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Sandbox Phase 3 - Frontline Test Info & Feedback

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Das_Tennmack #61 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 21:11


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Ok Game mode is fun to play.

My Ideas.

1 Allow players to pick offence or defense

2 Make the tanks easier to pick when spawning, put the same select mech in the game as in garage.

3 Add more time

4 Gun Pillars are well fortified make a bit easier to pen, with 4000 HP it is hard enough

5 Too expensive please make it were one can at least break even.  Most will not be able to play this mode over a long time



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CrinZin #62 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 21:14


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Looks awesome WG!  I would love to see some personal missions for this mode, more specifically I would love to see missions that give you unique camoflauge that could give you bonuses on XP or creds in the frontline gamemode.  

Charlie_The_Cat #63 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 22:12


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I played a few games yesterday but didn't have to comment on my first experience.


After my first game where I was wondering what to do, how things works, etc, I was please with the new mode nonetheless.  Maybe a little tutorial could be made to explain a few things, but all in all, only a few games are required to get a feel and know what to do.


Observations I - After the first few games


Here's my Pro/Con after a few more games after.



-New mode is fun

-3 groups of 10 tankers that can move around to help each other is cool

-Real teamwork is required

-Repair pads are good for game continuation and feeling of progression by letting you refit and continue to attack/defend

-It's fun to play more than 3 min per game: it actually feels like playing for real and having fun (something that was missing in WoT)

-I can foresee mega and multi clan wars on those kind of maps



-Maybe it's the sandbox (I was at 100-120ms latency), but all the tanks felt slower than on live (I played the same tanks I usually play)

-Minimap should focus on the zone you are in and show the same area as the 15v15 mode.  Add an option to 'bird view' from the mini-map as it is right now, but also the option to set the standard view.

-Although the big map is awesome, it needs more features like mountains, more trees and cover than it is right now.  If not, many of the zones are 'snipefest' for one side only and the other team can't do nothing.

-Not all areas as accessible and this is a shame: don't put feature just for looks WG, let us go where we want to go plz.


And finally, WG, here is what NOT TO DO with this mode:

-give specific mission and prizes : let us play to have fun, ok?

-keep it only for Tier X -> big no no as every tier should be able to play that mode

-stay at only 1 map: you need more maps for that mode (as we need more maps for the standard modes)

-keep the 'economy as it is: it's way to expensive and you can't make profit at all


Also my experience on sandbox showed me again people are testing their cheating mod like aimbot and the like.  Getting insta-acquired-and-locked-on at 400m+ when you drive at 50+ kph behind trees and where your tank is half hidden by rocks also is kinda strange when you're getting hit constantly by the same tank at the same spots. It makes it obvious some are not using a 'vanilla' interface on sandbox and lock you when you just get spotted and can even shoot you before you 2-3s 6th sense pops - even when their gun wasn't even pointing in your direction previously.


WG, when are you going to either signed those mods, or prevent them altogether?


That's it for now, will test more and see if things gets better or worse.

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i7x #64 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 22:49


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Client crashes after joining the battle. I notice it auto restarts the client after a crash except the display never comes up only audio. Tried a few time re-launching and logging in but still crashes.


Saw only a few with this issue so some compatibility issue or some asset or file is missing.

Alpine_gremlin #65 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 23:27


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Overall I think that WG has really hit a home run with this game mode. It is a solid concept that is executed well. Although there are also a few concerns that I have as well.


