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What is your Destination Tank?

Destination tank Feedback

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Metaattack #181 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 06:21

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Somewhat surprisingly, my Destination Tank is going to be the Type 5 Chi-Ri

She's a real beaut, ain't she. Just look at those smooth curves, that sleek modeling.... Oh. Never mind. 

A Brief Intro (Why the chi-ri, whyyyy)


I'll start out with the pros and cons of the tank. 

Cons and Pro's 

In the esteemed words of quicky - enough theory crafting

How to play 


Getting there and getting upgraded.


Things to put on - crew and equipment and whatnot

I've done some other guides before, we'll see what people think of this one, either way I hope this was informative and (although this might be too much to ask, even entertaining). :B

IndygoEEI #182 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 18:55


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Here's my guide to the G1R...  Post will be updated shortly with a link to the thread if you want

to comment on it.






Notes:  Edited for Grammer and Spelling Mistakes.


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North_Dokota #183 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 22:04


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The Tiger P (and the Tiger 1)

My favorite tank so far is the Tiger P cause of its high survivability and because of the easy research potential to get the Tiger 1 and many other lanes in the German tree. I have both sister tanks and you should try them both out.

Info on the Tigers

The Tiger P tank has amazing frontal armor and at 200 it is far more tough then it’s more common sister the Tiger 1 making it a great wall of defense against equal and lower tier battles. Unfortunately, the Porsche is slow, peaking to only 35 km/h compared to the Henschel brand tank at 40 km/h. Even though, players will find the Tiger P to be very sturdy, even with the fact that it has 50 HP less than the Tiger 1. Throughout my battles, I have found the Tiger P blocks more shots than the Tiger 1, giving me the feeling of having far more health and armor. I have faced off against TDs and Heavies who murder my Tiger 1. It’s even taken shots from Arties that penetrate the Tiger 1 far more often while doing little to my Tiger P. Using the 45-degree trick with the Porsche shows off your long legs but increase your defense to legendary level (not really, but you do block a lot of stuff). Historically the Tiger P only had a few finished models even though it’s design came prior to the Tiger 1’s design. The few that were finished became command tanks in tank platoons. The many chassis that were finished were converted into TDs and Artillery platforms. The Tiger P might seem slow and the act of traveling up that tier tree might even seem obvious, but you might find yourself a new Main with the Tiger P. I can’t talk about the Porsche without speaking about her more common and successful sister the Tiger 1. This tank is super iconic since throughout its career it developed a terrifying reputation. In WoT it’s just as powerful welding a fierce combination of armor, speed, and weaponry. For many the Tiger 1 is the first tank players seek out without prior knowledge of the game. Playing the Tiger 1 is a safe way to play as it sits in the “okay” play range. This means new players, historians and less skilled players can use the tank effectively. Experienced players can also master this tank faster than other tanks in the same tier. I don’t want to get too focused on this tank but if you get the Tiger P get the Tiger 1 if you haven’t already.

How to Play with the Tiger P


The Tiger P is a heavy tank which are tanks designed to constantly move forward and defend other tanks. So as you play the Porsche you should be ahead of your Medium and lower tier allies, blocking damage and wrecking foes. But you don’t want to be alone on the battle field. Stick with a group or ask others to follow you. You’ll find that everyone will be glad to have you around when the enemy pushes forward.  Using the 45-degree movement, positioning your hull were the frontal is at a 45-degree angle, you increase your defensive abilities. This allows for fellow players to use you as a shield, taking shots from behind. The Tiger P is slow which means preforming Peek-A-Boo method will only harm your aiming. Find a spot that provides you cover over your sides and positions your hull at the right angle for maximum deflection. Use your position to defend other allies and their advance. If there isn’t much to shoot at, move forward. Heavy tanks are slow and should be on the move far more then medium tanks. If you try camping with the Tiger P you won’t catch any fish and you’ll be wasting your allies’ lives. For those more martyr types, the Porsche has a large frame which means when you die you leave one large wall for your allies to use as cover, or block enemy advance through key areas. In higher tier battles the Tiger P preforms poorly, like a very slow medium. It’s better to let your allies rush forward and take up positions and support them with long shoots.

Commanders, here is your command tank

If you normally command others or have a group of friends and you are stuck giving them commands this tank truly plays well with your role. As it is slow you can linger behind in cruise control, commanding your team towards victory. With 710 m of signal range, you’ll stay connected with all your needing lemmings. It’s defensive abilities and high amount of survivability also allows you to take hits while still commanding or defending your teammates who are far too frail to survive a hit. A Tiger P paired up with a few arties allows for a strong spotter to call shots from a long way away. Also remember that historically platoon commanders used the Tiger P as command tanks over the more common Tiger 1 that were commonly part of the same platoon.

Getting the Tiger P (and Tiger 1)

I’ve talked about the Tiger P and her sister, but how do you get there? It’s not easy. You’ve got two options the Panzer IV lane or the 38(t) lane. The 38(t) is a light tank and at tier IV has a nice gun mountable that makes it somewhat enjoyable. The Panzer IV is well rounded as a medium easy to master type of tank. I went down the 38(t) lane and drudged through it, the light armor was unforgivable. Either lane you choose you end up with the Panzer IV Ausf H. This is a fun tank, well rounded, great penetration, and good handling makes this part enjoyable. This is the branching tank into either the Tiger P lane or Tiger 1 lane. You should 100% go down the Tiger P lane! You still get access to the Tiger 1 AND you get access to the Ferdinand lane and other options.

Why even?

The Porsche Tiger P is a great tank that allows you as a player to have access to so many German tank options. It plays well and sometimes better than her sister tank the Tiger 1. As a player, you will find defense and firepower to be the strength of this tank. For newer players, this tank is forgivable and can be easily mastered by anyone. It has high survivability thanks to its 200 points of armor. It’s a great command tank with support from historical accounts. It’s easy to use for newer players and gives a large forgiving range from hit to death. It also opens 4 lanes in the German tree. AND a quick jump to the Tiger 1!

