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Russian Bias: Tinfoil, or Truth?

russia bias rng op

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Poll: Russian Bias, is it Tinfoil or Truth? (260 members have cast votes)

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slavjur #81 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 03:14


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View PostStiffWind, on Aug 14 2017 - 20:45, said:


Blueprint tanks that never existed in real life.  Take a look at the chronology of real tanks like the Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II...when they were actually in the field.  For example, a Tiger II never went up against an IS3 in reality, yet they're both Tier VIII.  The bias is real.




IS4 / IS7 were diesigned /produced during period 1946-1949. The T110 series' history began in June 1954. Is US bias real? No need to search black cat in dark room. Again, want to prove existance of any bias in game, just check win rate for corresponding tier/type of tanks. USSR tanks are not always on top.

I may mistake, but as far as I remember there was "Historical battle" in game in 2014. And you know the reason of why they were removed? Surprise! Nobody wanted to play with USSR tanks, too many players played with German tanks. How it could happen with your idee fixe - "Russian bias" presence?

If you need historically accurate game, play something else (without herds of goating T67 (US not USSR T5 TD for your info)).


Edited by slavjur, Aug 15 2017 - 04:09.

Dockmaster #82 Posted Aug 15 2017 - 19:46


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View PostZombie_Snuggles, on Aug 12 2017 - 23:26, said:


I miss that game! Played it for 10 years.


Then you would know me. I helped run FA with Moira and PPS. I was Paddy@HQ. We are back with Fighter Base. Check the Facebook page to join the open beta. (Although at this stage it's more like Alpha testing).


Now...what was your nick...ever feel the pressure of my "boot"? lol



avitank2 #83 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 04:46


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nah comrade obj268 v4 is balanced for game is3a buff was needed  comrade not bias)))) defender and obj252u tier 9 on tier 8 balanced))))))

sergeantmine09 #84 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 17:43


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I mean the Russian Player Base complained that Wargaming was considering getting rid of their 122mm guns most unique ability: Being Able to Overmatch tanks. That among balance reasons was enough to stifle and eliminate the idea.

SquishySupreme #85 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 21:44

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There is no bias.  There is nothing to see here.  Please continue with your gaming, citizen.

BlackAngelCom #86 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 22:03


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Besides putting in mis-tiered or overpowered vehicles (and the Skorpion G and Progetto 46 etc. are also overpowered) the Russian bias is in the core systems. Excessive RNG in shot distribution and penetration punishes accurate tanks and helps inaccurate tanks. It also helps tanks with lots of rounded armor because a 1' shot drift can change the effective thickness massively. Effectively every mid-war and later tank has its effective range telescopes besides the 122mm Soviets, which weren't intended for or capable of sniping anyway. 


IRL a tank shell hitting some weird fold or bump in the armor is still going to hurt the tank; there's a reason modern tanks aren't designed like that by any country including USSR/ Russia. In WoT this is Stalinium. See also absurdly high ground clearances on the various Objects which makes them great at resisting WoT "track and damage" shots but IRL is both lousy (reduced crew space) and pointless (you get a shell in your tracks, your getting towed at best).


Same thing in WoWS where the place it usually turns into WoBS is autobounce/overmatch. There's no such thing as being harmlessly hit by a car moving at a few hundred miles per hour and certainly not because you have a few more MM of hull steel. But hey, the Yamato guns are "mysteriously" juuuuust big enough to do that while dirty Americans are not. And oh look, new STRONK Russia ships coming that happen to be resistant to all of said arbitrary, unrealistic overmatch mechanics. Etc.

Pepino1976 #87 Posted Feb 13 2019 - 22:32


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View PostE25_Syndrome_Aito, on Mar 22 2017 - 12:33, said:


It is only logical as well.


Such is this, my friend.


Yea! So glad to see you on the forums, my friend.


Look forward to see you in battle once more, on same side, of course.

Rimrender #88 Posted Feb 14 2019 - 06:04


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The mysterious accuracy of Soviet guns rated over.40.

Dhante #89 Posted Jul 26 2019 - 23:15

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View PostEleven_Hotel, on Mar 22 2017 - 14:24, said:

Soviet tanks were used by this companies origins.


The company is from Belarus, NOT Russia. Thought Belarus was part of the Soviet Union.


Find some below the surface info about the mindset

Dhante #90 Posted Jul 26 2019 - 23:18

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View PostSquishySupreme, on Feb 13 2019 - 12:44, said:

There is no bias.  There is nothing to see here.  Please continue with your gaming, citizen.

That nails it.

Copacetic #91 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 03:44


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IRL Russian tanks suck [edited].

