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What is your Destination Tank?

Destination tank Feedback

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dance210 #1 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 17:54

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Ever look at the tech tree and wonder which tank to try next? Last month, we told you about some of our top destination tanks for each nation. Now, we want to know which tank you would recommend to your fellow players!


Make a guide to your favorite destination tank: what it is, why you love it, tips for going up the line and tricks to making it work.

Begins: Monday, April 10, 2017
Ends: Friday, Apr. 21, 2017 at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET



  • Only one entry per player. If more than one entry is submitted, the first entry will be the one judged
  • Entries must be posted in this forum thread to be valid
  • Entry must be an original creation made for this contest
  • Guide should include information for a new player on how to reach and/or play your destination tank, with tips and tricks for going up the line or playing the tank
  • Guides can be written or video
  • The Destination Tank does not need to be tier 10
  • Only entries or questions about the contest are allowed; all other posts may be removed
  • Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest image it’s posted on the forum, as outlined in the “10. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service



*Number of winners may change depending on number of valid entries - edit, additional winners have been selected!


Check out our "Destination Tanks" video series for inspiration!

BigRedTankGuy #2 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:03


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I'm interested in the E100 and IS7 but with WGs history of nerfing/ changing and removing tanks I'm leery of inventing the time in any more high tiers.

I_Like_Tuwtles #3 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:22

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View PostBigRedTankGuy, on Apr 10 2017 - 18:03, said:

I'm interested in the E100 and IS7 but with WGs history of nerfing/ changing and removing tanks I'm leery of inventing the time in any more high tiers.


Even while the IS-7 has been left alone, most other tier 10 heavies being buffed has left it someone underwhelming. It's still a great tank regardless, and long as you can stay hull down. Same goes for the E-100.

Mad_Dog_Seabee #4 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:31


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I am interested in seeing some contests that appeal to players with less than 10K battles.

Nudnick #5 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:51


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I've sold my Tier 9-10 tanks because the auto-loaders have taken over. I have one Tier 8 left, the SP, that I use to boost credits. With the constant nerfing, buffing, new OP premium tank of the week, boring map repetition, bad MM, RNG, server lag, bad FPS and Ping, I'd tell new players to find another game. If the next patch doesn't fix things I'll be gone when my premium time runs out.

Appleikid_YT_3 #6 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:51


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What is the minimum tier of the destination tank?

(Does it have to be a Tier 10, or can the destination tank be like a Tier 2. lol)

Medessec #7 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:55


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Question- does this have to be a video, or can it be any sort of media such as a PDF, text guide, or comic? And does it have to refer to a specific Tier 10, and all the tanks leading up to it on the line?

dance210 #8 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:57

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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Apr 10 2017 - 10:31, said:

I am interested in seeing some contests that appeal to players with less than 10K battles.


What type of contest would you like to see? Any player can participate in this contest - it is simply writing a guide about a tank that they like.


View PostAppleikid_YT_3, on Apr 10 2017 - 10:51, said:

What is the minimum tier of the destination tank?

(Does it have to be a Tier 10, or can the destination tank be like a Tier 2. lol)


No, it does not have to be a tier 10 tank. If you have a tier 2 tank that you love and would like to write a guide about, go for it! For our Destination Tank series, most of the tanks were between tiers 5 - 8 :)

CapturedJoe #9 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 18:59


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The Type 89, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the 57mm HE.



The Type 89 is a historically significant tank, being the first mass-produced tank with a diesel engine, with a rich history of faithfull service in the Imperial Japanese army. Which is usually completely ignored because this tank is only known because it's in Girls und Panzer, where it's depicted as a fast agile light tank rather than the bulky slow medium tank it really was. Therefore the only people who keep this tank are either GuP fans or people who have discovered this tank's Hidden Potentialtm: The top 57mm gun.


