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What is your Destination Tank?

Destination tank Feedback

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gunshooter1996 #21 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 23:50


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The one tank that is a huge recommendation is the Tier Vlll French ​Light, the AMX 13 90. ​ This tank is a guide to the rest of both tier 9 and 10 lines for the French Mediums.


Why this tank in the first place?

       Reasons to choose the Light tanks can be splitting hairs in the end. You experience the play style of a mobile autoloader, hidden spotter, and a game changing gun.


Why an autoloader of all tanks?

       First statement, who doesn't like playing autoloaders? Yes they take a while to load, and can hurt if you are caught on the reload. However, the damage output in the moments of a attack is vital to winning the push.


What if I don't like to be right in the fight?

      Don't worry if you aren't a huge person on fighting, at times, you are better off hiding the small size of the tank in a bush, a bit back from the front lines, spotting the opposing team and letting your allies shred them apart with their TD's that are right behind you. Depending if it is an open map, you help your team more by spotting from a bit of a distance than  running up to the battle and being killed by opposing spotters. If you have the "luck" of being a spotter on a city map like Himmelsdorf, use your speed to zoom by narrow ally ways and spotting who is down them.


Why this light over the Ru251 or the T49 who can one shot any opposing light?

      Yes the Ru and the T49 are both great picks, and both don't run with a autoloader, but if you do go down the line too the AMX 13 90, you will have had experience with normal tanks. Example, the ELC, it has the same play style as the 13 90, but it has a standard gun. More of a reason to pick this tank over all others, is because you can decide if you want to continue to peruse your auto loading career, you can move onto the BC 25-T AP, OR ​you can go back to the play style of a normal gun with the AMX 30.


Both options after the 13 90 are great tanks, but nothing beats being able to play a tank that is more of a benefit to the team. You remain with your Light tank status while being able to fulfil standards of what tier 10 mediums still try to do. In the end, the contribution that you can make towards your team, and the fun, excitement, and thrill you will have of playing an autoloader, NOTHING beats playing a Light tank that can ruin someone's battle!

SilverEaglewing #22 Posted Apr 10 2017 - 23:56

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Destination Tank: The Wz-132


Meet the Wz-132, a fast, mobile, and dirty stat padding tank like no tier 8 “scout tank”. Why is scout tank in quotation marks you ask? Well that’s because this isn’t only a scout. With its great 100mm that boasts consistency in damage, and accuracy, you’re able to pad your stats harder than a “Call of Duty squeaker cheesing shotguns and spawn mechanics”. 

Now before you grind up that long Chinese line, you must prepare your body. Both mentally and physically. Remember to take frequent breaks, as grinding for too long of a period may lead to a deficiency of vitamin D, and lack of social contact. Ensure your posture is straight and not slumped over. As this allows you to have better reaction times. Now that you have ignored all the things you should have done you are ready to proceed to a long and vigorous climb.


The Grind

Tier 1


This is a design heavily influenced by the FT. So basically like Otsu, the NC-31 is a copy of the Ft for tier 1, because Asian countries didn’t any tank suitable for tier 1 and needed other countries designs to start their own trees. The way you play this tank is to spam the battle button like bots spam the buy cheap  gold at blah blah blah ((Remember kids don’t do drugs and always buy gold from the actual shop instead)(These are scams lol) ) You would want to get away from tier 1, since you’re not getting any closer to the Wz-132 if you stay down in the seal clubbers pit.


Tier 2

Vae (Bae) type B

This is the tier 2, however there isn’t much to say about this, besides the point of it being able to mount a version of the pom-pom. This can deal some serious damage, with a whole clip being able to bring a tier 2 down to its knees. Which is basically a British auto loading gun with 4 rounds. These are present in the British Cruiser series. If you prefer being low and too lazy to get a proper stat padding tank, it’s okay to stop here!

Tier 3


Ni hao Chairman Mao, wo men jao dao le yi ge ri ben tan ke!


Hello Chairman Mao, we found a Japanese tank!

*Looks like my Chinese pingying is coming in pretty handy.

This is basically a Japanese Chi-ha. Since during WW2 a few were captured. This boasts a fast 47mm cannon with great penetration. The only drawback to this tank is its lack of mobility and armor. Now you must leave this tank to embark on the Long March in which will bring multiple headaches and deaths a glorious and prosperous stat padding tank and nation.


