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Russian Bias: Tinfoil, or Truth?

russia bias rng op

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Poll: Russian Bias, is it Tinfoil or Truth? (131 members have cast votes)

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Is Russian Bias Real?

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  2. Russian Bias is a Tinfoil excuse for weird RNG and crap players. (38 votes [29.01%])

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slavjur #81 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 03:14


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View PostStiffWind, on Aug 14 2017 - 20:45, said:


Blueprint tanks that never existed in real life.  Take a look at the chronology of real tanks like the Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II...when they were actually in the field.  For example, a Tiger II never went up against an IS3 in reality, yet they're both Tier VIII.  The bias is real.




IS4 / IS7 were diesigned /produced during period 1946-1949. The T110 series' history began in June 1954. Is US bias real? No need to search black cat in dark room. Again, want to prove existance of any bias in game, just check win rate for corresponding tier/type of tanks. USSR tanks are not always on top.

I may mistake, but as far as I remember there was "Historical battle" in game in 2014. And you know the reason of why they were removed? Surprise! Nobody wanted to play with USSR tanks, too many players played with German tanks. How it could happen with your idee fixe - "Russian bias" presence?

If you need historically accurate game, play something else (without herds of goating T67 (US not USSR T5 TD for your info)).


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Dockmaster #82 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 19:46


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View PostZombie_Snuggles, on Aug 12 2017 - 23:26, said:


I miss that game! Played it for 10 years.


Then you would know me. I helped run FA with Moira and PPS. I was Paddy@HQ. We are back with Fighter Base. Check the Facebook page to join the open beta. (Although at this stage it's more like Alpha testing).


Now...what was your nick...ever feel the pressure of my "boot"? lol



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