On paper this tank is very underwhelming, if not downright weak; its armor is paper thin, its engine is weak, its profile is HUGE and its gun has bad accuracy and penetration with its standard ammo; however, this tank's 57mm cannon is different from its counterparts on the other Japanese tier II tanks; its better stats are mainly explained by the presence of an additional crewmember in the two-man-turret, in contrast with the little one-man-turrets on the other tanks. Say hello to your gunner, generic Japanese guy #2 (or Sasaki Akebi if you have the right mod installed); he'll be the key to your success on the battlefield, besides the baffling lack of skill usually displayed by the average tier II players, and any presence of braincells in your noggin (a rare occurrence at tier II, besides in M2 Light-playing sealclubbers).



When looking at the stats for your gun's ammunition, you might notice that the penetration value of your standard AP shell is about as high as that of your HE shells. So why bother loading AP in the first place, you may ask? You don't! You only load HE shells, disregarding anything else including whatever shells this thing has for premium ammo. This turns the Type 89 into an uncomplicated shotgun; You drive up to enemies with thin armor (should be plenty at tier II), you shoot them in the sides whenever they present those to you (which they will do at tier II), and you rob them of half their health in an instant. If unlucky, you'll only take a single digit from their HP, but if you know where to shoot you should have little problem slapping most tanks you encounter around one at a time. When coming across a French tank, you don't man-fight. You turn that big fat bottom of your hull around and run like a feline, letting your teammates deal with this tank. If there are no friendly meatshields around, put on your man-pants and shove your tank as close as possible up the little Frenchie's hull; with your excellent gun depression you should be able to hit them in the engine deck, which is about the only reliable weakspot on those things.


You load only HE. You don't use consumables except maybe First Aid Kits to patch up Sasaki if she gets knocked out. You don't mount equipment because this is tier II, so why bother? It's not like you're playing the M2 Light, LOL. Go out there, and remember, it's not sealclubbing if the tank is s***!

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CapturedJoe #10 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 19:00


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View Postdance210, on Apr 10 2017 - 18:57, said:


If you have a tier 2 tank that you love and would like to write a guide about, go for it!

Excellent. This world needs more Type 89 guides, I say!


Edit: see above post.

Edit2: Updated with nice pictures.

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dance210 #11 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 19:03

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View PostMedessec, on Apr 10 2017 - 10:55, said:

Question- does this have to be a video, or can it be any sort of media such as a PDF, text guide, or comic? And does it have to refer to a specific Tier 10, and all the tanks leading up to it on the line?


It can be video or a written guide; I will update the OP to reflect that. And no, it doesn't have to be a tier 10 tank :)

Rin_ #12 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 19:23


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So would be submit the guide as a response to this page?

ClydeCooper421 #13 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 19:40


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Looks like I'll be writing a guide this week.... *EDIT* I have written my guide: 


This is an in-depth guide to the M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy 8”—the Tier 6 American Medium Tank.     




The Easy 8 is my favorite tank and it’s also the first tank I three marked. I consider myself an expert Easy 8 player and write this guide with the intent of sharing my knowledge of the tank with the player base, in hopes of allowing more players to enjoy this fine piece of machinery as much as I do.


In this guide I’ll first go over the pros and cons of the tank, equipment, crew, and play style while also giving some short tips for the quick and easy grind to the Easy 8.



Pros and Cons



  • One of the three tier 6 medium tanks that can mount Vertical Stabilizers
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Good overall mobility
  • Great DPM
  • FANTASTIC gun depression (-12)
  • Best view range of Tier 6 mediums
  • Really great gun handling



  • Really subpar penetration
  • Not very high top speed
  • Lowish alpha (compared to Cromwell’s 135 and T-34-85’s 180)
  • Poor aimed in accuracy
  • Weak penetration at 128
  • Poor overall armor
  • Low top speed
  • Very tall—big target and bad camo
  • Did I mention bad pen?



Recommended Equipment


Here is the equipment layout I used to three mark the Easy 8 and also some other possible options for equipment. I use my Easy 8 as a flanking support tank. This is simply the best way to play the vehicle and this equipment layout maximizes its abilities to do so.


