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What is your Destination Tank?

Destination tank Feedback

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Slava_Novorossiya #161 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 02:28


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Na minha opinião, o melhor tanque é o E25, ele é um tanque destroyer t7 da linha alemã, mm preferencial, serve tanto de scout como td por conta da sua camuflagem op, ótimo para fazer prata e treinar a tripulação, adora uma moitinha, rs, vc já deve ter levado muitos tiros dele e já deve ter passado muita raiva, tenho quase 5k de batalhas com ele, muito bom, recomendo! 
ele não está disponível na loja, mas vc pode conseguir este tanque fazendo as missões do http://tankrewards.com/

Slava_Novorossiya #162 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 02:29


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Na minha opinião, o melhor tanque é o E25, ele é um tanque destroyer t7 da linha alemã, mm preferencial, serve tanto de scout como td por conta da sua camuflagem op, ótimo para fazer prata e treinar a tripulação, adora uma moitinha, rs, vc já deve ter levado muitos tiros dele e já deve ter passado muita raiva, tenho quase 5k de batalhas com ele, muito bom, recomendo! 
ele não está disponível na loja, mas vc pode conseguir este tanque fazendo as missões do http://tankrewards.com/

Von_Brownie #163 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 05:03


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As a fan of history I knew the largest tank battle was between Russian and German tanks, so I prefer both honestly. If you like German armor then the Tiger 2 is the best but if you want fast Russian tanks then you must get the IS3. If you like charging and demanding a presence go heavy tank but nice armor at a cost of speed go German. If you want angled armor and speed go Russian. 

carlus54 #164 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 09:06


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An error has occurred and my post was deleted Can someone help me ?? Afternoon 1 day to do it :(

killertank_962 #165 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 09:43


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Heavy tank Caernarvon, tier 8 heavy tank of the British tree.


Basic Info:


Caernarvon has a decent top speed with very good acceleration for a heavy tank which altogether gives it a good mobility. Hull traverse isn't that good, but combined with nice turret traverse and very good accuracy on the move, very few tanks can outflank a Caernarvon. The last engine is very good, gives this tank good acceleration and mobility for a heavy tank.


Hull armor:
 130/51/38 mm

Hull armor is definitely the weakest point of Caernarvon, British heavy tank. It has very few slopes and none of „traditional“ angling techniques are reliable when driving this tank. The upper front panel can bounce guns with lower penetration values and sometimes absorb shells as zero damage hits thanks to spaced armor plates. The biggest flaw/drawback is the ammo rack which is situated in the lower panel compartment. Basically, you need to have obstacles and use terrain to your advantage when driving this tank.


Centurion Action x turret: 

The last turret is pretty well armored and a very strong mantlet can deflect or absorb quite a lot of shots, sometimes even those of the top tier guns with high penetration. Sides of the turret aren't that strong obviously but they will sometimes bounce misplaced shots. The turret itself is pretty small sized and hard to hit on longer distances. The commander’s cupola is really small and low placed, almost in the line with the top of the turret and it is practically impossible to hit, even from closer range.


The stock gun obviously has lower damage and penetration potential, even with the superb rate of fire it possesses a very little threat to other tanks of tier 8, especially to higher tiers. It is of great importance to research and mounts the second gun which has very good penetration values, good accuracy, RoF and aiming time but lower alpha damage compared to other tier 8 heavy tanks. This gun offers a lot of options if used properly and taking situations on the field to its advantage. The last gun has the same damage and penetration values as the previous one but gives slightly better accuracy and RoF and much better aiming time.


The range of the two last radios in the research tree is excellent.

