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Best Tier 8 heavy?

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Poll: Best Tier 8 heavy? (77 members have cast votes)

Which of these is your favorite?

  1. IS-3 (8 votes [10.39%])

    Percentage of vote: 10.39%

  2. T32 (10 votes [12.99%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.99%

  3. Tiger II (51 votes [66.23%])

    Percentage of vote: 66.23%

  4. VK4502A (3 votes [3.90%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.90%

  5. Lowe (4 votes [5.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.19%

  6. KV-5 (1 vote [1.30%])

    Percentage of vote: 1.30%

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Panzer4life #1 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 03:50

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I'm just curious on what is everyone's favorite heavy tank in this tier. Here's how I see it:

By far the worst tank for me at this tier has been the IS-3. Its armor hardly bounces anything at all and the gun depression is non-existent. In stock configuration this was especially painful (the starting guns only get 175mm of penetration  :blink:), but once I upgraded it I found myself warming up to it. The top gun is incredibly enjoyable to use if you're the top of the match, and the large caliber makes it effective to use with HE. In matches where I'm top tier this tank is REALLY fun to use since I can maneuver just as well as some of the Tier 7 and 6 medium tanks, but when I face other Tier 8 heavies I find myself being slaughtered. If anyone can give advice on this tank, I'd really like it

I do find the T32 a very enjoyable tank to use. It's mobility isn't too bad, and the turret armor is great. It only has two real problems. The gun on it is temperamental, as some days it will miss and bounce off of everything. At a 1000 bucks a shot, this becomes very expensive. Second, this thing gets tracked with EVERY shot. Other than that, this is a well balanced vehicle. It can either brawl by face hugging other tanks (GET THE SECOND TURRET FIRST!), or by sniping (hull down like the T29). I'm just wondering if anyone else has the issue with getting tracked constantly.

As for the two premium tanks, the Lowe and the KV-5, they aren't too bad. I don't have the KV-5, but from what I've seen the obvious weak spots kind of negate the armor, and the gun isn't very good. The Lowe on the other hand is a mixed bag. Its armor is rather sturdy, and the gun is the best in its tier. But it's also rather slow, and when facing opponents with experience fighting Lowes (and let's face it, who doesn't?  :D ) it just becomes a really easy target. I know a lot of people complain about the Lowe technically being a "Tier 8.5", but I blame that on matchmaking putting as many as 12 of them per match.

Nope, my favorite tank is undoubtedly the Tiger II. It has the best armor of all the Tier 8's, and the top gun is on par with the Lowe (slightly less penetration, for a slightly higher rate of fire). It is surprisingly mobile as well, and the turret armor is great also when upgraded. Even in stock configuration it is amazing. I will say that for those of you struggling with the Tiger tank to keep at it. The Tiger II completely justifies the grind. It's armor does have one weak spot, the same one on the Lowe on the lower glacis.

Since I don't have the VK4502 A, I can't comment on it, but I'd like to hear people's input on it. It just seems a lot like the Lowe tank to me.

In summary, here's how I look at them:

*IS-3: the most mobile tier 8, and it does eventually get a very powerful cannon, but the armor isn't very consistent.
*T32: A well balanced tank, being the second most mobile with massive turret armor, but it's let down by a sub-par gun.
*Tiger II: The most well armored tier 8, and medium mobility. Combined with it's VERY accurate guns, this is my personal favorite.
*KV-5: Technically the most well armored, but it has such a large weak spot in the front that the armor just isn't very good. This goes together with low speed and a weak gun.
*Lowe: Personally, I see this as a less armored and slower Tiger II with a gun that only offers 9 extra penetration.

I can't speak for the VK4502A as I've neither played one nor fought one, and I didn't include the M6A2 since no one can get it anymore.

Mowie #2 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 04:06


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I'm a IS-3 and T32 driver and I can say that the King Tiger is much better than both of them.

I have 2 friends who have a Lowe and KV-5 and they hate coming up against the King Tiger as well.

As for the VK4502A. I've seen 1 in a battle so far so can't comment on them.

Also your description of the T32 is a bit misleading. After 247 battles in it IMO, it is not a well balanced tank.

The turret armour is crap. It is not as good as the T29's and the gun, the ammo rack and gunner get taken out a lot.