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ray_lovejoy #184 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 12:13


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I would like to get the leFH18B2



is it worth it


I believe it would be a nice tank to add to my collection

BlackRabbit223 #185 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 12:53


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The AT-7 is a tank that is often underestimated by players. This is a guide on how to give them a nasty surprise when they make the mistake of going head to head with this monster in disguise. 



  • its Armour is hard to pen
  • Great dpm
  • Great Pen
  • Fast reload makes it easy to track people who charge you
  • Auto-loading stock gun is hilarious
  • All of its guns are good making it a pleasure to grind
  • It's slow so you can't doing anything stupid
  • The gun is mounted to the right of the tank (great for peaking)



  • Did I mention that it's slow? ++++
  • Turn speed
  • Gun is mounted to the right of the tank (Makes peaking the the left a no go)
  • I guess its view range is sub par
  • depression is bad
  • elevation is bad




Gun Rammer to improve that already sweet reload even more.

Ventilation is optional but can help to slightly improve loading time and turn speed. 

Camo Net can help you to stay hidden when your versing those nasty mean Tier 9 tanks

Binos can help you spot targets before they spot you and makes up for the crap view range.

Toolbox to help you stay mobile when they shoot your tracks (cos they will)


Crew Training

Crew training can be more useful on some tanks than others, AT-7 relies on every possible improvement it can get when it comes to mobility. Perks like off road driving and clutch braking are important if you want to get the jump on unsuspecting flankers. You also don't want to be tracked for long EVER, so I would pick repairs for every crew member except the driver. Some people like to have sixth sense to know when they are spotted but it's rare that its of any great use. Basically spam repairs on all crew members except the driver which you should have off road driving or clutch breaking. After the first skills what you pick isn't really important.


How to Play the Beast

AT-7 trades mobility for a great gun and a truckload (tankload) of armour, because of this your going to have a hard time keeping up with basically EVERY other tank on your team unless its another AT-7 or an AT-8. You will arrive to the battle last and sometimes the battle will move faster than you but when it doesn't the AT-7 is great at mopping up the enemies that remain. This also means medium tanks will flank you which can be hard to deal with in open areas. When a medium tank begins to do a flanking charge you should immediately aim for their tracks (which is easy to do with the good gun handling and accuracy), often it is possible to get two shots off before they are upon you. Once the medium is tracked it is easy to keep them tracked and get an easy kill as your gun chews them up. You should follow the heavies most of the time, even if it leads you into a town or city but sometimes the heavies hare too heavily armored and the medium road can be better. This tank destroyer's side mounted gun can be used to peak around corners and only expose the gun while hiding the weaker parts of the tank like the cupola but it only works when peaking to the right and can be problematic when the enemy is hiding around a corner to your left. When fighting tier 9 tanks it is best to remain at the back of the field (sometimes this happens anyway) as they often can pen you easily and some of them have guns that will take most of your health in a single shot. It is also wise to avoid scenarios that require you to aim down and same goes for up, so no cresting hills if it can be avoided or driving along the bottom of valleys and creeks because there is nothing worse than not being able to fire back.

The AT-7 can be played 2 ways, as a long range dpm tank destroyer armored as hell or as a slow moving heavy tank with dpm to spare. The tank's ability to fire accurately while moving at full speed can be alarming to some enemies and quite intimidating. 

It is effective against mediums even when they get close and has the gun/armour to stand up to heavies as well making it quite effective in nearly every battle scenario, just make sure you watch the map and make changes to your plans LONG before you need to be there.


The Fun Part

The best part about this tank destroyer is that it isn't a grind to get to it either, ALL of the preceding tanks are pleasant to play and have similar play styles that allow you to get up to speed with the AT-7 when you get there. The next best part about this tank is that the ones after it are also all monsters too, so when you finally decide to move on things get even better.


In Conclusion

The AT-7 is a tank that most players disregard when on the battlefield and it can be to their peril when the AT-7's player knows their strengths and weaknesses. I hope this guide helps someone to play the Monster that is the AT-7. 







CNF65 #186 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 16:21


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Best Destination tank for me is defiantly the KV2 armed with the 152mm M10 howitzer firing primairly HE. To get to the KV2,go from the MS-1, to the T-26, to the T46, to the T28, through the KV1, then arrive at the KV2. Going to the KV2 has an added bonus in my opinion. You can Go up the IS4 line with less hassle at tier 6. Instead of going from the KV1 to the T150, and having a bad tank until you get the 107, which is a good gun on the T150. Instead of grinding out this gun on the T150, you buy the KV2, and get the 152, and you unlock the 107, which is the same 107 as on the T-150. Only use the 152 on the KV2 (don't use the 107, that's the T-150 gun, using it on the KV2 takes away what makes it special, the pure HE durp of 152mm of joy.) So, you unlock the 107 on the KV2, unlock the T150 through the KV2, buy the T150, and then, all you have to do is get the turret and suspension, and instead of then grinding for the top gun, you already have it unlocked from the KV2, so it makes the T150 a decent tank sooner, and you don't have to grind a load of XP in a bad tank.