Tier 4

M5a1 Stuart aka More superior M5 stuart (Long Live Peoples Republic of China!)

Unlike its cousin half removed the M5, (get it, the derp gun got removed…. And stuff… um no.. okay that didn’t make sense) this more superior Chinese ripoff advance technology has a high penetrating 47mm. Which contrasted to the M5 Stuart which has a 37mm bb gun. With a better platform for the 47mm, the M5a1 boasts a decent penetrating gun with the speed of a light tank.


Tier 5


Due to Stronk Soviet influences, the cute little m5a1 looked away from its comrades in the West, but to a bigger more bias ally, the Russians, with one of the most produced tanks of the Second World War, the T 34. This tank supports great armor, and a fast 57mm. Keep in mind, the speed of the gun allows for a Nation of over 1.3 billion people ;).


(Remember these are for 9.17.1, not 9.18 I’m just going off of what I know)


Tier 6


Stat padding has now showed signs, as you have unlocked the 59 16. We all know tier 6 lights are infamous for being great stat padding tanks.  *Cracks open fortune cookie*

Your Fortune:

Patients and timing can make or break.

What does this mean? Well the 59-16 has an autoloader. However it has limited penetration ;-;. However this doesn’t matter to the Chinese Worker Party!  Hard work will bring you success. You flank and counter light tanks. Even with limited pen, you can be able to pen heavy tanks flanks and lightly armored vehicles. However if this isn’t the play style for you, you can equipped the 57mm with good reload (this thing can equip gun rammer even with autoloader!) and you can snipe and support with better effects compared to the 76mm auto.


Tier 7


Slight above average gun for tier 7 scout and Chinese tank! Congrats you’re close to the Wz-132, and I’m running out of memes. This tank can mount an 85mm with very good gun stats and high DPM, or an also accurate 100mm with slightly slower reload. This allows you to do damage even when you have bad mm (For those watching in not 2017 pre 9.18 we had +3mm for scouts!) Play as a passive scout is best, since you have a low health pool and a shot from a large caliber gun can cripple you. Remember to bring a lot of supplies. This thing gets module and crew damage more than the United States debt to China.




You have now made it to the Wz-132. However, this doesn’t mean the fight for the South China Sea is over! You must kemp bush harder than China grabbing onto its artificial islands. However this is all with good intention. My dad said “We Chinese have made the Island so there is more space for the Chinese people. This is all “peaceful”, the space will also be used for farming so there is always stir fried vegetables to feed all the good little Chinese boys and girls.

Top 85mm Stock stats


Top 100mm Stock stats



Use the 100mm stock gun instead of the 85mm. The 85mm might have been acceptable for the Wz-131 but is mediocre with the wz-132. However if you’re an 85mm fanboy, you can equip all the equipment for your gun without the upgraded tracks.  For the 100mm, the most important thing, is to grind out the tracks. This will allow you to mount the turret and then the top 100mm. Which has boosted rate of fire and penetration.


There are two ways you can do this: (keep in mind you can do this with any setup you like not just these 2)

Vents, Vertical Stabilizers, and Gun Rammer (focused on damage output and not that much on scouting)

Setup for 85mm


Setup for 100mm





Optics, Vertical Stabilizer, and Gun Rammer (Focused on spotting and a bit on damage with gun rammer)

Setup for 85mm


Setup for 100mm


Vents improve all crew skills by 5%! This can help with reload and all different kinds of skills.

Vertical Stabilizers helps make the aiming circle 20% smaller. This allows you to shoot better on the move and can be beneficial when making aggressive plays during the game.

Optics improve view range all around (Maybe Binos if you prefer sitting still, however constant high view range is better in most situations)

Gun Rammer helps with reloading fast! This allows you to have higher damage outputs.

With the Optics, Vertical Stabilizers, and Gun Rammer setup it may be helpful to run food with since food can substitute for optics. However the drawback is it being very expensive.

Rammer + Vents + Food +Brothers in arms can lower your reload down to an amazing 5.69 sec

Crew Skills

Try to keep the same crew as you progress up the line. Maybe even use a premium to train your crew! If so try out the Type 64. With a number of tournaments, you can acquire this tier 6 for free! (Gotta win the gold, it will take time depending on how good you are)


For the first skill, train all camouflage. This is a light tank and it needs camo to stay hidden and avoid taking hits.