What you guys got right:

  • The map in general is probably one of, if not your best. Its large and gives mediums and lights plenty of room to maneuver while still keeping heavies and TDs relevant as they are very important for attacking and defending objective points. Artillery has plenty of room to position themselves in order to support the advance or the defensive line. You guys have, in my opinion, made a map in which all vehicle types are relevant.
  • The respawn system encourages people to grow a pair and move up with the team as they have more opportunities to play even if they get knocked out.
  • The ability to change between fronts allows the fast tanks on a team to quickly reinforce positions that are in danger of falling or helping to move an attack that has gotten bogged down.
  • The dynamic and enlarged minimaps are very good at relaying important information to players regarding the overall tactical situation.
  • The fact that only three of the five coastal guns need to be destroyed in order to achieve victory means that defenders must choose which positions to reinforce heavily and prevents them from all crowding around a single position to bleed out the timer.
  • Overall I notice a level of teamwork that is not usually present in a Random Battle. Perhaps this is because Sandbox participants are generally of a higher caliber, or because the game mode actually encourages it. Either way, I like it.

What I don`t think works:

  • As it is, this mode is far too expensive. Its not unusual to burn through 100,000+ credits during the course of a match. Using multiple tier X tanks and using their ammo and consumables really racks up quite the expensive post battle invoice.
  • The timer requiring the defending team to retreat if their position is lost is far fast for people in slow tanks. I personally think that defenders inside the zone at the moment that it is captured by the attackers should not be subject to the airstrike, but if they are killed or leave the zone, cannot re-enter the lost zone.
  • The AI artillery that protects the attacking team`s deployment zone fires far too quickly after a player enters the restricted area. I think this could be better replaced with a steady HP bleed or a 10 second timer, rather than a random shot from the heavens blowing your tracks off and causing a large amount of one shot damage.

Things that I am unsure of:

  • I notice that Sandbox server is running an older patch. Meaning the artillery still works like it currently does on the live server and there are no tier X light tanks. I personally think that we should be testing under 9.18 conditions to get an accurate picture of how it may work on the live server.
  • Are you guys planning to open this mode up to the lower tiers? I personally think that this should not be restricted only to tier X vehicles. We should really try this with at least tiers 6-10.
  • How will you balance the credit, XP gain, and post battle cost with that of Random Battles? Obviously it would be ideal to give people a reason to play BOTH Frontlines and Random Battles and not just one or the other.

Suggestions I currently have:

  • Give bonuses to players for reaching certain field promotions either in the form of buffs, temporary enemy nerfs, or even just credit/XP bonuses. The General in particular should get something which will allow him to further help the team.
  • Allow players to pick their tanks BEFORE their first deployment and give them an active counter for how many of each vehicle type are being chosen both for their particular front and the team as a whole. This will allow them to make a more informed decision on what to bring into the game.
  • [I`m not so sure about this one, but its just an idea] Perhaps rather than a time limit, you could try a ticket system like in Battlefield. Meaning that the attackers get a certain number of vehicles which can die and respawn before they run out of reinforcements. Once this limit is reached, the attackers lose automatically.


Those are the things that first come to me when I think about the mode as a whole. Hopefully WG finds it useful!

gunslinger2323 #66 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 23:37


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Frontline crashes the game about the time you start to play requiring a re-log in. Game goes to a grey screen about halfway thru the game that requires a control alt delete to get out of it, and a new login. Sound is very garbled, and the lag is horrific. Principle of the game is okay, but length of time to re-spawn is excessive, and the distance you need to drive to re-enter the game could use to be shortened. If I could stay in one long enough, I am sure I would have other thoughts on the game play. :)


KingofDragons #67 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 00:26

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Tier 8 to 10 are almost a must.. If you only have couple tier 10s ull be sitting for a while after you die.. Tier 8s will allow a lot more people to play since these tanks are available at shop and the grinds aren't excessive ..


The spawn areas for attackers / defenders still need to be hidden because you can spawn kill... Kits need to have timers .. Its good that the fix / resupply area does not resupply gold ammo .. 

Sarminia #68 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 00:41


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Dont wan destroy the line fo post whit mine. Just clic here for my review. 


I wil also read EVERY post upper then this one and see if thgere is having good idea 2. I will add them into my post whit the quote, i wont steal the deserved credit!

Charlie_The_Cat #69 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 03:08


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OIbservations Part II - After a few more games


1) At the time NA players can get on, the Sandbox is empty and queue time are starting to be long.  But I am patient and I know the game will eventually starts. But I wish we were more.