Play style in the KV2 should be as follows: Let me get this out of the way first. If you have 1 or even 2 people who you can work well in a platoon with, and you create a platoon of 3 KV2s, the KV2 can be a force that even tier 8 HTs will tremble before, because 3 KV2s firing HE in volley fires will throw somewhere in the region of 900 DMG. Now, with that out of the way, I will explain how to play it not in a platoon. Do not rely on your armor, even in tier 6 games, it will fail you sometimes. The secret to the KV2 is simple. Dont let more than 1 enemy shoot at you at a time, if you can at all avoid it. And make sure all your trades are 1 for 1 trades or better.(they shoot you once and you shoot them once) Try to shoot low armor tanks if you can, and instead of your shell doing 300 dmg, you can pen and one shot. I have 1 shot scorpion tier 8 TDs before by hitting them, rolling 1124, and killing them with 1 fire tick. Now, I have to mention the downsides to. The gun is slow to aim, inaccurate, and unreliable. Snipe with the gun only if there is no alternative. It has 0.6 accuracy. There are ARTILLERY That are more accurate and the KV2 takes forever to reload. But, as with any gun this big and durpy, it has moments when it makes shots that a grille 15 couldn't make, just don't rely on it to happen. Good equipment on the tank is Vents, rammer, and GLD. anything to make that reload and aiming better. With 100% crew, vents and rammer, your reload is 20.21 seconds. For your first crew skill, stack BIA. Your reload will now be 19.81. For second skill, 6th sense on commander, view range skill on radio operator, intuition on 1 loader, wet ammo on the other, smooth ride on driver, snap shot on gunner. For 3rd skill, get view range skill on commander, stack repairs on everyone else. If you've played it enough for 3 full skills, I would hope you know enough about the tank to decide what else you need on your own. If you want to club the poor tier 6 tanks even more, you can fit enhanced rations, the soviet premium consumable(although, frankly, since I know WGs reading, I should say guys, you should switch it to vodka ration) buffs your reload all the way down to 18.99.


And now, I must leave you, but I leave you with the wish...Good luck, and happy durping!

destructor #187 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 17:21


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For start, Good day all people

Well, like experience of seven years playing this great game, Will say the line of tank that I like and which I consider good and the new players will love it

-The line of IS4-

*MS-1: have good DPM for be a Tier I, while his reload time is not long, have a good accuracy at the time of shooting

*T-26: have a good camouflage and spot, the movement is quite fast, DPM is good too and effective accuracy

*T-46: If you like shoot fast I recomend this tier III with the 45mm gun

*T-28: Excellent tier IV with fast shoots too or if you prefer more damage Derp gun with high explosives (its very effective)

*KV-1: What says of this wonder armored tanks, his DPM is very high, Mine reload in 4,36 (its not bad) the damage compensate it. for mor bounces you must angle the tank hiding the bar (which is in the chassis).

*T-150: Wonderfull tank wih 300 DPM and good reload time, is like a kv-1 but more mobility, angled is used too, the turret is excellent for hiding the tank and destroy your enemies

*KV-3: if you like do 390 to 450 damage this is the ideal tank, a litlle slow but armored in his turret and angled

*KV-4: with 180/150/90 chasi and 180/150/140 turret armor, very good to go in First Line, the problem in the chasis bar like the KV-1, T,150, KV-3. Like in the others explanations I said in the previous tanks KV-4 must be angled for hide his chasis bar; the cupola is hard to pen with tiers 7, some tiers 8 can bounced you too. But do not trust, try to hide the cupola.

*ST-1: One of the most greatest tiers IX in the game: with armored turret (250mm) and chasis (140mm), like said in the other tanks, its effective angled to get big bounces, her DPM is a beast and his 440 damage and 258 penetration let the enemies run. I recomend it so much.

*IS:4 Is like a ST-1 but less reload time and more resistance, mobility and spot, is a tank for first line and destroy armored tanks


Some tanks of this great line are terrible, but Tier IX and X will make you want have them for your tank collection

I hope that has served you, see you on the batllefield :izmena:









egikov #188 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 19:30

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Destination: SU-100

 In World of Tanks Tank Destroyers (TDs) have less health points than medium tanks, but better guns than mediums or even heavies.
 Russian TDs are easy to equip and use. The whole line is very good. SU-100 is usually equipped with camo net, binoculars and a rammer. Camo net and binoculars are very useful and can be moved from TD to TD without problem. The crew is usually trained in camo and commander in sixth sense as first skill. Other skills like repair, off road driving, situational awareness  and safe stowage can come later. When the crew is skilled well in camo I usually remove camo net and put vent on it.

Camo paint also helps.



To play good in a TD, you need to learn maps. Where the best bushes located and where are the good hills from which it's best to snipe the enemy. It's also good to know where heavies usually go. In the beginning of the battle it is best to find a closest bush to snipe enemy scouts and/or enemy that was spotted by your team scouts. At that time your team heavies will move, but it's not hard to catch up to them or find a good position to kill the enemy. Because Russian TDs are usually as fast as medium tanks. 

SU-100 that has good camo and crew can sometimes spot the enemy itself and help the crew to win. But it is best to stay far from the enemy.

SU-100 has ammo rack that located under the gun on the front and if it is hit there by big guns of heavies, su-100 can blow up in one shot. There is also ammo on the left side of crew compartment.

The branch to SU-100
It is a tier 2 td. It has a good gun selection, but very poor view range, and not much armor or speed (30km/h). It's better to research tracks first to make TD more maneuverable.

It's a good tier 3 td, but it's nothing special.


Excellent TD in tier 4. It has a very good gun and very good camo. It also has a good view range. Those advantages are somewhat limited by its disadvantages of bad gun depression and elevation, also no armor and not much hp. I sold it and bought it many many times.


It is supposed to be better than SU-85B, because it's tier 5. But in my opinion it's not. The main problem of it is it's view range, it's the worst view range in its tier. But it has some armor and camo. Good selection of guns: long 85 mm (I prefer that) and short 85 mm, 122 mm howitzer. Good gun depression and elevation. Supporting your team heavies and relying on your team to spot the enemy is the only way to win in this td and be successful.


This td solved the problems of SU-85b and SU-85. It has good gun depression and elevation, good camo and good view range; that also has good gun selection and ok armor. 122 mm gun is very good for tier 6. It is one of the most dangerous tank destroyers (TDs) on tier VI. 