Suggested upgrade path: (suspension) -> (turret) -> (gun) -> (engine) -> (gun) -> (engine) -> (radio)

Closing Review


This is a fast reloading, accurate and agile vehicle, those are the main features of Caernarvon. The final gun doesn't offer as much damage as other tier 8 heavy tanks, actually it is quite of a  big difference, but with better RoF and accuracy it can deal a lot of DPM. Combined with decent mobility and very good gun depression this tank when fully upgraded can be a real menace on the field.The hull isn't that impressive though, the upper front plate is angled and can bounce shots with lower penetration potential and quite often will eat sells without receiving damage. Lower front panel and side armor are the real problems when playing this tank when exposed at almost any angle, they don't give much confidence. Shots received in the lower panel will almost always penetrate and in many cases hit the ammo rack itself - which is the biggest drawback. There is no proper way of angling this tank, best playstyle is to keep the lower panel hidden behind terrain/obstacles and try to stay hull-down as much as possible. The turret is pretty small sized and from greater distances a hard target, also it can receive a decent amount of zero damage hits. Caernarvon thrives mostly at long range, as a support heavy tank with a decent accuracy on the move. On city maps, it's best used to keep enemy tanks perma-tracked and destroy when they are trying to peek behind corners cause of its fast aiming time, accuracy, and RoF. Hilly terrain is also very beneficial when driving this tank thanks to hull-down potential. Although not as good as with the American tanks.The mobility onCarenarvon is very good, it accelerates well and is agile which is quite an improvement after driving its predecessor - the Black Prince. All in all, the agility, the gun is what makes the Caernarvon.Also, preferable matchmaking sometimes allows an aggressive approach, provided you use your DPM and hide your weak spots or at least make them harder to hit by constantly moving.

Advantages of tank

- Accurate, high RoF, fast aiming time, very good penetration.
- Good mobility and agility.
- The small turret can be hard to penetrate at long distances.
- Good gun depression.
- Spaced armor on the sides can absorb some shots.
- Good view range

Disadvantages of tank

- Very weak side and rear hull armor.
- Low alpha damage compared to other tier 8 heavies.
- Weak lower front panel.
- Ammo rack positioned in the lower front side of the hull.

Suggested crew skills

1. Commander: Sixth sense, Brothers in Arms, Repair 
2. Gunner: Repair (or Deadeye ;), Brothers in Arms, Snapshot 
3. Driver: Repair, Brothers in Arms, Smooth ride 
4. Loader: Safe Stowage, Brothers in Arms, Repair 

Suggested equipment

Improved ventilation 
Gun rammer 
Wet ammo rack or Gun laying drive/vertical stabilizer

Suggested consumables

Small Repair Kit 
First Aid Kit 
Manual Fire Extinguisher 

DVK9 #166 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 14:59

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View Postdonotknow, on Apr 10 2017 - 17:01, said:


the lag is not at all WG's fault, i have had serious lag in the past and it was due to background programs slowing down my computer. Always make sure nothing else is running and if that dont work, then its your internet provider's fault


try an i5 or i7 processor... I can have 15 tabs open, music streaming and still have the same FPS and ping in game. Also try for higher bandwidth. I run 200 down 20 up


AlphaKrieger #167 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 16:06


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Destination Tank: Lorraine 40T.


Tankers Rejoice! The Lorraine 40T has been implemented back into World of Tanks.

Not long ago, the tier 9 Lorraine 40T was removed from the tech tree. Simply, the tank was replaced by a smaller, faster, tank. The b-c 25 t ap.

Although some players enjoyed the change, an equal amount disliked the removal. Now is the opportunity to own the Lorraine 40T once again! But before you throw hard earned cash towards this machine, lets get down to details.


Previously the Lorr 40t was classified as a tier 9 medium tank. Now it has dropped down to tier 8, causing the Matchmaking for this tank to be incredible. Typically you will land in a tier 8-9 match while playing solo, giving you a great advantage over many players on the battlefield. This being said, you will play tier 10 matches, just not frequently. In the long-run, having the Lorraine 40T becoming a tier 8 is definitely amazing!


SPECS: (Link Below)




This is a medium tank, just like any other medium tank, you support. While playing the Lorr, You should have the mindset of a light armored vehicle. Do not place yourself in the brawling section of the battlefield, instead, place yourself behind heavies and support the brawl from a distance.

