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Graphics problems

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ArmorStorm #21 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 01:34


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View PostEisenriese, on Mar 19 2017 - 16:40, said:

Good luck running this game on anything but an Nvidia gpu. Wargaming is "in" Nvidia's pocket so they don't really work with AMD/ATI gpus. I have a custom built system with the RX480 8gig gpu. ONLY WOT has issues. Game crashed to desktop on certain map. Also WOT will crash the crimson driver and throw Wattman errors on regular intervals. I have been working with "support" and they have no clue.


No problem whatsoever with my R9 380, sorry you are having trouble with your rig. 

KnightOfEris #22 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 02:43

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View PostPoitou_Donkey, on Mar 20 2017 - 05:39, said:

I've reinstalled the drivers that came with card off the supplied CD, still the computer isn't recognizing the card and only going with onboard VGA. Thanks for everyone who's replied. I'm downloading drivers from AMD as I type as my last hope. Other advice from a Google search is to check BIOS as to why computer doesn't recognize card (it should, there was another PCI card in that slot before). I'm really hoping the card isn't DOA :(


Is your power supply up to the task? That's a common issue. You should have at least 550W and at least 30+ amps on the 12V rail. Oh yeah, and you DID remember to plug in the 8-pin power connector to the card, right?

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Asassian7 #23 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 04:47


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View PostEisenriese, on Mar 21 2017 - 10:48, said:


​I wish this was the problem and considered that also. RMA'd the first card thinking this. Second card same issues. (I used an OLD GTX 980 waiting for new card and NEVER a CTD) That's when I started researching this issue. Sadly it seems to be an issue with WOT as many other have the same problem. I even swapped in my sons Nvidia and tried to CTD doing training room after training room on both Sacred Valley and Artic Region. Thinking I might have some bad RAM (unlikely) or a bas PCI slot (again unlikely). I could not cause a crash. Swapped back in my Rx480 and first time in Sacred Valley = CTD. This is clearly a WOT issue.


Edit: This is not some half [edited]knock off card either. I have the ASUS ROG RX 480 Strix 8gb card. SAD SAD SAD! Also considered that it may be a power supply issue. But I would assume that the 1070 wouldn't run flawless if there was a power issue. Also son has same ps (750w 80PLUS Gold EVGA semi modular) which is more than enough to run both setups. Single GPU - No SSD - No water cooling - 125w AMD Vishera 8 core Black Edition - Nothing over clocked.

Well I have no idea then. IIRC my issue was in that specific hardware setup, I.E if I changed any of the hardware it would of fixed the issue, so I just changed the GPU since it was due for an upgrade soon anyway. I stress tested the old onE (GTX660) on as many different benchmarks/stress tests as possible and I couldnt solve the issue, was just a WoT issue. So I dunno, you could be experiencing something similar.c

Faster_Blaster #24 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 06:35

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Also is recommended to check that the chipset on the mobo supports the graphic card.

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