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T-15 vs M22?

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amade #1 Posted Aug 12 2011 - 23:57


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I don't have either of these but I'm interested in buying one in the near future... the M22 has been tempting me for a long while now but the T15 looks juicy too.

What I know so far:
Both are tier III.
Both are quite fast though M22 has slightly higher top speed.
M22 has better h.p. to weight ratio.
T15 has much better radio though M22's radio is still sufficient as long as it doesn't go rambo.
M22 has better gun penetration but I'm not looking for a mean killing machine, I'm looking for a sneaky scout.
T-15 has better armor, again I'm not so worried about armor as much as I'm worried about getting hit at all.
T-15 has a slightly larger health pool.
M22 is much smaller, harder to hit and presumably has better camo.
T-15 has slightly better view range.
M22 is easier to train up because of smaller crew number for xp distribution

Things I don't know yet:
Maneuverability? I hear M22 is nimbler due to smaller wheeltrackbase and better hp to weight ratio.
Acceleration? Is it safe to assume that the M22 will disappear in a blink of an eye compared to T-15?
Armor sloping? Not that it matters I suppose if I'm relying on not getting hit at all.
Equipment loadout? I'll most probably throw in a camo net and optics and/or binocs... but looking at the M22's very small load limit would there be a problem having more than 1 or 2 equipment?

The only thing that holds me from buying either of these is mainly matchmaking. I don't want to buy a prem scout tank and get stuck in low tier battles. I have the hotchkiss for that and I love it where it is. What I want is a speedy-gonzales-nimble-invisible scout tank to use in mid-high tier battles (but not too high, as I'm pretty sure people will be pissed if I'm taking up a spot that can be used by a fast med or soon to come high tier lights). The only way I'm getting around the MM is to platoon with a high tier tank and that's a bit of a hassle. Still, I think I will end up buying either one of these tanks for the adrenaline rush. So I'm looking for the opinion of those who've played either tanks, especially those who've played both tanks. Bonus points if you like playing the sneaky type scout and not the low-tier brawler or high-tier suicide scout.

Haplo013 #2 Posted Aug 13 2011 - 00:04

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I have the M22 Locust and it is a very quick to respond.  I have Binos, Camo and Vent on mine no load limit problem with those.  (The Vent is a good choice for what you want in my opinion)  The M22 does lose a lot of its speed if it starts circling someone (its the problem i have when engaging Arty).  But it does take off quick.  Do not have the T-15 so can not compare them for you.

skybreaker97 #3 Posted Aug 15 2011 - 18:20


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I have the M22 and quite fankly I prefer it to my tier 7 and 8 heavies. It gets 63kmph across flat ground while turning. It pretty much maintains that speed all the time. It is small enough to go beside something like a maus and not get hit due to its small size. It can run through moderately sized buildings and I have taken out up to tier 5 heavies in it. I have managed to damage a tiger as well. Do not use he shells as they are quite frankly useless. I don't have a t15 to compare it to but I definetly would recomend the locust. Also, I sloping on the Locust has bounced quite a couple of 75mm rounds over the time I have had it. It works exceptionally well as a scout. It makes it into a maximum of tier 5 battles, although I platoon with a friend who has the m12 and scout for him.

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