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(Tier IV to VIII) ASU/PT Series Branch for Soviet Tree

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TheSouthernGuy #1 Posted Mar 19 2017 - 18:22


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Surprised they haven't already added these tanks. It took just a few minutes to make a very basic line from Tier IV to VIII. Also, the light tanks will not have Scout MM due to the upcoming extension of LTs to Tier 10. It's a very rough draft but I will get into more details in later posts.


Starting from the T-70 at Tier III


IV                 V                      VI                  VII                VIII           

K-73             ASU-57/76       ASU-85         PT-76          Obj. 906

TD                TD                   TD                 LT               LT


Branch merges into the T-54 Lightweight which will be at Tier IX in the future.


The ASU-57/76 is two designs combined into 1 tank for the sake of compacting the line.


ASU-85 was developed from the chassis of the PT-76, and the Obj 906 is a beefed up PT-76 with a 90mm D-62 gun.


I will make new posts to tell the details of each tank in the branch later.




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