Vertical Stabilizers—The Easy 8, along with the E2 and Firefly, is the only tier 6 medium tank that can mount vertical stabilizers. The Easy 8 has  superb on-the-move gun handling and the VStabs enhance that. The purpose of equipment is to either counterbalance a bad statistic or further enhance a good trait, like gun handling.


Gun Rammer—I don’t even think this equipment piece needs to be explained. The Easy 8’s base DPM is very good, and by using the rammer, you can further raise that statistic.


Coated Optics—As stated above, the Easy 8 has the best view range of all tier 6 mediums (tied with E2 and Fury). Using optics allows you to provide reconnaissance for your team. Most other tanks around tier 6 lack substantial view range, allowing you to outspot many tanks at your tier. High view range is also very useful in late game situations where vision control games play an important role. Having a considerable amount of view range will help you in late game situations immensely, which means you can win more of your games.


Other Equipment Options


Improved Ventilation—This is a very useful piece of equipment which boosts all statistics in the tank (note, this does not boost all statistics by 5% but rather boosts the crew’s training level by 5%. This ends up boosting stats like reload speed by something around 2.5% IIRC). If the E8 was unable to mount Vstab I would use vents instead.


Enhanced Gun Laying Drive—The Easy 8 doesn’t have the best aim time, which means that the EGLD could be useful, but since other equipment options are far superior, I would not recommend using this.


Other equipment pieces not mentioned are not worth mounting on the E8 (with the exception of Binos, which you might want to throw on if you’re trying to just fast grind through the E8 up the line and don't want to spend credits on buying equipment, which I wouldn’t recommend as playing the E8 is one of the most rewarding experiences in the game).


Also, since it’s slightly related to how you equip your E8, I’ll briefly discuss the pros and cons between the 105 mm howitzer and the 76 mm gun which both are mountable on the E8. I use the 76 because it’s clearly the better gun in terms of competition. It sports reliable damage, superior gun handling, better accuracy, and better DPM. The 105 is fun if you just want to mess around and it can be useful for using to gain exp for the M1A2 76 which would not be prior researched from the M4.


Crew Layout


Can I be very honest for just a second? I don’t think crew skills are that big of a deal. Yes, a 100% trained crew and sixth sense and brothers in arms will help you, but they won’t make you a better play. All the tanks I’ve 3 marked (E8, T-34, T-34-85) I’ve done before completing the 1st skill on the crews (so no sixth sense). I think gameplay and things you do in the battle are more important, and impact the outcome of the game more so than things you do in the garage.

With that out of the way, I’m not gonna spend too much time on crews. I think that sixth sense is must, repairs is useful, and BIA also. Some others like smooth ride and snapshot will help the already good gun handling. Deadeye is also not a bad option (although honestly, l think there are better options) since the E8 pumps out the RPMs.

My crew hasn’t even reached it’s 3rd perk yet, so yeah.


Playstyle and Tips


My biggest tip to playing any tank, specifically mobile mediums with high DPM (and this might sound a bit simple), is to stay alive. I cannot stress this enough.The longer you stay alive, your chances of winning are much higher. This sounds like an easy step, but you must focus on this. By no means should you camp in the back, but be smart with your HP. Don’t make unnecessary trades.


Your playstyle should depend on whether or not you’re top, bottom, or mid tier. If you’re top tier, don’t be afraid to be aggressive, but remember, do not over extend. An over-extended tank without support early game is a dead tank. You have a lot of options when top tier. I typically like to go where mediums go, but if you have more heavies then the other team, go with the heavies and help them quickly push out one flank and then go back and defend the other. Fighting same tier heavies is pretty easy. Just make sure you never trade 1 for 1 since you have pitiful alpha compared to theirs. When brawling with heavies, sit in cover and wait for them to fire at your allies. Once they fire, pull out and put 1-3 shots into them while they reload (depending on their reload time). Some tanks, like the T-150 take roughly 8-10 seconds to reload which means you can fit at least 2 shots, maybe even 3, while they’re reloading. Be careful, though, and make sure that other enemies can’t shoot you while you're doing this.