The (100 mm SA47 A) gun that is attached to this tank provides you 4 rounds per clip. Each round causes roughly 300 damage per shot. 4 x 300 = 1200! this damage output in a short amount of time can be very helpful during the supporting roll. Dealing 1200+ damage, and or possibly destroying 4 enemy tanks, can easily change the course of battle.

The reload is modestly at 36 seconds, on avg. Once you fire all 4 rounds, its best to use the tanks speed to relocate.

The Lorr 40T has decent accuracy, in some cases it can make longer distances shots. Unlike the Panther II, This isn't a sniping medium.


Very fast, great for escaping and relocating!. 

4 round magazine.

Very high penetration. (232 avg)

Great XP earner.

Amazing Credits earner!.

Tier 8.

Comes with 3 unique camos. 



Light armor, its cardboard.

36 second reload (its modest for what it is).

Larger body, easy target.

No Premium MM.

Crew can easily get injured (don't brawl).


Perma-Tracking: Being that the Lorr 40T has a clip of 4 rounds, always attempt to track the enemy tank, and then repeat. If you manage to keep the enemy tracked it makes placing shots easier. Along with assist damage, and destroying the enemy. Although this may be an obvious thing to do, its very important to use this technique. (Make sure to be aiming as seen below)  For those who already know this technique, the Lorr preforms it very well.

Typically the first shot will destroy the track, if not, you simply fire another round, once the tank is tracked, keep firing into the same spot to deal damage and to re-track the enemy.

If you are platooning with another Lorraine 40T and you both use the tracking technique, this will make it literally impossible for the enemy tank to survive.

Its highly recommended to aim in the track area to start with, armor is typically weaker behind the tracks. Dealing damage and destroying tracks at the same time is an obvious decision.

Flanking: platooning in the Lorr is truly a must, 3 Lorraine 40T's = 12 rounds of destruction during a flank. Like I have said many times before, it will effect the chances of winning the battle. Make sure to add flanking into the play style. Between the fact that all 3 of you will be going 60km, and having multiple clips, its quite simple to sneak around the enemy and wreak havoc. Just make sure communication within the platoon is strong. getting divided may lead to being destroyed or an unsuccessful flank.

The Lorraine 40T is also a great "Lone Wolf" flanker. Its quite easy to sneak behind the enemy moving as 1, also in some cases, its for the best. Flanking all depends on the current map, tank types that are in the battle, and also the timing of battle. Flanking is not plausible withing the first few minutes of battle, always wait until an opening is available for the safest flank.

While Flanking, the platoon will more then likely run into enemy Tank Destroyers. Destroying the enemy TD's will cause a huge change in battle, the heavies can advance easily, light tanks can go for the base cap, and it lines your platoon up for the perfect back support that is needed.



Patients: The Lorraine 40T is not a heavy tank, for the best results you should always stay back and support. Like I said earlier, this tank is all about the supporting roll, you should be sitting back behind the brawl, tracking tanks and dealing large amounts of damage.

If an opportunity is seen to run into the brawl (maybe while the enemy is reloading, or they are distracted by your team, etc) then by all means go do you.

My recommendation is to be patient and stay back. Remember, tracking, dealing damage, not receiving damage and spotting earns yourself lots of credits and XP. This is a premium tank, the XP and credits are already boosted, if you have patients, sit back and farm, you will be greatly rewarded. This is more of a selfish approach to playing, although you will be supporting from behind the team, you aren't out flanking and using the HP pool of the tank. That being said, you are still profiting lots with this play style. 


Arty awareness: Artillery! our favorite!...for the record, If you get hit by an arty, you will feel it. "Always" keep moving while spotted, this will prevent you from getting "derpped" by an artillery. Iv'e noticed that while using the Lorraine 40T, you're the main priority for arty. Why this is? i'm not sure. Maybe its because the tank is larger, softer and more of a threat.