2) BIG ISSUE imo : The side (either offense or defense - or the line (west, middle, east - def or off) with the most auto-loaders (Read BatChat and TVP) wins. Why? They are fast, nimble and in pack the deadliest thing out there bar none.  But seriously, when I think about it, who in their right mind at WG gave those tanks the same penetration power to their shell as a single-shot tank, when they can clip to death most damaged tank they encounter?  This is a big problem imo.  4-5 shells that can go through any armored tank? Come on.  Load Premium round. Right-click to auto-aim, circle to death. Rinse-and-repeat. I already said this in another post last year that the autoloaders are something that jeopardize the regular 15v15 games, well, the 30v30 just proves my point.  So either they limit their number to 3-4 per side (else everyone will eventually just play them - mark my words - or prevent those tank from using premium ammo somehow and lower their standard ammo's pen by 20% at least.  Those tanks are scouts, snipers, flankers and everything in between.  And again, there is another big interrogation mark to ask: Why autoloaders are even in this game?  If this is suppose to be some 'history' landing remake, wth are those post-korean war tank doing there?  They shouldn't be allowed imo because they ruin the fun of actually playing a tank game.  Would you go to a gun fight with a knife? No.  But why then do you allow someone with a riffle to fight someone with a machine-gun?


3) At this moment, defending wins most of the time because it is easy to stall the other team with strategic snipers and some TDs that can crossfire.  The playing field is too open and it's just a 'free for all' without no real strategy because this.  I wish there were more localized theater of actions that can't be influence by some tanks 550m farther that snipe into you because everything is 'bowl shape' again. Every sub-zone is like that to some extend.


4) Slow and/or low maneuverable tanks are penalized greatly in this game mode.  And when they finally reach some actions, they are in the open (theres not enough protected lanes), penned by Wolfpacks of auto-loaders at 400m+ because their armor is like butter to those 310mm and 330mm Heat pen shells, and dies a few second later. Not Fun. 


5) The pace of the fights is a bit too fast.  This is not a RTS where your 'click per minute' is what determines if you are good or not.  This is supposed to be an attack and defend scenario.  Well, let us have some sort of opportunity to do that, and not just rush rush rush because, you are right, the wolfpack autoloaders are every where.


6) I would really prefer to play this same game more at lower tier to slow the pace, remove annoying and OP auto-loaders, and have a sense of actually not wasting my time because I decided to play a slow TD.



What I think the mode should be: Because some players like to play slower tanks, being put on offense kind screw your fun.  Why not then, have both team to defend and attack at the same time?  Just like the regular 15v15 where you either kill all of capture, so players in an E3 could actually defend in a more secure place instead of crawling in the open, get tracks and be defenseless to who ever point its gun next at you.  OR, when we queue, let us select if we want to play defense of offense.  And when we queue, let us 'flag' the tanks we can bring with us as replacement, or as tank we can switch to at specify spot on the map (garage for example).  That way, if you are in your E3 again, but see that the team requires accuracy, you could jump into a Leo 1, etc.


Don't get me wrong. What you propose is fun, but some polishing needs to be done in order to get it right.


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_BR_WiLL #70 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 06:27


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About the SandBox server phase 3:

I do not speak english very well. I am learning.

I liked this new game mode, I hope they make more maps for FrontLine mode is a way that teamwork is essential, and strategy too. The only problem is the time that is too short for the attack team. Should change this, for example after capturing the flag A B C D E F, you must advance to destroy 3 cannon, for the extremely slow tanks to reach is very difficult and to make matters worse is too open field for them, and the time to advance after capturing bases depends on how long it took you to get them, So it has to be extremely fast in some cases until reaching the goal of destroying the cannon, then the time is over.