21Blackjack #92 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 04:24


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View PostE25_Syndrome_Aito, on Mar 22 2017 - 21:37, said:


Iconic StuG III with Log spaced armour as a premium

in the German tree would be sufficient for me.



Some captured and modified soviet vehicles by my ancestors

in German tree are sufficient as well.


But Wargaming refuses to realize IMPORTANT history.


E25 with strapped on rubber wheels from go-carts that absorb shots.  =  Invincible.  Germany could've won WW2.

21Blackjack #93 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 04:32


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View PostHalonut24, on Mar 22 2017 - 21:25, said:

I guess I'm just in a Russian mood, but I want to know from you, do you think that Russian Bias is a real thing? Is it a joke? An excuse for bad gameplay?

You decide. Feel free to discuss in the comments.


All the way back to near the beginning Soviet tanks are on average better.  They usually carry a gun one tier higher than their counterparts.  They usually have ground resistances in excess of their counterparts.  They usually have bloom values better than their counterparts.  Take the T-34 for example.  A tier V with a 76mm or 57mm that is capable of pumping out near 3000 dpm.  On a tier V medium thats not a turreted TD?  I felt super powered driving Russian tanks, I could get away with stuff I'd be destroyed for with most other tanks.


Sure there are some standout from other nations, with autoloaders or some absurd alpha.  But consistently across the board the Soviet tanks are just straight up better.


Deputy276 #94 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 05:46


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This question would have brought a "no" before I got the SU-130PM. Now, I dunno. Geez that TD is magnificent. It scoffs at super-heavy armor and can pen pretty much anything in WOT. It is my absolute best XP/credit earner. Thank goodness it is a Prem and they can't nerf it. I dunno...tanks like the IS-6 are kinda crappy now. IS-7 is no great shakes any more. Most of the Russian tech tree line that were OP have been castrated. Every nationality has a "superior" tank somewhere. Germans have the Skorpion G. Even the lowly French have that fantastic AMX 65 t (cough-gag). :facepalm:

I don't buy that crap about Soviets having the best tanks of WW2. They were like the US...they depended on quantity over quality.

21Blackjack #95 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 05:49


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View PostDeputy276, on Jul 27 2019 - 05:46, said:

. I dunno...tanks like the IS-6 are kinda crappy now. IS-7 is no great shakes any more. 


Don't worry I'm sure that by next year it will be buffed.  Trust in the Russian playerbase.

Deputy276 #96 Posted Jul 27 2019 - 05:52


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View Post21Blackjack, on Jul 26 2019 - 22:49, said:


Don't worry I'm sure that by next year it will be buffed.  Trust in the Russian playerbase.

It's been buffed so many times already that there is no paint left on it. Unless and until they do something with that crappy gun, it will always suck.

theannihalatorofall_1 #97 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 15:26


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I don't know, it still seems like far too much of a coincidence that WOTs largest playerbase is in Russia, and WG is based in Belarus, which has very close ties to Russia. Perhaps they're afraid that if they don't make Soviet tanks that powerful, some real Russian tanks might come knocking at their door. The only thing that bothers me about the whole issue is that almost all of the truly overpowered Soviet tanks are premium tanks. Most of the Soviet tech tree tanks are actually pretty well balanced. (Though I have gotten 4 kills in a battle with my T-80.) Most of the talk of Soviet tanks being overpowered comes from people who shoot at the frontal armor of high level Soviet tanks (their strongest area), and blame the problem on WG instead of their lack of knowledge about how to fight those Soviet tanks. I just really dislike the idea that any player with loads of real cash can just buy their way to a virtually unstoppable Soviet juggernaut without putting any effort into working to get a good tank. It seems like it ruins the experience for players who can't spend money on the game and just want to have fun, only to be ruthlessly slaughtered by pay to win players piloting monstrous engines of doom that can only be stopped by other such engines of doom.

Cricketer #98 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 16:02

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It's a tinfoil conspiracy theory. First of all, not all Russian tanks in the game are good...or even average, and in most cases the best tank of a class for a given tier is not Russian, e.g. T29 for tier 7 heavy, M44 for tier 6 Jeff, M4A1 or Pz IV H for tier 5 medium, etc. The meta for Frontlines was Progetto and EBR, while the even the Defender was pretty weak in it.
And it's not a Russian company. Belarus is not in Russia.

CaptainBussey #99 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 17:45


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Look at tank stats across the server.


I'm not going to say that the stats are perfect but they are the best evidence we have.


Go to a site that tracks tank stats like World of Tanks Life.