If you keep still in this tank (While spotted), or keep repeating movement, arty will choose you over other tanks.

My very first battle in the Lorraine 40T, I was annihilated in one shot from an American arty. -1300 HP.

You can never escape arty, we all complain about it in pub matches, its the most annoying and uncalled for feeling when you get nailed by one. It feels unfair, but artillery was and is a real thing! they exist. The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid it at all times..

Learn the tank: Do yourself a favor and look over the SPECS^.

knowledge and skill are your best friends, but you must learn to have knowledge. That's why before playing any tanks, its always good to know the armor rating, reload, penetration per round, gun depression etc. It will help you decide how to play the tank, also help you decide if you even want it. Personally its something I do with every tank. Learning the tank also helps you choose the next line you'd like to grind! Yes, maybe the E-100 looks cool and its big, but what is the reload? what is the speed? not so great! (not bashing E-100 fans)...although Russian mediums on the other hand. 


Elevation: For the Lorr, elevation is very useful. Just like any medium (Besides Russian Mediums) elevation is a key factor to deal damage and to effect the enemy. The Lorraine has a decent level of gun depression (Unlike Russian Mediums). As long as you keep the Lorraine out of the line of fire, its easy to deal damage and support with elevation. 

Elevation is most certainly a wise choice for this tank. For example, "Mines" a map that spawns tanks next to decent elevation, and also a hill that can be claimed in the middle. The acceleration of the Lorraine 40T can easily get you to this location with the light tanks. This goes for many maps, try to have the higher ground.





The Lorraine 40T is my 3rd favorite tank in the game. with no hesitation, I would select this tank over any tier 8 vehicle to play pub matches in. Its very solid for my play style. the only thing I could possibly ask for is perhaps an armor boost, but honestly the speed and mobility makes up for everything.

I love the unique camo, I feel as if the Lorraine 40T looks amazing with this camo. Its sharp, jagged and cool.

Overall, I recommend the Tank! (unlike Russian mediums). 

Its perfect for someone who doesn't like brawling, but instead likes the supporting roll. You are free to sit back and farm damage, or commit to game changing flanks, also just zoom around practically like a light tank!

The tank is very good with raising statistics for your account, the damage ratio and the K/D ratio have both been climbing for me, along with avg XP earned per battle. I do not know if this tank will be sold again, if you are interested in it, i'd recommend for you to claim one now. Being how OP it currently is, I would't be surprised if it did become a rare tank.

Make sure to go into battle and ask around, do some research on the Lorraine 40T. I hope this was a helpful guide, I also hope it helped you with the decision of choosing to purchase the Lorraine or not!


Yours truly, ~AlphaKrieger.


Premium Shop: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wot/filter/?name=Lorraine40t     For sale until May 2017.







mike_DANGER #168 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 17:30


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I personally like russian tanks, but that is just my opinion. If you are into russian tanks, go for the IS-3 heavy tank. This tank will help you learn game mechanics just by plaiyng it, such as side-scraping. I personally love russian tanks and i hope that whomever is reading this takes my advice. (you won't regret it)

_Tsavo #169 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 17:35


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Oh man.  Oh yes this will be fun

__Highlander__ #170 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 18:11


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I would place the strong line tanks, for example: 
B-C 25 T, TVP T 50-51, MAUS, Strv 103B, FV215b, 113 and STB-1, Obj 140. 
All these tanks are lines that have their premium tank to be able to make credit and crew and without speaking that are very fun line.

Edited by __Highlander__, Apr 13 2017 - 18:15.