And another thing the expense is too big for money, the gain is very little, the gain to auto repair the tank inside the game charges very dear, for those who die a lot goes out losing a lot of Money. Loses money to repair the tank, to replace the ammunition and consumables, That was the very weak point of this game mode


Which should be adjusted:



*  For the attack team, Increase the time added by capturing the flag from the bases from 3 min to 5 min each.

*  Decrease the wait time to open an attack/defense team respawn slot for 3 min for both teams.

*  Decrease the respawn time of the recover to 10 seconds by pressing the letter J for both teams.

*  Put more self-repair bases.

*  For each destroyed tank Or self-repair is charged a fortune when the game ends. Greatly decrease the value, therefore we are going to lose a lot of money, and nobody will play the frontline mode because the cost is very high.

* Artillery is managing to hit the cannon from far away and hit more than 1000hp. Sincerely they should take this, if it is not enough to defend the base if the artillery can hit from far the cannon. What good is defending the base? If the artillery can hit from far?

* Decrease respawn distance from defense team to closer of bases. For some slow tanks this distance is very difficult.


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madazfella #71 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 10:19


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i am loving this mode!!!

couple of suggestions....

could the ammo reload include premium ammo types?

Also when you use the repair zone... how about the first time you use it it only repairs up to 80% second time 60% third time 40%? per vehicle life

PUNISHER989 #72 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 10:24


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View Post_BR_WiLL, on Apr 12 2017 - 07:27, said:

* Artillery is managing to hit the cannon from far away and hit more than 1000hp. Sincerely they should take this, if it is not enough to defend the base if the artillery can hit from far the cannon. What good is defending the base? If the artillery can hit from far?




Arty can not damage the objective cannons. what are you talking about?


I stand corrected. 

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_BR_WiLL #73 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 15:44


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View PostPUNISHER989, on Apr 12 2017 - 10:24, said:


Arty can not damage the objective cannons. what are you talking about?





I was playing earlier today, and I was defending the cannon number 2 and I saw an artillery hit a 1000+ hit well behind the cannon. I do not know how it happened, I only know it was hit, and there were no enemies around.

LowLancer #74 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 16:42


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View Postvikingmil, on Apr 10 2017 - 22:15, said:

Confusing, sucks, hard to really understand what is going on, etc, etc.. God I love it, Love the big map, I will be playing this mode until they take it away from us.  Really hope they keep it as an option battle. 


What he said!

People are complaining about a lot of things, because they don't understand them. Please read about the gamemode or watch a video about it before claiming it's confusing or hard to understand. Seriously you don't play some kind of sport without first finding out about the rules, RIGHT?!?

People are saying they don't want the respawns, don't like the repairs or the capture mechanics.

There's a post of some1 who thinks it shouldn't have multiple capture points or objectives, but that it should be a 3x3 map with 1 cap for each team and the same kill all/capture base objective as in random battles. Let me sum it up for you: He basically wants WG to completely scrap this mode, keep the map and make it a bigger kind of random battles.

Another guy was complaining that when his base was captured, he couldn't get out of the area in time before he got bombed... Hey buddy... EVER HEARD OF THE 'J' KEY?!

On my account on the EU server I've recently reached 30k games, and let me tell you, after 30k games, one gets kind of sick of doing random battles ALL THE TIME. I absolutely love the fact that WG are implementing these extra gamemodes, so I can do something else than random, team or stronghold battles. I was really bummed when WG decided to remove the Rampage gamemodes.

Also, the fact that this gamemode is tier X only is perfect. This means that there is, appart from the stronghold battles, a use for tier X tanks and above that, there's end-game content. There are so many MMOs with content only for players who have maxed their accounts. It's awesome that now, I can use my tier X tanks for this amazing new and exciting gamemode.

I don't think I've written down everything I wanted to say yet, but basically this is what I'm saying:


I think WG and BongFish have balanced this gamemode very nicely. Everything is well thought-out. I was really impressed to find this gamemode so well-polished on the very first day it was available for testing.

Just think about why WG would, for example, put the repair spots in the open. It's not bad positioning. It's so that you can only repair when you really are in safety. Don't complain if you get sniped while repairing. It just means you play badly.