Second Skill, you should take Brothers in Arms, this will allow your crew to improve in every area.


As the third skill, take Repairs. This will allow you to repair things as it will allow you to repair your tracks when you’re tracked out in the open.

4. and on

With the fourth skill, 6th sense can be essential for a scout. This will let you know when you are spotted. (Remember 3 second delay) Then skills such as snap shot, and off road driving will let you move faster and increase accuracy on the move. Situational awareness and recon can allow you to increase your view range.


Play Style

The Wz-132 needs careful planning since it doesn’t have the most HP or armor. Almost everything at the tier over matches it. The only way you can possibly get a bounce is of the front at extreme angles. Because of the sacrifice of armor, this tank is able to go at 64 km/h and turns on a dime. Not only this, but the 100mm can deal major damage, as the 85mm has better gun handling and more DPM.


Course of a Battle


Usually when beginning a game, it’s important to conserve your health for the end plays. This is because near the end, you have most of your health and you are able to hunt down bigger tanks, which by then shouldn’t have as much HP and are easy picking. This however doesn’t mean you camp in the back “defending arty” but this does mean you can scout. Passive scouting is a great way to help support your team without losing HP. Remember, when passive scouting do not fire, this will cause you to become spotted. You never know where an enemy light tank will be hiding. When spotted, you better run faster than a headless rooster. A tactic that can be useful is by parking your back to the bush, so when spotted you can retreat fast by going forwards. Remember you always go faster forwards than backwards! If you are able too, do some aggressive scouting. This is where you push forward and spot the enemies as they shoot at you. When they shoot, they lower their camo values, which in turn allows for a better chance of you spotting them. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean suiscouting. If now one is covering you its unwise to push forward. Don’t always relay on arty. Arty doesn’t always listen to you when you ask for cover. If you ask and arty gives you confirmation you might have better effect. (Remember, arty usually has only one shell, a BC arty a small clip. Just allowing your team doing 500 damage and dying because arty splashed the enemy doesn’t help a lot. A dead scout is having no eyes for the rest of the game! Also remember less stat padding ;) )


Middle of the Game

If your team pushes up, it can be a great opportunity to support your team. Move up with them since you are fast and able to cause confusion. However do not charge blindly into the battle. Make a calculated risk. Will my actions cause me to die? Will there be enemy TD or heavies camping in the back? How much damage will I take? Ask yourselves these questions. Only time when you push in the middle of the game is to expose a weak spot in the enemies’ formation and this is with support. If you know where are the enemies are at, for example in a lemming train, you might be able to sneak up on them by yourself. (Keep in mind it’s always great to have team support, even though most aren’t the sharpest knife)



This is when you are able to be a little more carefree! If you still have a lot of your HP and all goes according to plan, it’s time for hunting. You single out isolated tanks and disappear into the dark. Only to strike again on an unexpecting sheep. You use your speed to get around and your punchy 100mm to deal constant damage. It will most likely be an easy clean up if your team is somewhat decent, or you carry harder than a mother in Africa with 5 children (Hats off to the mother and to you!)


RoflStomp Survival Guide

Very few times will everything go according to plan. Sometimes the games are too fast. All flanks are failing, what you should do. In this case, if all is lost you can:

  1. Sit in the back and snipe
  2. Find a crack in enemy lines

When everything is done, you might as well try your best to maximize your results. This can be achieved by supporting your teammates by sniping, or by finding a crack in enemy lines. If you sit and snipe, try to create a distance for you to the enemy. Because you are supporting your teammates and help damage tanks that are advancing you can maybe help stem the advance.

You can also find a crack in enemy lines. You can make a rush for enemy artillery and try to engage in small 1 on 1 encounters, if you cannot win the encounters, create distance and allow your view range to help you gain the upper hand.

So all in all, farm damage and stay alive when in a roflstomp situation. It’s almost impossible to make a last stand in the waves of approaching enemy tanks in a light. Better to run and fight another day than to die in vain.




