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★ Top 5 Best Tier 8 Premium Tanks in the Game ★

The Scorpions Den Liberte Patriot Lowe Defender Skorpion G Premium Tier 8 Heavy Tank Destroyer

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Verblonde #41 Posted Mar 23 2017 - 20:54


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Good article - nice work!

LpBronco #42 Posted Mar 24 2017 - 12:13


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My personal selection would look a little different


1) KV-5

2) T26E5

3) T26E4

4) IS-6

5) Panzer 58 Mutz


Listed in my order of preference. I still feel the Type 59 is the definitive Tier 8 premium but it's been power creeped to near irrelevancy.  

Ewan_Wutarmee #43 Posted Mar 24 2017 - 12:42


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View PostScorpiany, on Mar 20 2017 - 19:14, said:

Something a bit different this time - Let's talk about the Top 5 Premium tanks currently out there in the game. The list was created by the following factors:

  • Profitability
  • Ease of play
  • Carry potential
  • Flexibility
  • Fun Factor


Let's get right into it, shall we? :teethhappy:


#1 - Lowe: Got to love the Lowe.



The Lowe was once a tank generally disregarded and thought to be quite mediocre. However, with the major love it's gotten in Patch 9.17, the Lowe is now one of the best, if not the best, Premium tank for making money while completely taking apart your enemies.


Boasting an extremely reliable gun, almost invulnerable frontal turret armor (If you don't angle it anywhere) and a surprisingly durable hull platform, the Lowe is capable of carrying its own weight against any Tier of vehicle; and even Tier 10 matches are a breeze with good positioning.


Profitability: 9/10 - The Lowe's reliable gun and surprising 400m View Range allows you to rack up lots of regular and spotting damage. Only downside are the expensive AP rounds. Regardless, you're able to make a whole lot of Credits in every battle you play; more than most other Premiums will make you.

Ease of Play: 8/10 - The Lowe is a very straightforward vehicle to play - Find a ridge to go hull-down on, and peek-a-boom putting damage into the enemy. If you need to, you can stop to aim at longer range shots with the good handling and amazing accuracy. Armor is very forgiving as well. The only tricky part is figuring out how to manage the weak lower plate.

Carry Potential: 7/10 - The Lowe can punch its weight through both Top Tier and bottom Tier battles. The very reliable gun, forgiving armor, amazing gun depression and 400m View Range allow it to always have a strong impact. Unfortunately the larger profile, weak lower plate and poor DPM will limit it in some matches. Regardless, it remains very capable.

Flexibility: 8/10​ - Despite the lack of mobility, the vehicle still boasts surprisingly good gun depression, view range, accuracy and even gun handling; on a "super-heavy" platform that can still keep up in pace to regular heavy tanks.

Fun Factor: 9/10 - The Lowe removes a lot of the RNG from your battles, and makes grinding out Credits a quick, efficient and rather fun task. This is pretty rare to find in a Premium tank, as most have some major downside limiting profitability or effectiveness. The Lowe does not suffer from this, thus making it one of the most fun Premiums I've ever played to grind out Credits with.



#2 - Defender: In the latest edition of powercreep...



The Defender frankly could have been placed at Tier 9 with its current stats, given an extra 20mm of penetration and been just fine. It's a ridiculously good tank for a Tier 8; and puts many Tier 8 and even Tier 9 vehicles to shame.


Combine the super easy to play armor layout, with a massive 440 alpha damage gun with good penetration, and you have a Premium tank that presses W to print Credits.


Profitability: 8/10 - The extremely high alpha damage and carry potential will allow the Defender to make a crazy amount of Credits in battle. The only limiting factor, is the poor gun handling which can derp a few of the expensive AP rounds into the dirt or the black pit of RNG hells; reducing your overall profitability.

Ease of Play: 10/10 - The Defender's armor layout makes it a very difficult tank to mess up in. Frontal armor, side armor and turret armor better than many Tier 8 and 9 tanks, along with a massive alpha damage cannon, makes doing your damage in HP super easy for even the worst of players.

Carry Potential: 8/10 - The super Stalinium armor and high alpha damage lets the Defender punch through many, many different battles simply because of the durability. However, the poor DPM and typical Russian ammo rack vulnerability does sometimes cut it short; but not before putting up a very strong fight.

Flexibility: 7/10​ - Flexibility is an area in which the Defender struggles a bit. While you can place the tank just about anywhere in the map and get a good result from it, finding the gun depression to engage your opponents, or the rate of fire to support dying allies will be a a task requiring extra effort from the driver.

Fun Factor: 7/10 - The Defender can be very enjoyable to play simply because of how easily it can roll over enemy tanks. A bit of derpiness to the gun and not-optimal gun depression or ammo rack positioning though, makes it a vehicle subjected to RNG - And if there's anything that grinds my gears about a Premium tank, it's when it can be RNG dictated.