ClydeCooper421 #171 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 19:52


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View Post_Tsavo, on Apr 13 2017 - 08:35, said:

Oh man.  Oh yes this will be fun



Hakuin #172 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 20:10


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wallace2002 #173 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 20:37


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            È um tanque médio chamado Leopard PTA um tanque agíl e furtivo e sniper também,e o por que que eu indicaria esse tanque e por que e uma linha divertida e facíl de upar com tanques bem bons no decorrer da linha.Uma dica boa e você sempre pensar que vai conseguir chegar ao tanque que você quer e a cada evolução pesquisada já ter um pouco a mais do dinheiro para comprar os equipamentos necessários e se eles tiverem a mesma arma guarde-a em seu deposíto pra equipa-ló no próximo:Esta é minha entrada pra este evento Nick:wallace2002


Oolab1 #174 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 21:23


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My favorite tank is the new tier 10 light tank, the... oh wait nevermind...


My other favorite tank is the ELC AM.... oh.... no not anymore...


I love the quick-firing gun on the 59-1..... whoops, I guess I don't like it...


I can't believe how great the spotting range is on my lights!  It really lets me have a chance at earning experience and dealing damage against all those other tanks with a worse view range, like.... ummmm.... none..... crap....







AG_CAT_N3629E #175 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 22:04


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My destination tank is the AMX 30B. it is very maneuverable and good firepower!  

WolfnStien #176 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 22:44


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The SP I C is a ferocious little devil in tier 7 that has a autoloader or a non auto loading system depending on your play style I prefer the auto loading system for me cause I like to shoot the enemy and then run off, the modules id put on it is a camo net and coated optics, the coated optics would give it more view range and the camo net would boost your camo if you like to sit in a bush and spot for your team mates and help them out so you can win get you can play this tank in many different ways

fallenlamb #177 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 23:04


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Destination Tank: ANY Tier Eight Premium

How to obtain: Open wallet, remove credit card, click on tank you want, follow on-screen instructions.


Background: WG has ****** with EVERY SINGLE NON-PREMIUM tank in this game, so if you spend weeks/months/years grinding towards some tank that you want, you ARE going to get screwed. Ask any Tier X owner you happen to know.


OF NOTE: WG did **** with a premium tank in this game once (see the fiasco of the T26E4 Super Pershing nerfing) and had to return money to players. It is unlikely (but not impossible) that they will pull this stunt again.


My best advice to any n00b: Buy a Tier Eight Russian Heavy, load that thing with as much premium/gold/magic ammunition as it can carry and shoot red tanks.

Inhocsignovinces #178 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 00:23


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Are you sick of being the low tiered tank and having a gun that simply.won't.penetrate.anything?

Do you want to terrorize tanks two tiers higher than you?

Do you want to do this by tier V?

Then let me tell you my destination tank: the Pz.Sfl. IVC, the Toaster or Flak Bus.

Sure, I know what you are thinking: that thing has no armor and no turret! And yes, that is true.. actually it is worse than you think, as the tinfoil armor it does have just means you are easier to hit. Oh, and don't forget that huge, painfully fragile silhouette means that you also are very easy to spot. Plus, as if it weren't handicapped by all those things it also has no gun depression AT ALL...in fact, it is often easier to back up a hill and use its incredible gun inclination to allow you to point down.

Oh, but that top gun, that is what it is all about, my friend. An 88mm flak gun, which means high velocity and lots of penetration: 194mm with normal AP rounds, and 237 with AP Composite-Rigid. If you look more closely, say at the Czech medium line, you'll find this same gun in the TVP VTU, albeit with a slightly different name. It is a tier VIII sniper rifle on a tier V tank destroyer, and with a .32 meter dispersion at 100m, you will be able to pick and choose which part of an enemy tank you want to send your shells straight through. Not that it much matters, however, as the aforementioned penetration means you'll hole just about anything you will possibly face from any vantage point.


Down to brass tacks:

You'll be starting your journey to the Toaster with the Loltractor (also known as a Leichttraktor for some reason) and I suggest putting in a couple matches, because you'll eventually want to go down every line that branches off of it, with the possible exception of arty. That wont be a problem for you, however, as the Loltractor is one of the better tier I's.

At tier II you will be in the Panzerjager I. Now, if you are new to WoT, this is a good chance to start your training in glass cannons. You see, the line you are embarking on is a bunch of tanks that are pretty much guaranteed to die if they are seen. Bushes are your friend. Spotters are your friend. Patience and cowardice are your most useful skills!