Campfest at Prokhorovka

This map is a light tanks dream, or its worst nightmare. I would recommend passive scouting in bushes, as scouting the middle section is only reliable when there is artillery, and artillery has good RNG and is able to damage the targets you scout. Besides artillery, the only area that can hit the center area are ones on hill. Depending on who goes hill, and if they push will decide the outcome.  

Playing Middle



 You scout the center, allied tanks push up hill or are on the hill. Outcome enemy tanks in middle get destroyed and you are able to farm enemy tanks on hill.


 Your allies do not approach hill, you are getting shot at in the middle while trying to scout for no one but arty. Outcome, most likely what will happen is you die.

Still possible victory?

However If this doesn’t happen. Then you relocate where you can help your team. If no one is at hill, enemy team will probably steam roll down hill and capture the whole side of the map on east. If you scout for your team sitting in a bush, (or if you feel brave, aggressive scouting) you might be able to allow your TDs do some damage to approaching heavy tanks. The only way this works is if the enemy on the west side doesn’t push into you.  


Playing West


Playing east in a scout on Prokhorovka is very tricky. It’s possible you can be spotted when making your way to the magic bush at E1, or you manage to get to the bush in time without getting spotted and farm a boat ton of assist damage.


 You’re able to get to the bush undetected. You rack up assist damage and allow your campers, I mean wonderful teammates to clear up all the enemy campers.


 You get killed as you make your way there because of a scout approaching directly in front, or of an enemy scouting near middle on the west side. If you happen to spot an enemy in that area, they most likely have spotted you as well, so drop straight down from hill onto your area in the center. This will most likely save you from getting shot.

Still possible opportunity?

 Even if you don’t make it to the bush spot, you can still try another time. Maybe later in the game. However keep in mind, enemy scouts can possible also be using a bush and it can counter your second try. So before going for a second try, make sure enemy scouts and mediums are elsewhere!



If you spawn in the second spawn, it’s most likely you won’t be able to get to the e1 bush. However never fear there are also other bushes around on the 1 line! Such as the one on g1 and f1.



Urban Maps

Scouts don’t really do well in urban environments, this is because they are sometimes forced to face enemy heavies head on and the corridors limit movement and tactical movement. Try to go around buildings to get the flanks and sides of heavies. One trick might be going where the enemy is at and appear to be running away. Then right after you become unspotted turn around and flank the enemy. Keep in mind, the enemy can be very unpredictable. Some people will point their guns the other way, and try to wait for you to go by. Which in this case, you will be able to get their backs. While other times, they will follow you and when you try to go back you will get shot. It’s really a game inside a game. When you are able to read your opponents and come out at the top it’s one of the most rewarding feelings. When in these maps, it’s difficult to camp out. Since most tanks can get from wherever they are to cap in only a short amount of time. Camping its only suggested if you’re the last one alive with an artillery who’s location is unknown , or when  it’s too risky to go after them. This is because the arty has to come to you, and this will allow you to get shots on them. In these urban maps, when flanking try to take out the heavies from behind, since this will cause the enemy heavies to panic, as they have to engage your teammates and you at the same time.  This is when you can farm your damage really hard.


Tips for Assault:

Attacking team: Play cautiously and spot for your team. If your team goes in follow and look for cracks in the enemy’s defense.

Defending team: It’s best not to stray to farm from your team. If you are the last alive, run and evade the enemy until the time is up. If you run around faster than Usain Bolt, or kemp hard in a bush, you can easily get a kolobanov's medal.

Final words

Thanks for reading! This was my first guide thing, so definitely a lot of writing errors. (Failed English too)

Thank you all for reading

Still going to have more edits for pictures xD




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donotknow #23 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:01


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View PostStyo, on Apr 10 2017 - 18:28, said:

I'm interested in no tank. The lag has been so bad that my month of premium was useless. My premium expires in a couple of days and I will be uninstalling the game, unless you fix the lag. Not holding my breath though.


the lag is not at all WG's fault, i have had serious lag in the past and it was due to background programs slowing down my computer. Always make sure nothing else is running and if that dont work, then its your internet provider's fault

DoctorWho_440 #24 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:04


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The one I love the most is the AMX 50 B some don't like it because they are just not so good with clips... I personally love the idea of taking one shot to dish out twice if not three times that damage and then fall back where they cant shoot you until you are reloaded do it again and bam! you got a metric crap ton of dmg! That is how I will be playing the BC and 50 B line! after my purchase of the Lorraine I can not stop playing it!