 Su-100 has two gun choices, big 122 mm or faster 100 mm. Many TDs in Russian line have those choices (bigger, but slower gun and smaller, but faster gun), I prefer 122 mm for Su-100 because it can see tier 8 heavies with lots of hp.

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messthebestdielike #189 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 20:56


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Destination: IS-3.

(I cant remember anything in the IS line that was below tier V, so we are skipping to the KV-1.)

KV-1: Good armor, mobility isn't bad, and have a very OP 85mm gun. I wouldn't reccomend the other guns,

as they just feel underpowered for a tank like the KV-1. Try and use angling to your advantage, as the tracks like to eat shots.

For most tier Vs and IVs, its unpennable from the front. But if your more manuverable, get your allies to grab his attention, then flank him.

His sides are weak and he does not turn very fast.


KV-1S: Good tank, with a good gun. It does not have the armor that the KV1 has, but it is more manuverable and still has enough ish armor to bounce a few low-caliber shots. It is considerably more manuverable than the KV1, and has a derp 122mm that is definitely fun.


KV-85: Better armor than the KV1 series, but still not very heavily armored. It has a powerful 122mm D-2-5T gun, that I love.

The gun has good alpha damage for a tier six, good enough armor, and is rather mobile. Use its mobility to get into position and use

the 122mm gun to dish out damage and dispatch the enemies to the garage.


IS (IS-1): A good tank, with a good gun, pretty good armor, but mobility needs work. If I can sum this tank up in one word its angling. Angle this tank, and do not let the enemies see your hull, because most tier 8s will completely destroy your exposed hull. Definitely get the good engine and tracks, otherwise you will regret it. The gun is a good gun, with standard russian accuracy, so do not snipe with it unless RNG has been on your side. Try and close the gap with this tank, this tank is a brawler, do not hang back, and keep sharp angles on your hull when its exposed.


IS-3: Oh boy, I love this tank. I hated it when I had it stock, but when its maxed, it is a beast. The 122mm BL-9 has 390 alpha, and often high rolls up to 400 - 420, and good pen. Do not just point this tank at the enemy, you will regret it. Try and go hull down, because the angles on the turret are extreme, and are hard to pen. You will almost always bounce off the turret, and you need to carefully aim at the hull if you expect to pen it. Try and angle this tank when you can, because the tracks love eating anything you throw at it. The BL-9 is accurate at medium ranges, but do not snipe with it, you will just waste a shell. The HE is good for one-shotting arties and lights. The tank is almost impervious to LT fire. This tank is a beast, and is a brawler. It has good mobility, but most TDs will snipe you if your not careful. You need to get to cover and close the gap, because when your close, you will destroy enemy tanks. This tank is my favorite tank in the game so far, and i'm working on my 2nd MOE. (Mark Of Excellence.)


This marks the end of my post, and I hoped you enjoy and I might've helped you find a new tank to play. Good luck have fun tankers! May the hand of stalin guide your shell into the enemies ammorack! 

granaderosalvage #190 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 23:12


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el tanke que quisiera obtener es el su100Y y el e100 porque son tankes que rompen la barrera de su nivel y mi tip es que pongan la mira dinamica para los tankes ligeros ya que les da mayor precicion y activen el 16*25 para cazatankes

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Robson_671 #191 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 23:54


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Cromwell - Nível VI

Detalhes do tanque

Poder de fogo: 242

Sobrevivência: 64

Mobilidade: 717

Camuflagem: 372

Detecção: 572


Sobre o Cromwell

O Cromwell é um tanque britânico médio de excelente velocidade atingindo 64 km / h, fechamento da mira em 2,25 s, recarregamento em 3,81 s  e boa sobrevivência. Possui rápida rotação da torre o que permite melhor performance  em confrontos próximos.

Com sua Velocidade e manobrabilidade alta o Cromwell se destaca no campo de batalha podendo realizar funções de tanques leves e ainda mostrar um papel de destaque contra tanques pesados ​​devido sua blindagem de tanque médio.


Como conseguir o Cromwell?

Seu caminho na arvore tecnológica não é difícil de trilhar, portanto, é razoavelmente fácil de obtê-lo, alem de possuir preço de pequisa satisfatório. Sua linha começa com o Vickers Medium MK. I e então seguindo para a parte superior da linhagem dos tanques britânicos iremos encontrar o fabuloso Cromwell. 

Uma boa dica para consegui-lo é ativando reservas, assim poderá alcançá-lo mais rápido.


Dicas de Batalha utilizando  o Cromwell

Por ser um tanque rápido o Cromwell pode exercer funções de tanques leves, como localizar inimigos, e ainda aproveitando sua velocidade e sobrevivência confrontar com tanques pesados . Sua blindagem intermediaria aliada a sua velocidade fazem do Cromwell uma verdadeira máquina de guerra, seu dúvidas é um tanque que da conta do serviço. 




NarColombiano16 #192 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 00:08


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Destination: IS-3
Why?: This tank has agility (although it is heavy), strong armor and has a pretty good barrel that could damage tanks of a higher level.

In addition, the IS-3 technology branch is highly recommended for any player, since in it we can find tanks that normally have a very good performance in battle (although remember that counts mainly as it uses it).

How to equip it?
For me it is necessary to equip it with:

Barrel loading bar: The addition of this equipment to the tank greatly improves the firing speed, which increases the possibility of causing damage in a battle.

Improved ventilation: In the IS-3 tank it is very important to add ventilation, because with it the tank will gain more agility in combat and would make a tank very manageable, which would help to improve the performance in the battle.

Improved target: This tank has a good cannon (as I said before) and if you add this, the tank improves its accuracy against a target, since the reticule will take less time to close and have a better shooting success.

