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Get rid of victories %

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Pipinghot #21 Posted Mar 21 2017 - 23:46


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View PostThe_Illusive_Man, on Mar 20 2017 - 22:07, said:

I must be one of those few people whose wn% doesnt match their PR. OP, you control most things in life, however, like someone already said, you can only influence WN%. just look at how many +50% players there are.

I'm curious why you say that, it feels like there's a joke I'm missing, or maybe you have some other reason for saying it. Looking at your account stats, your PR, ER, WN7 and WN8 all line up pretty well with your WR, you're somewhat above average in all of those measures. Even your Avg Damage, Average Base Def, Average kills and Kills-to-death ratio all seem pretty well in line with your Win Rate. What is it that makes you think otherwise?

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