MajorMax #25 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:08

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Why are destination tanks called Russian? 

Taken from here: https://worldoftanks...tination-tanks/


Whoever is responsible for this, please change it to 'Soviet', because this is totally incorrect.

For instance, the T-34 was designed by the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, which is based in Ukraine.


Thank you!


bguy_1 #26 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:09


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I'd say OI in the Japanese Heavy line if you like lots of frontal armor and rear armor also. Though the side armor isn't that great. When going up the line the OI Experimental was the most fun in my opinion. Its decently fast and has a decently good top gun, its armor isn't that bad also. But with the OI's you have to be careful of your side armor as that is the weakest part. When in the OI i would recommend you get the Derp gun and fire AP at low armored targets and HE at heavily armored targets, but load HE just in case. Also when in the OI you should ALWAYS watch your sides, as they are only 75 mm thick and everything in its tier can pen it. In most cases the cromwell is your worst enemy, as its APCR just goes through your armor like butter, I would recommend taking them out before they side hug you.

Eagle_tamer #27 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:28


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My number one Destination Tank was and will always be the IS 4. I love armor layout and in my opinion is more flexible than then the IS 7.  For me the love of WOT is getting up in your opponents face and trading blow for blow in a no holds bared slug out. For me there is no better tank than the IS 4.

Now the real grind begins after the KV 2. The KV 2 deserves to be made a tier 10 but I rest my case. The KV 3 and KV 4 are pretty tough to use until they are fully maxed out. Once you get them maxed out just drive at your enemy head on and weather the storm. Close the distance and make your thick frontal armor actually count for something. Really bully your enemy and push them. Your tank is heavy and really is a beast. The KV 4 is a hidden gem and does still live up to the name of KV 4tress.

The ST 1 is the perfect appetizer for the IS 4. Use that total boss of a turret to laugh at everything even the feared Death Star (FV215b 183). The 8 degrees of gun depression make the ST 1 very flexible and it is a blast to play. Again get in your enemies face and push them back, You are in a Russian tank made of Stalinium so use that armor.

Then once you have had your fun in the ST 1 take what you learned and put the IS 4 to work. Wiggle the hull and make those thick tracks eat shots as you laugh at all the bounces. Enter sniper view and listen to all the dings and just wonder "whats that banging noise". The IS 4 is my favorite Russian tank and easily a top contender for my favorite tank in WOT

AbramsWannabe #28 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:29


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Different nationality lines deliver different challenges but there are always some tank models that seem to regularly plague you on the battlefield. This makes them very enticing to own. For me, this has been the USA T110E4 tank destroyer and the French B-C 25T. When played well, they are incredibly destructive vehicles and are often game changers.


Although I own the T110E4, and thoroughly enjoy playing it, I am still seeking the experience to deliver consistently good scores. That comes with lots of games played, study, and some humility, because at Tier 10 there are players with <50K games played; I am at this just one year. Being somewhat inexperienced may not endear you to other more experienced players because Tier 10 is highly competitive. But you learn more from your failures than you from your successes. Persevere and enjoy the thrill when you hit the top score or have a breakout battle. This is my favorite tank in the garage.


I have not started the French line, but there are many interesting tanks there. Trust me - in capable hands, the B-C 25T is one of the most formidable tanks on the battlefield. It is not an easy tank to drive and all autoloaders bring some tactical advantages and disadvantages, but it is an excellent choice for a destination tank.


My two choices are Tier 10, because I love the competition, the amazing skills of many of the Tier 10 players, and the tanks offer so much more of a thrill, in terms of firepower, handling, and survivability. I recognize that this is incredibly subjective because there are many excellent candidates, and look forward to reading others.

BeastsOfBattle #29 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:29

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Chieftain mk6.... 

HankLikesTanks #30 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:32


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My destination tank is the Sherman Jumbo. It's got a good mix of armor, maneuverability, and firepower, and while it is relatively easy to do well in, it does take practice to carry in it.


