AND TURNING!

Unlucky. Nothing I can do about it. :trollface:


Gold Ammo

Hi Wargaming, I drive a maus and was wondering why gold ammo is in the game in its current state.

Gold Ammo helps fund the game and allows tanks to have a fighting chance against higher tier tanks.

Right, but why have a ammo you can buy with real money that only punishes tanks that rely on armor? Medium, tds without armor, and light tank drivers don't have to worry about it, since in most cases they would have been penned anyway. 

It wouldn't be fair for lower tier tanks to be incapable of penning high tier vehicles. 

Right but shouldn't there some trade offs to gold ammo besides cost? A lot of players just spam gold ammo, there are plenty of players with a ton of credits to be able to afford gold ammo. And even if you are not rich, as long as you have a good game and didn't fire a ton of gold ammo, you will still make money. It really hurts the ability of some heavy tanks, it has no trade off besides price.

Not true. Good heavy tank drivers know how to use their armor and ability's of their tank to ensure their survival. 

I am not saying it prevents heavy tank drivers from doing good. Heavy tanks drivers can deal with gold ammo just fine. But it does make them have to work a lot harder and limits the effective of their tanks in certain situations. Why not make gold ammo the same price as regular ammo, and give it some trade offs. In real life HEAT and APCR suffered from drawbacks which is why AP stayed the regular ammo used by tanks.

Gold ammo helps fund the game.

Actually I doubt it. Everyone uses credits to buy gold ammo unless they forgot to switch the currency thing to credits. When was the last time you saw a post battle screen with the gold icon showing gold subtracted for ammo? Its more effective to turn gold to credits than buy gold ammo. You make enough money off premium tanks, premium game time, and converting XP.

Heat ammo does badly against spaced armor.

That's nice, but its not enough. You know I have some ideals to make gold ammo just as balanced as normal ammo. You could make it cost the same as normal ammo and have it be a alternative rather than a better ammo type.

Uhhhh. Nope, gold ammo helps fund the game. You need to learn to properly use your armor, its fine. *begins shoving player out the door*

Hey...whoa I was just trying to-

Nope. It's fine. No problem, funds the game, gotta learn to adapt to it. Stop whining, it punishes all tanks equally not just armored tanks. Like HESH for example, takes all your HP off no matter what you do, even a bounce explodes on your armor.

What, that just makes things worst, stop-*gets shoved out of room*






Turmoilx #2 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 09:47

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this is accurate

Mad_Dog_Seabee #3 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 10:37


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War-Gaming I have great internet and my ping is a max of 35ms when I play, yet I am lagging on US WEST.

Run PingPlotter and attach the data for it to the ticket. Also, what server are you playing on and what operating system are you running?

Did you not read my initial post? I have 30ms and I am still lagging. I told you I was on US WEST and what does my Operating System have to do with anything?

Reasons. We are trying to figure out the issue here.

The issue is that I am lagging and it's not client side, as I pointed out already...


Gunadie #4 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 11:00


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OP must be having a bad day on the battlefield

and needed to amuse themselves

harley001 #5 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 11:19


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View PostGunadie, on Mar 19 2017 - 10:00, said:

OP must be having a bad day on the battlefield

and needed to amuse themselves


NO I came up with this after read the forums and watching some YouTube video's. But this was mostly a joke between me and my friends that we would say during our platoon games. Not meant to be taken seriously in slightest. Just a parody of general complaints people make.

Edited by harley001, Mar 19 2017 - 11:22.

Captain_Obvious65 #6 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 12:56

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What makes it funny is that there are kernels of truth in each statement. :teethhappy:

Viper69 #7 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 13:52


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No medium tank woes? Oh wait there isn't any.

Bolo_MkXX_Tremendous_DMD #8 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 14:21


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View PostViper69, on Mar 19 2017 - 04:52, said:

No medium tank woes? Oh wait there isn't any.


Yeh out of five mediums, three of them are behind the DUDES 03 for some reason and are having a meltdown when you tell them they should move.

harley001 #9 Posted Mar 20 2017 - 05:59


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View PostViper69, on Mar 19 2017 - 12:52, said:

No medium tank woes? Oh wait there isn't any.


I wanted to include them, but I don't play mediums enougth. THey probably can relate to the light tank woes though. :P 

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