How to advance on the line?
For this road to the IS-3 does not become eternal, it is necessary to have a good performance in each battle to gain more credits and experience, if you ask me how to act in a fight that I will explain later. It is also necessary to activate Personal Reserves of experience for both the tank and the crew. If you want to reinforce all of the above, it would be important to acquire a premium account that will help you have more experience per battle. Finally, it is very important that you have patience and try to do everything with caution and without problems.

How to act well in battle?
With heavy tanks, battles will be easier on smaller maps and cities, as you can take short-range combat advantage because you will wear your armor and keep in mind that you need to tilt it to find a greater chance of rebound. If you are against one or two players it is important that you wait for the best opportunity (when the target is being charged or when it is occupied in another battle). If you think you can block a projectile, make the effort to tilt the chassis of your tank and not show much of the front of the chassis because some tanks could penetrate that part. Always have the front tower against the white and do not show much of the flat or sloped parts of your tank. When attacking a tank armor always try to give the most vulnerable parts, for example, the bottom of a front chassis, parts without tilt or vinoculares of the turret. In a fight is also essential patience, I explain: Heavy tanks are best when they go in group with others of the same or different type, remember not to go alone to attack because they shoot you from all sides, the point is that your function is Defender And attack.

Thank you for reading...

awesomedude1223 #193 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 02:07


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I'll be doing my review down the Soviet scout tank line, stopping at the (in)famous LTTB, as it's the farthest I've gotten so far.

I really do love the LTTB. It's a different take on what a classic light tank is, as not only does it have great mobility, its armed with a nasty 85mm armament.

The LTTB is the Soviet tier 7 light tank, preceded by the MT-25 and precedes the T-54 Lightweight.

It has 4 crew members: a commander, a gunner, a loader (which also operates as the radio operator) and the driver.


Starting off with it's mobility, it has a 68km/h top speed and 20km/h reverse speed, which is the second best off all the tier 7 scouts, just shy off the M41 Walker Bulldog. It has hands-down THE BEST specific power, at 30.86,(no surprise considering it's 700HP engine) but the worst ground resistances, which gives this tank around the best traverse on all terrains, tied with the T71. All things considered, this scout definitely has the speed and agility to get to vital positions early, or do some very decent active scouting. Even when at it's top speed, it can still take corners very well, and I find that with a knocked out engine, given it's high power/weight ratio, it can still reach it's top speed. So, if your playing the LTTB, use this to your advantage, and if you're playing AGAINST it, DO NOT underestimate this tank's mobility.


Unlike the majority of the scouts, this tank has a (nasty) bite. With it's 85MM gun, it has the highest DPM off ALL the tier 7 scouts, at 2,117, without any equipment or crew skills and perks. It fires 11.76 rounds per minute, which gives it a 5.1 second reload time.Even though it has the second lowest penetration of all the tier 7 scouts, 170mm combined with the best accuracy and second best aim time means that the LTTB, when needed, can do some support sniping as well! It has the third best gun handling overall, but you shouldn't be needing to fire on the move that much anyways. Specific mention should be made to the LTTB's ammo capacity and gun depression: with 42 rounds, be careful about too many risky or blind shots, as it's a very real possibility of you running out of ammo. It's ammo rack is also damaged very easily, so try not to get shot in the back of the turret of you can help it. Also, with 3.5 degrees of gun depression, it SEVERELY hinders your flexibility on ridges and bumps in the terrain. Those are things to keep in the back of our mind when your playing, but like I said, the fantastic 85mm D-10-85 sure makes up for it.


Now, we get onto the part which separates this tank from the rest: the armor. Since it's a tier 7 scout, it can still meet tier 10 vehicles (as of 1.9.17), and it's 950HP (the best of all the tier 7 scouts!) will only go so far. However, not only doesit have the highest HP, but also the best armor. At 90mm of armor at the front of the turret and hull, 45mm and 75mm at the sides of the hull and turret respectively, and 40mm and 52mm at the back of the hull and turret respectively, this tank will no longer get eaten alive by HE rounds or just overmatched, and with skillful (or lucky) angling, the tracks can eat some HEAT rounds and bounce a couple AP rounds, even from tier 10 vehicles! While, in a scout, you should NEVER rely on your armor, every once in a while, it's definitely gratifying to bounce a couple 128mm shells every once in a while.

Scouting Capabilities 

The LTTB's scouting capabilities aren't lackluster, but aren't outstanding either. 390m view range is decent, but there are scouts who have better, and it's radio range is the worst of all tier 7 scouts. However, like I said before, it's mobility does make up for it, and with crew skills and perks, consumables and equipment, the LTTB will be a hybrid between an amazing damage-dealer and fantastic scout. 

Module Unlock Order

The stock grind on this isn't the worst, and patience is key in this vehicle. First, unlock the suspension, which allows you to carry all the modules. Then, a MUST  is the 85mm D-10-85 top gun. Finally, get the engine, and there is no extra turret, so the last thing there is to do is to unlock the top tier 10 radio. There we go! That's enough analysis, and your LTTB has all the top modules!

Equipment/Consumables/Skills and Perks

All things considered, i play this tank as a flanker/damage-dealer, and in my opinion, the LTTB is only light tank by name. It can carry out roles usually better quipped for medium tanks, but the LTTB can do those roles competently, if not better! Therefore, for consumables, I run the classic fire extinguisher, med kit, and repair kit, but if you have the firefighting skill and the Jack of All trades perk on your commander, you can afford to replace them with a premium consumable (extra combat rations). Crew skills wise, camo on everybody, albeit repairs or firefighting are also OK, however since it's a light tank, you want to use the most out of the fact that it has the same camo while moving and stationary. BIA is a real competitor to camo, and you could have both if you want, but I would use a more specified group of skills/perks: Sixth Sense on the Commander, Controlled Impact on the Driver, as the LTTB weighs a hefty 22 thousand tons, which makes it a great rammer. Situational Awareness on the Loader, and Designated Target on the Gunner. Equipment wise, it depends on your playstyle (more on that later). You could go for a full scout load-out: Coated Optics, Camouflage Net, and Binoculars, but if you want a mix, I would go for Binoculars, Camouflage Net and either Vents, Gun Laying Drive or Vertical Stabilizer. If you want to go full damage-dealer, then go for Vents, Gun  Laying Drive and Vertical Stabilizer.