Tier III will come pretty quickly, and it is worth moving up, as crew training is going to be rough with the xp you make at tier II. The Marder II is not terrific. After the smashing you were able to do with the 47mm top gun on the PzJag, you'll be a bit disappointed with the performance, but ...and this is important... stick with it and get both the Marder 38t and the Hetzer. First of all, you'll need the Marder 38t to get to the Toaster: the destination tank, but you will also want the Hetzer. You will, it isn't really a question; with the derp and useful armor that it has, the Hetzer is a destination tank on its own. So, get behind those bushes, and stay hidden, and grind it out: it is worth it, and you wont want to spend credits on the Marder II again. Ever.

Wait, what happened to the Marder I? Well, it is a French premium td in this game, so you don't need to worry about it for this guide. Unless you face one. From the other side of the map, the FCM36Pak40 is death. Slow, creeping death, but death none the less.
So on to tier IV, the Marder 38t. The t stands for Czech, because Germans can't spell or something. Now, this tank is based on the Czech manufactured Pz 38t, a tier III light tank elsewhere on the German tree. As such, and with some good Praga motors to research, it gives you something you haven't had before: the chance to practice maneuver warfare. See, you're behind your bush, as a good td sniper should be, when you see that you could actually get a shot at those Reds if you were behind that bush over there. In the Marder II, you probably found out that going over there and setting up took so long the opportunity was lost by the time you got there. Not so in the Marder 38t: you can get there and get shots off in good time. This speed also comes in handy when you find that you are in a precarious position. The better part of valour is discretion, and you should use it. If you are going to be overrun soon, pull out and go someplace else. Your gun will help win the battle, not your death. So, at tier IV, things are beginning to get somewhat serious. You are facing people that have been playing for a while and you will need to up your game. If you haven't done so by now, save up and get a camo net and binoculars. These cost nothing to move from tank to tank, and they are very useful for tanks that spend a lot of time in one spot. Remember how I said that being seen meant you would be killed? Well, that camo net will save your bacon more times than you'll be able to count. Just hold very, very still if you are close enough to be seen. It isn't magic, however, use bushes as well to maximize your potential. Also, if you didn't get the Hetzer with the Marder II, stick around and grind up the StuG IIIB, because the StuG life is a fun life.
So, now you are here, the Panzer Souffle, the Flak Bus, the Toaster... enjoy the way your cannon moves with the 75 and the Flak 37, because the Flak 41 only moves 5 degrees to either side. You'll also be training a new gunner and a new loader, as the Toaster gets two of each to go with the driver and commander/radioman. That is a bit of a problem. You see, you will want the crew skill "camouflage" to increase your survivability. However, the overall rating is an average of all of your crew members, so those two new guys are going to be lagging behind, keeping your score lower. But... on the plus side, as your commander needs...NEEDS sixth sense, and having five other crew members to offset his lack of camo skill will help, eventually. Also on the negative side is the fact that even when you turn your Toaster elite, the Accelerated Crew Training takes a long time to work its way around to each crew member, slowing crew development. Luckily, the German premium TDs, are pretty good, so if you can get them, they'll help offset that penalty. And, if for some reason you don't keep this fantastic anomaly you'll at least have an extra gunner sitting around who has been trained up a bit.

