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misleadding info on web page about 5vs5 t6-t6 4-4-17 platournaments

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deford13 #1 Posted Apr 05 2017 - 02:44


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tonight we started to play the 5vs5 told by the webpage that it is t6-t8 which isnt correct when game popped it was t5-t7s why is watgamming misleading us, with the wrong info. we as players enter these to prove to ourselves, how much better we are getting, with the promise of winning gold, in a tier that we played in all week long getting ready to do battle, then find out that the info when game pops, is incorect to the tiers why should we suffer for it.




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Jabonk #2 Posted Apr 05 2017 - 04:18


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um, i think u mean the 3 vs 3, it looks like there was a misprint or something. We just switched tanks and took 3rd, gotta be flexible


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