Also it has a big problem with it's fuel tanks being hit quite often and once it has been hit it catches fire a lot as well.

It does get tracked very easy and it's hull armour is nothing to write home about.

Having said all of that, it does have it's moment when it shines.

Panzer4life #3 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 04:14

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I have noticed the T32 getting ammo racked quite often, but I do have it maxed out and am 60k closer to the T34. It's biggest problem so far has been like you said: it takes module damage like crazy. And when I say well armored, I mean it in the same sense I do with every other American tank: huge turret armor (when upgraded), no hull armor. And the gun is frustrating as well....but for whatever reason, I still enjoy using it, even if it isn't very good compared to the Lowe and Tiger II lol

Noble #4 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 18:40

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I find the T32 to perform the best, i for one do not fear the IS-3 nor King Tiger as i can equally duke out with them and win for sure. I find that most don't know that the T32 has 290+ frontal turret armor...and aim for it despite that...There loss. :]

Sabertoothpython #5 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 18:56


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Nice discription of the tanks. Very happy to see someone that doesnt just say "russian are overpowered". You actualy give the truth, telling the people that the IS tanks are not always the best in the game.

But I had to say IS-3 was the best, atleast for my play style. I remember back in the beta dominating the map, with both sniping, and close combat. Only threat back then for me was tiger II, but I found a way to not get killed by them, instead they would bounce all the shots

mightykirby #6 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 19:00


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I can already tell you the VK4502A isn't the best tier 8 heavy since i own one, its a fun tank but not the best. I did had an is-3 in beta and i loved it. I havent got to try it since retail. I did get to try the tiger 2 and so far from what i seen, the tiger 2 is the best tier 8 heavy.

Panzer4life #7 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 20:20

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haha...I know a lot of people complain about Russian tanks being overpowered, and I thought that too when I first started playing and looked at their stats. But they actually surprised me on how difficult some of them can be to use (especially the T-54...I know that's a blasphemous thing to say, but anyone who's new to it knows what I'm talking about). The IS-3 for example needs to be used in a specific manner for its armor to work, and you should avoid hilly terrain since the gun has almost no turret depression. I myself don't like the mobile play style of the IS-3 since I prefer sniping, but when I want to use a "heavy medium" and zoom around getting close up reaper kills, the IS is perfect   :Smile_honoring:

the_moidart #8 Posted Aug 14 2011 - 22:47


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KT  :Win/loss: 59% Kills/Games: 185/125 = 148%  Survival: 37%
IS-3:Win/loss: 59% Kills/Games: 207/140 = 147%  Survival: 37%
T32 :Win/loss: 53% Kills/Games: 130/96  = 135%  Survival: 26%

For comparison:
T-44 :Win/loss: 51% Kills/Games: 225/212= 106%  Survival: 28%
Ferdi:Win/loss: 54% Kills/Games: 138/69 = 200%  Survival: 39%
IS:   Win/loss: 59% Kills/Games: 209/136= 153%  Survival: 29%

From this you can see that when played by my play style (in other words, aggressively - see my survival ratios), the KT and IS-3 are essentially evenly matched, with the T32 being loss-streak prone and just not as tactically felxible, being mess mobile and less well armored. Super turret? Please. It's too close to the ground to effectively hull-down with, and the 105 really can't cut it in a close fight. It might be able to penetrate a Lowe's hull front-on, but if he angles his hull it tends to bounce, even from the weak spots. Furthermore everyone knows to aim for the hull by now. Or at least the people who have any business engaging a tier 8 heavy do.

Also I would point out that it has its close range hull-down weak spots like the T29 does - hit it anywhere EXCEPT the mantlet, such as the commanders cupola.

The KT has a slight armor bonus (120 lower hull that everyone aims for versus the 110 hull of the IS-3), while the IS-3 is much more mobile. These advantaged cancel each-other out - the tanks really are of the same quality. Check my profile if you don't believe my numbers.

This highlights the difference between tanks that were developed for combat (The KT fought through the end of WW2 and the IS-3 fought the Israelis, ending up successful against M46's that were dumb enough to slug it out with them), and the T32, which was simply an experiment, not intended to see combat, due to the US military's committment to high production levels over getting super tanks.

Yes, your numbers may be different, and I might just be bad with the T32.

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