Although it is entirely possible to fight alongside heavy tanks, try not to be redundant with your angles of fire. Always make your opponent have to turn their turret or tank to fire at you. If they do, duck back. Don’t take fire for no reason. Let your allies deal with the tank. If they continue to focus on your allies, then shoot them.


When facing tanks below tier 6 you can just bully them. Your armor is strong enough to bounce some tier 4 guns, but it is still weak to tier 5+. Even though they can pen you, just out maneuver and out DPM them.


Lead charges, but don’t over extend. Remember, you’re top tier, and when you’re top tier you have a responsibility to lead (not always, but typically).


When you’re middle tier, play mostly the same way, but be more supportive—don’t be as aggressive. By tier 7 most tanks will carry guns that do 240+ alpha which is ⅓ of your health. Again, the longer you survive the better. By mid to endgame when the map opens up more, you can be more aggressive. Flank isolated tanks. Make slower tanks try to chase you down. Draw them into allies’ fire.


When bottom tier and you’re up against IS-3’s and T25E4 Patriots, play it safe. If you don't want to brawl with an IS-3...don't. Nobody's making you. Not even the maps. You can always go somewhere else. Nobody says you have to shoot at a certain tank. When in a bottom tier medium you choose your targets. You move around the map like nobody cares. You don't go to the designated medium brawling grounds. You have no real obligations (other than to support). You're the one driving the tank..therefore you're the one who gets to make the decisions. If the gun you’re using only allows you to pen soft targets, than shoot soft targets.


Other general tips to remember include to use your gun depression. You have plenty of it. Also, never be afraid to shoot gold. If you’re one of the anti-gold people out there, not using gold only hinders your gameplay. Everyone else uses gold so not using it doesn’t make sense. When the time is right, never be afraid to get up close and personal. Because of the phenomenal turning speed of the E8, you can circle slower enemies with ease. Do this with caution though, and make sure that the enemy is not supported with others as circling an enemy who has support is signing your death certificate.


TL: DR Flank flank flank, support support support. And never take unnecessary hits.


The Line Preceding the Easy 8


The line leading up the E8 (and past) is a very enjoyable line for both beginners and veterans alike. For beginners, all the tanks are easy to use and good for learning the game mechanics (with the exception of the Lee, which can still teach new players mechanics).


Such little time will be spent in tier 1, 2, and 3 that in my opinion, it’s not worth talking about. I would highly recommend free exping past the M3 Lee since the meta doesn’t fit it’s playstyle, but if you don’t have the free exp, the Lee isn’t bad.


Tier 4, the M3 Lee—The truth is, the M3 Lee is not a bad tank. It sports the best DPM out of all tier 4 and 5 tanks (which is truly insane), but other statistics like it’s height and penetration means it suffers in battle. When you get into that certain situation where you can use its DPM to its full potential, it’s great. Unfortunately, the meta doesn’t accommodate it well, and therefore it’s looked upon as one of the worst tanks in the game.


Tier 5, the mighty M4 Sherman—Ah, the M4 Sherman. Arguably the best tier 5 medium in the game. Super easy to use and great for beginners trying to learn middle tier gameplay. It has excellent mobility, firepower, and view range for its tier. In terms of firepower, it has two fantastic gun choices, the M1A1 76 mm gun which sports the same stats as the E8’s gun (except rate of fire, which is slightly slower) or the powerful 105 mm howitzer. For beginners I would recommend the 76 mm which will help you learn the basics of armor penetration mechanics. The 105 can be much fun, however, and one shotting low HP soft targets never gets old.