#3 - Skorpion G: The venomous scorpion... On a Panther chasis. Bit of an identity crisis I suppose.



The Skorpion G is an amazingly flexible Tank Destroyer that often times will put the other Tier 8 TD's to shame.


And even though it seems to enjoy a few nice meals every now and then with its larger size, it brings a level of carry potential rarely found in a Tank Destroyer; especially a Premium one.


Profitability: 8/10 - The massive cannon allows you to butter through your opponents without the need of Premium ammunition. 490 alpha damage means that despite the shells costing 1,000 Credits apiece, you will be making more money than usual. It's very easy to pull off spectacular profits in this tank.

Ease of Play: 6/10 - The Skorpion G is a tank that only reveals its full potential to a truly skilled driver. For an average Joe, it can still be a very reliable cannon on a mobile platform, making getting into sniping positions a breeze. However, the tank is capable of so much more using strategies that only a skillful player can pull off.

Carry Potential: 7/10 - The tank's mobility, gun and turret allow it to make quick work of an enemy flank. However, the limitation in armor as well as the larger profile may cause a few problems when your allies are running scarce.

Flexibility: 8/10​ - The Skorpion G has an accurate cannon, a turret, decent gun depression and amazing mobility. This allows it to be very useful in a wide variety of maps, Tier matchups and locations. The only tricky part is figuring out how to not get yourself shot; mostly through peek-a-boom tactics.

Fun Factor: 9/10 - Zipping around at 60 km/h with a 128mm cannon is fun. Admit it. You cannot resist the allure of the sting of the Skorpion G. Only frustrating thing is the lack of armor, but if you're a competent player, you'll easily be able to pull off great results regardless of the folded cardboard posing as metal plating.


#4 - T26E5 Patriot: 'Murican freedom dispensary.



The Patriot is another fine example of powercreep. It often times out-performs Tier 8 medium tanks by large margins, due to having better DPM, penetration and armor while still being on a fairly mobile platform with 10 degrees of gun depression.


And even though the T32 does still have its place in the game (That turret... Nothing beats that turret), the Patriot will generally have a much easier time carrying battles in most situations.


Profitability: 9/10 - The Patriot has dirt-cheap standard APCR rounds with high penetration and velocity on a fairly reliable gun. This makes for very effective profitability; although the low 240 alpha damage will require some extra shooting from you to pull out those profits.

Ease of Play: 8/10 - The Patriot is just as straightforward as the Defender when it comes to figuring out how to play it. Find somewhere to go hull-down, shoot tanks in the face, then move on later to a better firing lane. The only tricky part is figuring out how to use the mobility to execute flanking manuevers without endangering yourself.

Carry Potential: 7/10 - Despite the Patriot being extremely capable of carrying a top Tier matchup, it will really begin to struggle heavily when bottom Tier. The armor will begin to falter, the penetration begins to struggle and the paltry 240 alpha damage will make many higher Tier tanks shrug you off. It's the curse of the 90mm Premium.

Flexibility: 10/10​ - The Patriot has great armor, mobility, gun depression and decent DPM. This allows you to place the tank in just about any position and be able to find a way to work effective results from it. Flexibility is the hallmark of American tanks, and the Patriot is as fine of an example as you can get of a flexible vehicle.

Fun Factor: 7/10 - Even though when top Tier, the Patriot could be an easy 10/10 for fun, the story isn't very pretty when you begin facing Tier 9 and 10 tanks. Regardless of the great flexibility of the tank, the terribly low alpha damage and not overly impressive characteristics of the 90mm cannon will put you in a position where higher Tier tanks just shrug you off and laugh at you. This is the biggest grind I have with all 90mm-eqsue cannons - They drop off in effectiveness very significantly against higher Tier vehicles. This can result in some very frustrating matchups, and can make the Credit grind very inconsistent. Generally, the tank can still be quite enjoyable, but it's not consistent in this regard; and has its bad moments.


#5 - Liberte: What's this? A French tank? With armor? I must be losing my mind...



Probably to nobody's surprise, the last tank on this list is the Liberte. It's a very good Premium tank for punching above its Tier weight, with some careful gameplay.


It's also the most unique tank in this list though; as it has characteristics unlike any other French tank; whereas the other tanks had similar traits to other tanks of their nations.


Profitability: 8/10 - The Liberte has a very nice level of penetration and alpha damage, allowing it to profit nicely from each battle it plays. Good carry potential also further increases its ability to make Credits. The biggest pitfall to the profitability of the tank however, is the rather unreliable gun handling; resulting in unnecessary missed shots.

Ease of Play: 7/10 - Despite having great frontal armor and a very good gun, the Liberte suffers from very poor side armor and a paper-thin cupola. Careful wiggling of the turret and angling of the hull will be required to avoid getting penetrated during tight battles.