Whether you want to go scout or flanker/damage-dealer, staying alive is the most important thing. It allows you to later on be an assassin, using your mobility to do hit and run or isolate and circle slower targets, all while using your top-notch DPM and pumping 85mm shell afer shell into them.


Early game, I would rush to a bush, (prokhorovka) or maybe a hill (mines, cliff), or a great sniping spot (the lane on Himmelsdorf that lets you get shots on the hill). DO NOT take unnecessary risks, confront anybody head-on, especially if they're a higher tier than you or have an obvious advantage, and just spot and conserve your hitpoints. DO NOT be afraid to retreat, and be careful where you are driving, to not flip yourself over (something I've done WAY too many times...).


Mid-Game, start exploiting mistakes our enemy have made (ie. leaving a flank open, isolated opponents) and take out the enemy's scouts (if there are any left.) You can afford to take a shot or two, but still don't take any risks that will almost certainly get you killed. Aanlyse the team composition (ie. who's spotted, not spotted yet) and if you can, make a run for the enemy artillery, a play that could turn the tide and play a crucial role in your victory.


Late-game, this is where you DOMINATE. You have the mobility, the camo and firepower to contest and eliminate anybody that's left, as they are most likely wounded. You can afford to take risks now, and the enemy will almost certainly be separated, to the point where you can pick them off at your leisure, one by one. If anything, capping is also an viable option, just make sure to stay hidden, and have an escape route, just in case you get ambushed.

Overall Opinion

I think I've made myself pretty clear on my thoughts toward this tank: it's a flexible, fast, sneaky tank with a nasty bite, that can carry out most roles pretty well and competently, if not amazingly. It can scout if needed (if you're the only light tank on the team), flank, snipe, harass, support, counter-scout, kill artillery, and lock down areas of the map with it's camouflage and view range. I'm in no circumstances an AMAZING player, as my win rate is sub-50%, and im relatively in experienced, as I have fewer than 3,000 games, so it means a lot when I say I can consistently get games with at least 1,000 combined damage, and very rarely do I have games where I have no damage blocked, done, or assisted. My winrate in this particular tank is (as of writing it) 51%, so I really do like this tank.

Leading Up to the LTTB

Starting off at tier 4 (soon to be tier 5, with the 9.18 changes!), we have the T-50. It does pale in comparison to the Luchs, the German tier 4 scout, however some aspects it does shine: It's camouflage values is just a bit better, specific power does outshine the Luchs, and its non-auto loader cannon has a great rate of fire, albeit with rather poor alpha damage and penetration.


The mobility is about the same as the Luchs, with a worse top speed at 52km/h but better acceleration, and it's traverse, for both the turret and hull are clearly better. It's armor isn't much to brag about, being only a few millimeters thicker, and like any good scout, should never rely on your armor, but with some skillful angling, you can definitely bounce a couple shots. Your best bet, however, is to stay hidden, use your camouflage, and generally avoid hilly terrain, as the T-50 sports the trademark poor Soviet gun depression, albeit there is worse gun depression, at a meager -7° of gun depression, which does make ridges and bumps in the terrain awkward. You do NOT wanna get hit, in particular by tier 7 guns, as they will most likely over-match your thin 37mm of armor at the thickest, and compared to higher tier guns, your 350HP will only last so long.


Overall, definitely play this tank to it's strengths: speed, camo, and it's auto-loader like rate of fire. CONSERVE your hitpoints, not taking unnecessary risks, and knowing when to retreat and advance (situational awareness) will help you achieve success in this tank. You can take more risks late-game, when you are basically an assassin, but 75mm with AP and 110mm of penetration with APCR can only go so far, and will sometimes even have trouble dealing with the sides and rear of tier 6 and 7 tanks, so I opt to go for a full scout loadout: Camouflage net, Coated Optics and Binoculars as my equipment and Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, Camouflage, Situational Awareness and Repair on my crew. I would usually passive scout in the beginning, while mid-game I would generally active scout or support my allies with harassing and flanking some of the higher tier opponents, and late-game, if needed, I'll isolate my opponents and/or hunt arty and cap.


Skipping over to tier 6, as the tier 5 T-34 isn't a scout, we have the MT-25. It's hard to follow a spectacular a tank as the T-50, but you'll be surprised! This tank is basically a faster, slightly better armored version of the T-50. It has a 57mm "pop-gun", that's rapid firing, has decent penetration for a tier 6 scout (112mm), but has amazing accuracy, at 0.34 and 2.1 seconds aiming time, this tank can definitely do some sniping. The only downside is it's rather lackluster alpha damage, at 85HP, but it still has a surprising DPM of 2,125. Mobility-wise, it's the fastest and best scout of the Soviet light tank line, at 72km/h top speed forward, and 23km/h backwards. It has an impressive 27.22 specific power, and amazing traverse speeds and ground resistances, so combined with it's 25 tons, it can do some SERIOUS damage with a ram. However, it foreshadows a bit of what to come: the armor on the LTTB! 45mm all around the turret and at the front of the hull isn't a lot, but can definitely bounce a couple surprising shells. Since the MT-25 is still kind of lacking in the firepower department, I still opt for a full scout load-out. Camouflage, Sixth Sense, Sitational Awareness, BIA, Binoculars, Coated Optics, and Camouflage Net, as this tank has the speed to rush to pasive scouting locations or be an active scout. It does only have 370m view range, which explains the Binoculars and Coated Optics. It's playstyle is very similar to the T-50, but with it's great traverse speed and agility, it can flank around slower opponents and obliterate them with its rapid-firing gun. However, since it can meet tier 9 vehicles, conserve your 570HP as much as possible.