Anyway people, in my opinion this gamemode is already very nice.


Now for the faults I've found:


For 1: My client constantly crashes when I try to do something within the battle. In the garage it's fine, but as soon as I load into the battle, the client decides he's  had enough.

Second: For as far as I understand, enemy tanks driving in a map grid that's captured by your team, should get artykilled. I know there is a countdown, but last battle when my team had captured all 6 of the bases (A, B, C, D, E and F), there was an enemy tank practically in our beach spawn, but he didn't get killed by arty or airstrike at all. Is this a bug or are enemy tanks supposed to be able to camp our spawn at the final few minutes of the game?

Third: I don't think it's fair for the defending team that arty can damage the turrets. *Yeah but Jingles said arty can't damage the turr...* I don't care what Jingles says about arty not being able to damage the turrets, I witnessed it with my own eyes. The enemy T92 HMC destroyed our last turret, which mad us lose the game. We were all defending that one low health turret very well and the time had almost run out, but then arty destroyed it and there was nothing we could have done about it.


By the way people, if you don't understand the game, remember the f1 key and what it does? Yeah. It opens a help window. Stop being ignorant plz.

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LowLancer #75 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 16:45


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View Post_BR_WiLL, on Apr 12 2017 - 15:44, said:





I was playing earlier today, and I was defending the cannon number 2 and I saw an artillery hit a 1000+ hit well behind the cannon. I do not know how it happened, I only know it was hit, and there were no enemies around.


Yeah arty can definitely kill the turrets. I know Jingles said it's not possible, but I witnessed an enemy T92 HMC kill our turret. The kill feed shows you who destroyed the turret.

LowLancer #76 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 17:29


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View PostStuka_87, on Apr 11 2017 - 19:56, said:

So far I am really liking this mode!


But I do have one complaint that is really annoying me. If you are in a slow tank on the defending team, and the area you are in is captured, it can be impossible to get out of it before you get blown up.


My suggestion would be if you are in the area when it swaps sides, you can stay in there. But once you leave the area, you cannot enter it again. That, or just increase the time. because being in a tank that can only go ~20kph tanks more than the allotted time to get out of the area unless you are right on the border.


Are you even aware of the 'J' key?

jester350 #77 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 18:58


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Love the mode. The in game garage system needs work, but won't be so bad with your normal tier ten selection, unless you have that many. Lots of Billy goats I've noticed too. I found an over powered spot at the start of zone C that allowed me to reach general fast and stop any reinforcements from resetting the cap. With just one tank that is definitely OP. Also a spot between D and E that on defense allows me to reset 2 caps from one position. They will most likely patch these eventually. I think they should design those areas to be open and usable. By placing rocks they could stop the over powered bits and let players go up. I kind of like the multi elevation game play that would bring. Also as I flew around in spectator mode, which is awesome, I found out that even after using all my lives if you wait you gain another life at the end of the 5 minutes. That shouldn't be the case. If you run out of lives it should be game over. Need to recognize damage to bunkers. It is in no way counted currently. Maybe open it to 9s and 10s only. That would increase the player count enough when it goes live.

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val_mit #78 Posted Apr 12 2017 - 20:06


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I've played about 6 times. For me really it is fine. Just a few remarks:
- difficult to make a strategy with all 30 team members on a HUGE map
- if it will a random one no problem, else let us to pick what we wanna: defense or attack
- some to do to pickup more easily a tank after destroying one

LpBronco #79 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 02:38


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What's really disconcerting is there are only 17 (16) in queue at 9:30 pm edt. We need more players willing to test (play) the sandbox.

DOMlNO #80 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 16:30

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A bug I found last night that I haven't seen reported. Had a tank (AMX 50B) with nothing but premium rounds loaded (no ap rounds). After my second death I switched back to it, and it had 12 AP rounds available along with the APCR.


At least I think this is a bug, can't think of any reason why the game would make this change?

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