Carry Potential: 7/10 - The Liberte's great armor and good gun will get it far, but the very large profile with limited side armor, unreliable gun handling with a long aiming time on top of mediocre DPM creates some issues for carrying battles. Regardless, it can still pull off very good results in most matches.

Flexibility: 9/10​ - The Liberte has many of the same flexibility benefits as the Patriot, although it won't be quite as mobile due to a bit lower HP/ton and tank traverse speeds.

Fun Factor: 9/10 - With the cannon no longer suffering from the 90mm fate that the Patriot does, the Liberte is able to use its flexibility and amazing frontal armor profile to have fun carrying through battles; while making a very lovely profit each time.


This was my personal list of the Top 5 Premium tanks in the game for making good Credits while carrying battles and generally having a fun time! The tanks are ordered by my list of personal preference for taking them out to Credit grind. For just having fun while grinding Credits however, I would put the Liberte above the Patriot. However, if Credit grinding is the primary focus, Patriot would have to be higher up because of consistency to the gun; despite its shortcomings.


I hope this was a useful write-up! I will also cover the Top 5 most under-rated Premiums and the Worst 5 Premium tanks in the game; at a later date.


Best of luck out there, both in real life and on the battlefield, tankers! :honoring:


Thanks... I am now motivated to take the Lowe out of mothballs where it has been for close to 2, maybe 3, years and give it another try..  

Bolo_MkXX_Tremendous_DMD #44 Posted Mar 24 2017 - 16:50


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I'm going to get a Liberte when it comes out again.  Bastille Day is what, four months away?  I have decided to eventually go down the French heavy line and Liberte looks like a winner to me.

21Blackjack #45 Posted Mar 24 2017 - 17:26


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flowerpower210 #46 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 07:38

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I think the Kanonenjagdpanzer should be at the top of the list. It is such an OP tank.


Not... what is your opinion on the Lorraine 40t? I picked it up & it feels quite powerful. Mistakes are very costly, but it can rack-up damage very quickly.

silbervogel #47 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 00:12


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I think the e5 should be the top one., basically a better all-round t32.

simba90 #48 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 01:27

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View Postflowerpower210, on Sep 05 2017 - 07:38, said:

I think the Kanonenjagdpanzer should be at the top of the list. It is such an OP tank.


Not... what is your opinion on the Lorraine 40t? I picked it up & it feels quite powerful. Mistakes are very costly, but it can rack-up damage very quickly.


A Lorraine in the right hands is a serious threat to any red team.

That's the caveat right there; In the right hands.

A 40t driven by someone without map awareness will die very quickly or camp to far back to be useful.


misterwit #49 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 01:32

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No Lorraine 40t? I think it's better than my liberte hands down.

Beornotns #50 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 01:38


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I have all of them...  I enjoy my Löwe more than the Defender, the Liberté, the Skorpion G, the Patriot, the Lorraine 40t, 112 or WZ-111.


I will say, for fun factor, I love my T-34-3.



jajanaboczku #51 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 04:11

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+1 for great post.

You did great writing that up.

Its easy and fun to read as well as very informative for the average player looking for a solid premium.


My top 5 are based on flexibility, fun factor and what suites my play style.


Lorreine 40T

Scorpion G





mp31b30q9 #52 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 12:11


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+1 OP, also I see a pattern of the best Premium tanks...............


Is there a master list where all the reviewed tanks are kept?

Morty__ #53 Posted Sep 06 2017 - 12:30


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Lorraine 40 t is undoubtedly in the top 5 IMHO. It's my best tier 8 by far (I don't have a Defender nor a Lowe so I can't really compare to them). I'd much rather have a Lorr 40 t in a tier 10 battle than any of the heavies on the list.

Scorpiany #54 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 09:35


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View Postmisterwit, on Sep 05 2017 - 17:32, said:

No Lorraine 40t? I think it's better than my liberte hands down.


View PostMorty__, on Sep 06 2017 - 04:30, said:

Lorraine 40 t is undoubtedly in the top 5 IMHO. It's my best tier 8 by far (I don't have a Defender nor a Lowe so I can't really compare to them). I'd much rather have a Lorr 40 t in a tier 10 battle than any of the heavies on the list.


The Lorraine 40t wasn't out when I wrote this guide. I'll have to consider adding it in.

leadtag101 #55 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 12:06


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You alone are what makes the tank! A SF guy can kill you with a MRE SPOON!! 

A $6000.00 sniper rifle is only as good as the man behind it.


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frontflip2cool #56 Posted Sep 12 2017 - 13:17


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View PostStoveBolt54, on Mar 21 2017 - 01:22, said:

Locust FTW !


the locust is my favorite stat padding tank. i use my T37 crew in it and then it becomes the most overpowered tier 3.


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