Beyond the Easy 8


Once you’ve elited your E8 and you’re ready to continue up the line (with the intent of keeping your E8 forever, of course), you’re introduced to some other great tanks. Which include the T20, in my opinion the best tier 7 medium tank; the Pershing, a very good tier 8 medium tank; the M46 Patton, detestably the best tier 9 medium which sports high alpha and view range with good mobility; and finally, the M48 Patton, the tier 10 American medium tank that (as of 9.17) sports the best view range in the game with decent armor and fantastic gun handling.




To conclude, I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide. If you have any questions regarding the playstyle of the beloved M4A3E8 Sherman, don’t hesitate to ask me via PM here on the forums or in-game. Thanks for reading my guide, and if you enjoyed, slap that upvote button. Now go out there, and smash those Crapwells.



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Cruxdei #14 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 20:12


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 Cruxdei Average Review of STA-2 to average people


one of the test vehicles of type 61 mbt of japanese self defense force,sta-2(type 61 prototype) was developed following the the onset of korean war,mitsubishi heavy industries was in charge of the design,the tank had to be lightweight,fit the japanese stature crew and be railway transportable.type 61 served for nearly 40 years and phased out in 2000,slwly being replaced by type 74 in 1975.



let's begin with the firepower,the tank use a 90mm rifled gun as it's main armament, 212/275/45 of penetration (AP/HEAT/HE), 240/240/320 of damage(AP/HEAT/HE) 8 reloads per minute or 5,93 seconds per shell with max crew,vents rammer and BIA.

the Accuracy can reach 0,32 if you have BiA and vents,the aim time can reach 1,6 seconds with GLD,vents and max crew(brothers in arms).

the gun depression and elevation are -10/+13º.


the gun of sta-2,with a 100% crew is reliable,a good aim time and accuracy with a fast reload,the only problem  is the shell velocity,targets moving at full speed will dodge your shells unless you lead the target,taking you out of the comfort zone of  "auto aim".

the penetration is standard and good enough for a tier8 premium medium tank,the good news is that sta-2 heat shell have great penetration,so you can pen,for example,the casemate of a jagtiger with no problem.

the shell cost is 380/4400/240,so boucing some heat shells will drain your credit income a lot,the small aim time can help you with aiming and hitting targets.

the shell velocity can be a problem sometimes but the gun itself is good.



a Mitsubishi 12HM20WT with engine power of 570 Horse power,speed limit of 55/20km/h hull traverse of 44deg/s and a p/wt ratio(power/weight ratio) of 16,76. the tank is fast and flexible but extremely light,so watch out for those tanks trying to ram you.


the tank is flexible enough to switch flanks when the time comes,that's what matters right?speed to escape from a dying flank and support the other,or to outrun heavy tanks and some medium tanks.

the tank is fast enough to escape a dead  flank or help another unfinished flank like pic related.



the japanese medium tanks are not know for their armor,that's a fact(maybe except stb-1) so don't expect to bounce a lot of shells.

the turret armor is 70/60/35 mm(front/site/rear) while the hull armor is 45/35/25 mm(front/side/rear),you can,with luck and rng,bounce some shells with the turret gun mantlet or if the enemy hit a auto bounce angle of the turret but they are so small that you can't  expect to happen every match,the chances are like ammoracking a enemy,extremely slim. the "armor" of the tank is about saving up HP to hunt wounded tanks later game.

a brawling sta-2 is a dead sta-2.


--view range,signal range,etc--

the tank have a ok view rnage and signal range, with 380m of view range and 720 signal range,you can spot close enemies and hit enemies at a good range,if you really want to increase the view range,the tank can reach with binocular 475m of view range but with a camo value of 13.68 while stationary and 3.26 after shooting,don't expect to remain undetected.


--how to play--

the tank was not made to brawl other tanks,your armor don't bounce and you must save hp for late game,being a fire support tank is your role. support behind your allies and try to take out any kind of sneaky flankers trying to waste their autoloaders on your teammates.

the gun depression is great,so use your turret not to bounce shells,but to make your "hit box" smaller and harder to hit.

don't camp,arty can severely destroy your health pool is you are not careful.

your tank is not "stealthy" but at least it's not that big,your size can help you sometimes.

the lack of preferential matchmaking is common to tier 8 premium tanks,so you will have to step up the support role much more at tier9 and 10.