Playing your Toaster.
You aren't what anyone except a Brit or Frenchy of these lower tiers would call "quick" buy neither are you slow. Use what speed you have to get into some bushes with a useful line of fire. I know, I know, maps these days favor the heavies and brawling: I agree, and there will be those matches where you are behind the 8 ball. City maps are killer, and your huge, boxy frame and bad (oh so bad) gun depression means that hills are your enemies. But at least your gun will damage enemies, and with 100% crew it will fire every 7.19 seconds (6.47 with gun rammer, which I highly recommend). It is possible to permatrack someone trying to peek around corners. Not easy, but possible. Plus: don't peek yourself,
death follows that VERY quickly. Be patient. Hide. Accept death and move on.
Because when you finally get that map where you get to snipe...oh, all the trouble is worth it. IS's will cry at the unfairness, Bulldogs will wonder how anyone hit them going full speed behind a sand dune, Tigers will flee, Comets will fall, Oni's will go back to the hell that spawned them when they fall under your deadly gaze. You WILL develop a laugh envied by Bond villains, and you will be sworn at almost as much as arty. ...and then you'll be seen and a single HE round will end your match, but who cares? You are a tier V and you just spanked tier VIIs! Credits? Yes please.

What next?
Wait, you don't want to stay at tier V forever? What is wrong with you?
Fine, whatever, but know this: the Nashorn and Sturer Emil are rough. Real rough. Not awful, but you'll miss your Toaster. The Nashorn is a step down, but it is a bit harder to see and hit. The Stubborn Emil is eccentric. Sure, its top gun can smash anything it hits and sure it has terrific gun depression, but it tends to miss a lot more than its paper stats suggest and with only a handful of ammo each miss is a stab to the heart.
But once past them, they'll fade into a mild memory when the Rhm.Borsig is in your hands...but that is the destination tank of someone else.

Unfortunately, at 340m your spotting range is pathetic for an open topped tank. Especially one designed to shoot airplanes, but so be it: your binocs aren't going to be much use to you, especially with the Flak 41 where you'll be moving a lot and losing the use of them. I'd say keep the camo net, however, and add in a gun rammer and gun laying drive. Your aim time is going to be around 2 seconds, which is really good compared to your 7 second reload time, but remember: every time you aim more than a couple degrees it will be messed up and you'll have to start over so that gun laying drive will be very handy.
Consumables are not terribly important. Sure, if you want to spring for chocolate, go for it: it will help a bit, but you'll bleed credits. You only have 350 hit points, so if you start on fire you'll be dead before a manual fire extinguisher puts it out, and an automatic is just plain too expensive to be worth it at this tier. Repair kit? First aid? Yeah, I guess. They can't hurt and on the off chance you don't die in a fiery explosion right away, they might just help you stay useful to your team.

Ammo, with 48 shells to play with you can afford to keep a variety on board. I keep some premium shells just in case, and a handful of HE for when I really need to reset a cap or track a scout, but as I've pointed out, the AP shells will be plenty 99% of the time.

Crew skills/perks.
Obviously BIA is going to help you, but it is useless until everyone has it at 100% and that is going to take quite a while on this tank...so I wouldn't bother with it. Sixth sense will help enormously: I recommend training your commander with that right off the bat, and going for Concealment with everyone else. If being seen=death, then keeping from being seen is very, very important. Once you have that at 100% go ahead and give your commander Concealment one gunner Deadeye, and the other gunner Armorer on the off chance your gun gets damaged. Your driver could use Clutch Braking, as your gun doesn't move from side to side so your whole tank will have to, and give your loaders Repairs.

Well, that is it: the Toaster as destination tank, but before I go, I want to point out that if you are driving the Toaster, and you end up being on the wrong side of a blowout, you can always point your gun to the sky and make it look like you are flipping off the other team before you go.

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In my opinion, my destination tank for new users is the T29 from the American tech tree, the T29 is a great, well rounded tank for fans of heavy tanks. I like it because, it has a strong turret front and has some good mobility for a tank like it's self. The T29 can be reached from the T1 Cunningham at tier 1, the T2 medium at tier 2, the M2 medium, which is a great tank at tier 3, the M3 Lee which most people hate but I like at tier 4, the T1 Heavy tank at tier 5, and the M6 Heavy tank at tier 6. If you want to play the T29 effectively, get it into a hull down position so that no other enemy tank can shoot at your lower hull. You can either play the T29 as a frontal assault vehicle and get up there in the battle, or you can play the T29 as a defending type of tank, you could get into a hull down position and keep the enemy tanks at bay, or you could hold the line against enemy tanks. To reach the T29, you have to grind some for the T1 Heavy tank when you are on the M3 Lee. This is my guide and reason for the T29 being my destination tank. As always, keep calm and Roll Out!

