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Regarding the Financial unit...

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Allied_General #1 Posted Mar 23 2017 - 20:13


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I'm just curious on something. When looking at the jump from level 9 to X for the Financial unit, it seems while it's the biggest jump (50% --> 75% bonuses), this still is shooting yourself in the foot for doing the upgrade. Reason being it costs significantly more than double resources to create the 75% Buffs than the 50%.


Why not save all the resources and just stick with making two 50% buffs. It seems far more advantageous. So I'm hoping someone can point out to me the obvious thing I"m missing here.


Thanks in advance.


Redwave11 #2 Posted Mar 23 2017 - 20:31

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You pay all those extra boxes for the speed by which you earn credits. You can earn much more in an hour with a 75% bonus than with a 50% bonus.


Of course you can earn more credits total with two 50% bonuses but remember you have to play twice as many games.


The question you need to ask yourself is whether you value rate of credit earn or net credits earnt more.

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