--why i like and why you could like it--

the tank is balanced,a good gun with a few weakness,fast and flexible with a respectable health pool,the HP is nothing to be amazed but it's not a dissapointment.

if you are careful and make sure your shells hit the targets,you can get a good credit income at the end of the match.

in my opinion,it is the "vanilla" medium tank,the armor is not heavy tier,the gun is reliable,the speed is great and the hp is good for a medium tank.

while you lack the armor of a super pershing,the alpha of a t34-3 or lorr 40t,and dpm of a t-44-85m. you are,in my opinion,the average tank.



this is my first guide about a premium tank, little white mouse in wows is well know for making reviews and "guides" about premium ships,so she inspired me to write this guide.

sta-2 story http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=294

images are all from wargaming,so they already have rights on it.

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J3Tears #15 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 20:37

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My Recommended Destination tank is the Tier 6 American heavy, The M6.  



Why the M6? I love this tank because It has a good speed for heavy for its weight which allows good ram capability. The gun has 160/243/45 Pen. 160 Pen is enough to get you through any Tier 6 1v1 but if you are bottom tier the Premium rounds with 243 pen is enough to beat up Tier 8 tanks. Gun depression is 10 Degrees so hills are your friend. Which its good practice for the rest of the American Line as they all have good gun depression. 


How to get there? Now they way to get to this tank you are obviously going to have to play the Tier 1 American tank, Which even if you sold it, Tier 1 is Free! No credit cost to buy, So there is really no reason you can start on your project to get the M6. You will go to the M2 Medium, Then the M3 Medium, Then you will reach the M3 Lee which will give you slight frustration with how to play it. Some say its a Medium tank with the Role of a TD. It has a Decent Gun but the Problem comes with the Turret which doesnt fully rotate, so you have to always keep your tracks up as much as you can. You will then have a Choice to get the M4 or the T1 Heavy, For this you are going to want to get the T1 Heavy. Like the M6 you will have some nice gun depression. Research the Tracks then Try to get the 76mm M1A1 gun and Research the Tier 7 Engine, As those will carry on towards the M6. 


What to Improve first on the tank? Now you have just Unlocked the M6! Its Fierce, Its Strong, Its...Stock.  You goal should be to put on whatever you can as you should already have the Engine and 2nd gun research from the T1 Heavy. Go ahead and go for the Tracks then Start playing or use some Free Exp to get the Tier 6 Turret, The M6D2 and the Tier 7 Gun, the 90mm M3. Now you already to have some real fun as this tank excels when the 90mm is Unlocked. 


Equipment and Crew skills! Medium Tank gun Rammer, Ventilation Class 3, and enhanced gun laying drive. These will improve a already good reload and aim time. The Accuracy of the gun and the increased aim time will help when you are peaking over hills and windows.  More than likely you will have a stock Crew so you are going to want to put Everyone on repairs except for the driver, give him controlled impact. The Worse thing that can happen to a heavy is to get tracked, plus Repairs and Controlled impact work better as the percentage goes up, rather like 6th sense which only works when 100%.  Once you start getting more skills you will want Brother In Arms to be first set for everyone, Then the 2nd Set should be 6th Sense for the Commander, Snapshot for the gunner, Dead eye for the 2nd gunner, Controlled impact again for the driver since we got rid of it the first time for BIA, Situational Awareness for the Radioman to improve View range, and then Safe Storage for the Loader as American tanks get ammo racked a decent bit.