There we go! I put a lot of work into this, and I hope you will enjoy this tank review as much as I had fun making it! Good luck to everyone else making there own tank review, and to everyone else reading them: I hope you enjoyed! The LTTB and he Soviet scout line really bring a lot ot the part, and are overall just great tanks! I hope you enjoyed, learned something new, or just had fun! See you on the battle field! :)

QuackGoesThePiggy11 #194 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 02:17


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My destination tank is the T110E3


If you are looking for a top tier tank destroyer the T110E3 is the one you should use. The T110E3 is the tier 10 non turreted tank destroyer coming from the T25 AT (tier 7) the T28 (tier 8) and the T95 (tier 9) which are the other 3 high tier non turreted tank destroyers within the line.


First let me tell you the pros and cons about the T110E3.



  • Has the tied most frontal armor in the game (305 mm) with the T95 which leads to this tank
  • Its cupula is not a weak point as many shot it trying to pen it
  • Has a 14 second reload with 750 alpha damage if you have a good crew
  • 8 degrees of gun depression
  • Got 295 pen with standard ammo



  • Has no turret and being able to look 8 degrees both left and right
  • Has horrible side armor (76 mm) and rear armor (38 mm)
  • Only has around 27-28 traverse speed with a good crew
  • Only goes 24 forward and 8 backwards
  • Fairly average height to make it a easy target from a far


At first look you might ask how on earth is this the best tank destroyer for tier 10 and I don't blame you for why you think so but in order to play with tank destroyer correctly is to in fact play if as a heavy. Without playing this tank as a heavy you are giving up your great frontal armor for no use at all and making this one of the worst tank destroyers in the game if you don't use one of the strengths that the T110E3 has then why would you get this tank. So, if you want a tank destroyer that can play as a heavy and also a tank destroyer when it needs to then this is the tank for you.


If you are still here reading this then you want to understand why I like this has a heavy so much but it is right in front of you way because it gets rid of all of the cons I just explained. First off the speed doesn't matter because the heavies in tier 10 are slow or fast so the T110E3 fits in with the German heavies and the Type 5 Heavy. Next is the traverse speed which is way better than heavies traverse making it kind of a good thing for close up fights. Next is a turret doesn't matter much when you are in a face to face fight. After that is your sides and rear are not a factor in a face to face fight making only the T110E3 weak when its lower plate is easy to hit but only short tanks can easily pen the lower plate while taller tanks need some distance in order to aim down on it.


So, overall the T110E3 is not a bad tank destroyer but is a excellent face to face brawling heavy/ tank destroyer making it a really fun and relaxing tank for bouncing shot after shot while also doing the damage every 14 seconds with 750 damage and making it one of if not the only tanks I enjoy playing as of being tier 8,9 or 10. That is the T110E3 is my destination tank.


PS: I know I suck at writing since after all English is my one class I struggle with and that I would do anything for a cool looking, beast of a tier 8 french heavy tank or even the other prizes.


PSS: I like have two PS messages :P  



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I made my guide of my favorite tank the panther, I created in a site of mine so that you can enjoy Theblackpanther-com.webnode.com, just play in the google chrome browser bar that you can view.

eu fiz num site meu guia do tanque preferido espero que gostem .



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Ola tudo bem?

Eu recomendo o T29 para quem for iniciar a jogar com pesados 8,9,10..

O T29 é uma verdadeira escola de pesados,com ele é possivel aprender varias taticas.

minha recomendaçao é o t 29..

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Ola tudo bem?

Eu recomendo o T29 para quem for iniciar a jogar com pesados 8,9,10..

O T29 é uma verdadeira escola de pesados,com ele é possivel aprender varias taticas.

minha recomendaçao é o t 29..

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Warning, this is a German Bias guide, if you don’t like German tanks, go play French toilet paper, or Russian blind op heavy tanks, but don’t read this. I assure you that you going to hate it and will complain about all the truth written in that guide, but if you like to play a really well engineered and built German tank, go forward and learn how to play one of the best tank destroyer in the game, and this is:






The Hetzer is a tier IV German tank destroyer tha put your big daddy on shame, it has a decent camouflage, a good angled frontal plate and only ONE choice of gun, yes it has a fast fire gun as well, but if u want to be a real JagdZILLA you need to have the 10,5 cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 DERPGUN.


What gun to use:


The 10,5 cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 is the best gun among all tier 4 tank destroyers, and even leaves some artilleries on shame (not the German one, of course), it has the biggest alpha damage and the biggest dpm among all tier IV tank destroyer’s, don’t believe in what the stats say, remember of only one thing, this tank was made in Germany, this mean that this gun shines and will make you proud to have a German tank in your garage.


What ammo type to use:


The Armor Piercing shells are great to ammo hack lower tier opponents, the High Explosive one hit kill almost everything he penetrates at tier IV and takes 50% of the hit points of what he doesn’t penetrate, and if you feel greedy, can use HEAT to Negate the armor of some Russian bias heavy tanks at tier V, but be careful HEAT only penetrates flat surfaces and absolutely nothing of spaced armor, so don’t even think about penetrate a T 34 in the front with that.


How to play:


At tier IV the Hetzer kicks so much butt that sometimes u will have to stop playing and take a breath. Go forward, blow the enemy head off, then retreat to cover, reload and repeat, do it 14 times and you will get a Raseiniai Heroes Medal, only make sure that nobody is coming to flank you, your sides and rear are very weak and a machine gun firing there will feel like a cold shower in winter.  Frontally it has an amazing armor, forged in thyssenkrupp industries with a steel that’s better than all the cooking pot u have at home, you are simple impenetrable by almost every tank that shoots you at this tier (until they press the “2” key and you are screwed). 