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I am not sure of what the format for a "Favorite Tank" should look like, and to write a guide for each tank in the line would take hours (and I would still miss lots) but here is my favorite tank line:

BT2-BT7-A20-T34-MT25-LTTB-T54ltwt-T54-Obj 140


Preface: The Russian tech tree in general is robust but does not excel in any particular facet of game play. Russian tanks generally can be considered "all rounders". That is their major strength, they can easily adapt to changing circumstances during game play. The BT2 line of the Russian tech tree illustrates this to a great degree. Russian tanks generally have decent armor, decent mobility, decent guns, moderate view range (compared to other tech trees), moderate camo (compared to other tech trees).


As with all tech tree lines, the need to utilize good crews should always be at the forefront of thinking when planning to pursue a particular tech tree line. Good crews make a difference in my opinion and as such you should always play a particular tank until it is 100% trained and advanced "perks" on the crew to some degree. My personal opinion is by Tier 5 your crew should be at 2 plus full perks, Tier 8 should be 3 plus full perks (waiting to advance the line while building perks does reap side benefits such as building "free XP" for future module research etc). For Russian tanks "perks" matter in terms of camo/view range. The BT2 line is forgiving in this regard....you can generally utilize the same crew throughout the line. The need to add/delete less trained crew not overly prevalent.


When pursuing the BT2 Russian tech tree line you need to be comfortable in understanding that your gameplay style is always going to be of the Scout/flanking(flex) variety. You wont be a brawler, or have a fun "derp" gun to wreck enemy combatants. What you will have is a tank that can take some damage, maneuver well (to flank/withdraw/flex to other vital fights), and have a decent gun that deals adequate damage without the need for Premium ammo generally.


BT2: Tier 2- good tank at this tier, can fight at tier 4 (always consider MM), good tank to start to learn game mechanics and maneuver tactics.

BT7: Tier 3- adequate tank at this tier, other tech lines have started to catch up in terms of mobility/firepower etc, BT7 is where you really start to learn game mechanics/use of terrain/flanking and Flex manuvers.

A20: Tier 4- adequate tank at this tier, use of sloped armor comes into play with this tank, this tank see's higher tier fights often so assuming more of a Scout role becomes the order of the day.

T34: Tier 5- One of the most underrated tanks at tier5 in my opinion, decent sloped armor, adequate gun....to be successful with this tank you really need to focus on your playstyle.....flex/support tank staying alive to clean up as attrition takes its toll in the battle is the order of the day. The T34 also provides the opportunity to branch into other directions if scout/support medium playstyle does not suit you. This tank will get a little frustrating as you are uncompetitive at t7 (which you will see). Hang in there and grind it out.

MT25: Tier 6- A true speedy scout, decent gun (for a scout).....this is a very fun little package....this is the tank where you really start to learn how to scout both active and passively.

Lttb: Tier7- True all round scout. Great gun, fast.....for t7 its one of the better scouts in game(in my opinion). This is the tank where you put use of terrain etc into practice.

T54 Ltwt- Tier 8 - True all round scout. Many clans use this tank as their preferred scout tank at T8 for good reason. Rounded turret very "bouncy" deflecting long range shots. Gun depression is an issue with this scout (cant poke over a hill/shoot/withdraw) as others at this tier. But the lightweight can slug it out when required, good maneuver, decent camo.

T54: Tier 9 - Great tier 9 medium tank, easily fights at tier 10, this is where this tech line really starts to shine.

Obj 140: Tier 10 - Great tier 10 medium (the sister tank t62A is also good) but I have only played the Obj 140 so keeping it real. Clans generally use the Obj 140 as their go to medium at T10. This is a great all round tank that is very fun to play.

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