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What to expect in the grind for the Object 416

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Ball_Turret #21 Posted Jun 26 2017 - 05:04


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Well I've manage to get through A-43 and now on the A-44 already mounted what was already available particularly the 76 mm S-54 just need to get the tracks so can mount the turret and top gun. So far I got my first victory in it although I still to practice more to be more efficient with the rear mounted turret in shooting around corners and not over expose myself.

Boomer_Thorsen #22 Posted Oct 11 2017 - 18:24


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Here's another vote for the T-34-85M, excellent tank.   Rudy is OK but has less DPM and frontal armor than the T-34-85M.  I'm thinking abt the T-54 mod 1 myself for a trainer.


Also I had good results with the A-44, it isn't a bad tank to learn rear turret play style in, which is significantly different from central turret play style.  You do a lot more side scrapping and never drive front first out from behind cover to trade shots.  Any of the front engine tanks are very prone to engine damage/fires and need to have a few crew with firefighting skills or an automatic fire extinguisher. 

1mp0ster #23 Posted Oct 12 2017 - 22:34


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The A-44 was a horrible tank. It makes my top5 worst grinds. The A-43 in the right hands is absolutely amazing, especially using the little gun since you can get the trload down to 1.9 seconds. 


For the OBJ416, it is definitely not for beginners. Not only does it have no gun depression and very low hp, the turret is not 360 degrees. So if you want to circle heavies, it takes a little effort. Also learn the distances you will be fighting. The 416 can long range snipe and extremely close range brawl. anything in between these ranges is very bad for you.

landedkiller #24 Posted Oct 16 2017 - 06:43


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A-44 plays well in tactical minded hands it does not play well in the hands of someone who doesn't know tactics. It requires facing forward and taking on mediums primarily from the side. The front of tanks won't be pennable unless you use prem ammo. Focus on sticking as a support to heavies and blasting a heavy turned away from you. Use your speed to reach positions to hit at mid range. Note object 416 is getting the boot on a future update.

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