These are the best performing tanks by WN8 (IMO the best measure) among each Tier.


Tier V Medium

1.) Pz V/IV A (German) (Really shouldn't be counted because of extremely low player base)

2.) Pz V/IV (German)

3.) Pz IV Hydrostat (German)

4.) Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai (Japan)

5.) Pz T-25 (German)

6.) T-34 Shielded (Soviet)


Since these are all Premiums lets look at the best performing tech tree

1.) Sherman III (Brit)

2.) Strv M/42 (Swede)

3.) Type 3 Chi-Nu (Japan)

4.) Skoda T24 (Czech)

5.) Type 34 (China)


So the best performing Soviet tank (as you can see) at tier V is the T-34 Shielded at number 6. The best performing tech tree Soviet doesn't appear until the T-34, which is 24th on the list.



Now let's look at Tier VI.


1.) M4A1 FL 10 (French) (Again this one should be disregarded because of player count)

2.) T-34-85 Rudy (Soviet)

3.) Cromwell B

4.) Pudel (Polish)

5.) Skoda T25 (Czech)



So at Tier VI it has the first spot, does that lend credence?


Tier VII

1.) T-44-122 (Soviet) (But just like the previous Number ones this one should be disregarded)

2.) T-23E3 (US)

3.) Type 5 Chi Ri (Japan)

4.) P.43 ter (Italy)

5.) T-34-1 (China)

6.) A-44 (USSR)



So although we have a mix of premium and tech tree tanks, a Soviet tank does does not show up until 5th place.


Here are the Bread and butter tiers, let's look at them.



1.) Chieftain/T95 (Brit) (disregarded because of low player base)

2.) Chimera (Brit) (disregarded because of low player base)

3.) Type 59 G (China) (disregarded because of low player base)

4.) Panzer 58 (German) (disregarded because of low player base)

5.) T-44-100 (Soviet) (Several versions take up multiple spots, but only counted as one as they are basically the same tank)

6.) T95E2 (USA)

7.) Type 59 (China)

8.) T25 Pilot 1 (USA)

9.) STA-1 (Japan)

10.) Progetto (Italian)


Tier IX

1.) T55 A (German)

2.) OBJ. 430 Version II (USSR)

3.) Type 61 (Japan)

4.) Skoda T50 (Czech)

5.) Standard B (Italian)


And last


Tier X

1.) Object 907 (USSR) (Up to you whether to count this one)

2.) T-22 Medium (USSR) Definitely shouldn't be counted, player base extremely low)

3.) 121 B (China)

4.) T95E6 (USA) (Definitely shouldn't be counted because of limited player base)

5.) M60 (USA) (Count it if you want. Its a reward tank but probably the most played one in the game)

6.) M48A2 (USA) (Definitely don't count, player base practically zero)


After a bunch of reward tanks at tier X you have.


1.) STB-1 (Japan)

2.) TVP 50/51 (Czech)

3.) Pregetto (Italian)

4.) M48A5 Patton (USA)

5.) Object 430U (Soviet)


Now lets look at a couple of tier of Heavies.


Tier VIII (After several rare/reward tanks you have)

1.) 252U (USSR)

2.) Renegade (USA) (the difference in the Renegade's WN8 and the 252U is less than 30 points)

3.) Emil 1 (Swede)

4.) AMX 50 100 (French)

5.) FCM 50 t (French)



Tier IX

1.) AMX M4 mle. 51 (French)

2.) WZ 111 Model 1-4 (China)

3.) AE Phase 1 (USA) (your choice to throw it out. Its a reward tank, has a somewhat good player base but is very new)

4.) Object 777 Version II (USSR) (Definitely shouldn't count, player base of practically zero)

5.) Emil II (Swede)

6.) AMX 50 120 (French)

7.) Object 705 (USSR)


Tier X

1.) T95 Chieftain (Brit) (IMO the most ridiculously OP tank in the game, but because its a reward probably shouldn't count)

2.) VK 72.01 K (German)

3.) Object 279 e (USSR) (Up to you to count)

4.) AMX 50 B (French)

5.) 113 (China)

6.) Wz 111 model 5A (China)

7.) Kranvagn (Swede)

8.) T57 (USA)



So if you digest those stats, can you really claim there is a clear Russian bias?


I think it would be hard to say for absolute or justify.


Gtraxeman #100 Posted Jan 17 2020 - 18:44


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E25 and Skorpion say no. The Suoer Conquerer and quasi Chieftan thing and Japanese super heavies say no. M44 and Lefh say no. Gold spam that wrecks any Soviet atmor says no........and this is only a partial list.


Didnt read to end.......see above post

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