How to play it? You are tall and have gun depression. The Windows on Ensk are good practice such as the ones B1 Allow you to look Down the 1 line for shots. (See Ex.1) You will have around a 6s reload so its shoot, then go back down. Always wait till you are fully reloaded before poking back up. You are tall, Strong, Independent which means you can even give a Is-3  a run for its money. Hug the poor guy and you can shoot his cupola easily! (See Ex.2)  Now to get a Real use of gun depression skills then West Field is where you want to go. The Hill at C3 is where you want to go, You can go up at a Angle and Get shots on the TDs that get spotted or any heavies that are starting to come up around the B3 Area of the map. (See Ex.3 and 4) Always look for a Place to just show your turret so you it makes you harder to hit. This tank is meant to be right up in the action using hills and hitting the enemy! Most other heavies you will see will be Kv-85, T-150s and O-Is, The Russian Heavies have cupola that you can shoot without even seeing the other guys gun looking at you! The O-I is big and bulky but with the Gun penetration you can use gold to pen his front or start using hills to get shots at his side and he wont have a chance hitting you with that mean old derp gun if you are just showing your turret and then slide back down the hill! 













This was my First Attempt ever at Making a guide for a tank, Hope it makes sense and It answers any questions. Good luck everyone else! 

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XVM_Camo_Net_ #16 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 23:32

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Get Batchat or TVP.



That's it, you win, GG

wrwsadv #17 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 23:38

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Should the "guide" be strictly PG13, or is some profanity fine? 

APOLLO75 #18 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 23:41


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The currently the best tank in the game now id the Skoda T50, yes it is a tier 9 and the tier 10 TVP in the line is not as fun to play or dominating.   I suppose it doesn't matter anyway because if a tank is this fun WG will either nerf it to oblivion or take it from you and replace with a far more inferior tank.  They did it to the WT auf E100 one of my favorites, and the Grill that replaced, well lets just say the only tier 10 I ever sold.  WG has a history of these things, they did it with my absolute all time favorite the T50-2, funnest tank ever.  They took that away and replaced it with a useless tank.  Once again they did with a great tank the Tier 9 Lorraine, replaced it with a far inferior tank and the tier 10 option Batchat in that line is not fun at all anymore.  Now WG wants me to buy the Loraine back, OMG not on your life, I am thru spending any funds on a game that screws with you like this.  I like the game, just won't spend any money.  Buy the Skoda T50 before it gets nerfed or WG steals it from you.

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My destination tank is the SU 122 44, the premium tier 7 soviet none turreted Tank Destroyer. If you have some cash to put in the game buy this tank for only 6750 gold.

It has one of the best base damage per minute (dpm) of the game with base 2925 the exact base dpm has the STB1 (In the top 10 best dpm). It has decent armor for its tier which can bounce tier 5, 6 and some tier 7 tanks (It has 90/75/45 hull armor). The view range isn’t the best but still good at 330 meters (normal soviet view) so you should not try to spot for yourself in this tank. Plus, this tank is really mobile it has 47 km/h and great grown resistance so u can easily change flank. Also, with camouflage, camo net, ventilation, camouflage skill, brothers and arms skill; you can boost your camouflage to nearly 60%. I recommend you to camp in a bush :bush: for the first 3-4 min of the game, if you are low tier in the matchmaking then try to go finish tank with your great dpm. If you are top tier, the best thing to do is to pop front a corner take a shoot, bounce some shells then pull back, and change corner. Habitually, I two shoot most of the tier 5 and 6 enemy which is beautiful, but ... don't try to go over a hill with 4 degres gun depression:izmena:. I recommend you those following equipment for the SU-122-44: ventilation; gun rammer; camo net.

Résultat d’images pour su 122 44

P.S: Buy some premium round for facing tier 8 and rarely tier 9 tanks. Personally, I bring 7 APCR round and 9 HE shell for arty and german/japan heavies. And I have win my first 15 battles in this tank :P.

​If you like my tank destination please let a post up :great:!!

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Hi everyone im interested in the e100 i find the best way to get to the e100 is going down the panther line till u get 2 the tiger 2 tank find the panther is an amazing tank to be a fellow sniper
tiger 1 and 2 i find amazing in making silver, if a person had to grind a prem tank to get the silver for them id go the 8.8 panther

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