But if u is in a high tier match doesn’t ever think about rushing the front line like a DW2 in a rush to die Blitzkrieg tactics on steroids, or you will die faster than you can say “Jagdpanzer achtunddreißig (t)”. you are a support tank, and your armor can’t stop higher tier shells. In this situation, you camp like a pro and snipe the enemy with HE shells, using all of your German accuracy, and sometimes HEAT just for the lols, and you can still make a good damage in this machine.




The Hetzer has no fear, this tank is a real German TD, featuring high alpha, high dpm, high camo and even some armor in the front, mobility is ok, isn’t slow but isn’t fast either, so choice a path wisely and you will have a great time making your enemy’s life a living hell.


Don’t lose more time and buy now the JagdZILLA 30 (t), the real German Tank Destroyer, not the Marder or the Stug, this are just failed attempts to make the Hetzer.


And if you are thinking that I forgot it to suggest a equipment, I don’t, German tanks don’t need that, but if you have money to spent and don’t know how to do it, you can use a hammer and vents to make this tank more overpowered than the Obj 252U.





Obs: Note: Sorry about any mistake I can have committed while writing this guide, English is not my first language, please have that in account while reading this article. I hope you have enjoyed this funny guide, indeed my goal was to make a funny guide and easy to read but at the same time an informative guide for beginners. Don’t take anything i said seriously and good luck on the battle field.

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Destination Tank IS-7


In this guide ill explain how to play use and beat the IS line in world of tanks, this guide will also cover what equipment and how the crew works and everything you need to know about this awesome line of tanks.


Starting Tiers (1-4)



        The starting tiers for any tank line are just about the same, for this line you'll be starting out with the MS-1. This little Russian light tank is a formidable opponent at the first tier. This tank is one of the only tanks at the first tier that does not have an magazine loading gun, but don't underestimate it if you aim at your target and do hit you'll penetrate almost all of the time and even when shooting at tier 2's this tank will penetrate most, so at the first tier your in good hands if you aim and take your time shooting. The MS-1 like all tier 1's does not really have armor to rely on, but she is a small tank so she is hard to spot if shooting at targets from a range, and with the guns 0.46 dispersion you'll hit most of the time by just aiming and putting well placed shots down the range. 




           Now that you've passed tier 1, then you'll start your progress down the line by researching the T-26, in my opinion a great tier 2 tank. Now once you've got this tank in your garage you'll have to do some reaching to make her elite (research all the modules and tanks leading further down the line). Now when researching modules for a tank, you have to be careful of your tanks weight limit because if a tank has a weight limit of 14 tons and weighs 13.5 tons and try to mount a turret that weighs 1 ton heavier than the old turret you wont be able to mount it because of the tanks weight limit has been reached. so to get over this problem you can research the tracks that will give you a greater weight limit to mount all the necessary modules to make your tanks a solid front line vehicle. But for the T-26 you can mount all the modules on the stock tracks, but you might run into this problem down the road, but now back to the T-26. It is a small Russian light tank that has a choice of three guns but were only going to talk about the two that really matter, witch is the 45mm and the 37mm. Now the difference in penetration is not much and neither is the damage so you can chose between higher penetration on the 37mm or a slight damage increase with the 45mm but less penetration. Now for me penetration is more important that damage, if you can do some damage its better than doing no damage, so its the 37mm for me. 




    Now this tank is where things start to get good the T-46 is a tier 3 light tank that has a choice of 6 guns, now the two that matter are the 76mm witch is very high damage with 110 average damage per shot, but only 66mm of penetration witch is okay for shooting at other tier 3's but not when shooting at the heavily armored KV-1 or O-I Experimental. Or you can choose the 45mm VT-42 witch only does half the average damage with 55 per shot but has 75mm of penetration. This allows you to penetrate every their 3 under the sun and most tiers 4's and even some tier 5's. Now this tank like the two before it does not come with a lot of armor so you have to play passively and pick your shots and when to flank much larger tanks and get side shots and rear shots where you can penetrate almost all the time and not get shot at in return. This tank makes a great support tank when its at the bottom of the list if you play it correctly you can really be a important part of any team regardless of tiers in battle.




       This tier 4 tank is a rather large unarmored fast medium, the first and only medium of this line. This tank also has a lot of gun choices, but the only one you should be using on it is the 57mm its rapid fire and high penetration of 112mm allows you to cut through the thickest armor at tier's 4 and 5 and some 6's. but just because you can penetrate a lot of armor does not mean you should just run out there guns blazing, this tank also does not have a lot of armor and will get one shot by some tier 5's and most tier 6's so you have to be careful when in a higher tier match that you do not get put of the the game in one shot. Now this is another tank that excels at getting to the side and rear of tanks so it can put its rapid fire cannon to use and chew the hit points of a vehicle up and force the enemy to either turn their turrets to you or face the wrath of your 57mm. Now for having no armor the tank does move at a good speed and does weight a decent amount it weighs in at around 17 tons so ramming if you have the speed will work on smaller targets. This tank could be a very fun grind for the player to get used to flanking the enemy and using mobility to get around the battlefield.




      Mid Tiers (5-7)


KV-1 and KV-1S


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View Postdance210, on Apr 10 2017 - 11:54, said:

Ever look at the tech tree and wonder which tank to try next? Last month, we told you about some of our top destination tanks for each nation. 

Destination tank?? For what. Grind the line and train crews just so next year it gets nerfed at WG's whim or powercreeped? 

Then last year's mutt is this year's OP (ie: Maus) so every shnook will spend gold and XP chasing the new 'it' tank.


Scroooooooooo youuuu.  I'll just play the same six tanks I already have. I don't even spend the gold I still have nor collect tank rewards I've won.


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