First of all the line going up to it is relatively straightforward up to tier 4, which is where many people have issues, the Lee (ominous music, screams, etc). It is a tad hypocritical of me to say this, as I hated it at first as well, but the Lee really isn't that bad. It should be played sort of like a tank destroyer with more HP. The worst part about it is getting the top gun. If you can free xp it I would recommend it,  otherwise prepare for a grind. Once you get past the Lee you get to the normal tier 5 Sherman, which is fantastic. Probably the first thing you should get is the 105, then go from there. Some keep the 105, some go for the 76mm, I'm the latter, but both are viable options.


As for the Jumbo itself, my wholehearted recommendation is to buy the 105mm- you should already have it researched from earlier- and stick with it, and then research engines, then tracks, then radios. The stock turret is by far better armored than the upgraded one, and all you get for it is  a higher fire rate 76mm. With the 105 you can do a bunch of damage to soft skinned vehicles. With things you can't reliably penetrate, up to and including tier 8 heavies, you can still be very useful- aim for gun barrels and tracks, and after that cupolas and ports, etc, to incapacitate enemies so your allies with higher pen guns can finish them off. Positioning  is also really important- whenever possible, go into a lane where both your flanks are protected and you are a very tough nut to crack. Always keep your sides in mind (true for everyone but still) and you will generally be in good shape. If you are top tier, find the main spot of the carnage and wade in- you can easily carry games with a little luck (and not too many OIs)- basically act like a heavy. If you are mid to bottom tier, you act more like a traditional medium- doing more of the disabling shots mentioned earlier, etc.

As for crew skills, I would recommend 6th sense and clutch braking for skills, and the rest is fairly standard. For gear I'd definitely have repair kit and gun rammer, 3rd is just your preference.

This thing is a pretty good all rounder that can dominate in equal tier matches and get a lot of assisting done in high tier matches. It's ok for clan battles, depends on the map. Most importantly though I find it very fun, and think you will too. If someone like me can get an MoE on it pretty much anyone can!

germLukas #31 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:36


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Destination : T71


One of my favorite tanks, the T71 can do it all! It has speed, nice camo rating, what I consider the best auto-loader gun of its tier and really manoevers well! It's quick reload gives you the possibility to just shoot 2 or 3 shots, hide, reload, and before the enemy realizes you're reloading, you're already ready to put in 6 more shells. Here are a couple of examples on how I play this tank. Although I'm not a unicum player, I think I do pretty well in it.


Early in the game

The first thing you need to know, is that you're pretty fast and will probably always be first (or almost first) to where you want to go. That being said, there's a good chance you might encounter an enemy light tank there as well. If that happens and you're pretty much safe from being shot by other enemy tanks, if it's a same tier light tank, engage. Technically, you'll be able to clip it. When I'm in that situation, I right-click the tank (to auto-aim) and just concentrate on driving my tank to out-manoever the enemy. Once he's dead, you're able to scout from where you're at.


If ever you don't encounter an enemy tank, even better! Just sit tight and passive-scout in a bush for your teammates. Just remember, when passive scouting, DON'T SHOOT! If you shoot, YOU WILL DIE. I know it's hard, especially when you see they're there, in the open, not too far away... but let your teammates do the shooting. You're doing your job by spotting what's coming.


Another possibility, depending on the maps (e.g.: Fiery Salient), you might want to just plain old scout mid, but NEVER STOP MOVING. A static light tank is a dead tank (unless passive scouting). So keep moving and try to get some shots off the enemy light tanks (who are probably doing the same thing). Just don't forget to KEEP MOVING.



Once you're done scouting and either don't have the teammates to shoot what you spot, or don't spot any enemy tanks anymore, it's time to change sides. Look at your minimap (something you should do regularly! Like every 30 SECONDS (I'm not kidding...)) and go help a side that needs it. You're fast enough to get there on time and your clip might just be enough to make a difference. Small tip, right before moving to where you want to go, start reloading your clip so you'll have all 6 shells when you get there.


When supporting your teammates, try to find a rock or something to hide behind and play peek-a-boom. Don't hesitate to just shoot 1 or 2 shells and then reload behind the rock. Just your presence is stressing them out and any damage is really just a bonus for your team. The longer you last there at annoying them, the better your chances are at winning. Always keep an eye on your target and NEVER try to take a shot if he's looking at you. Wait for him to look at another tank and as soon as he does it, take a shot (or 2). He'll eventually either be dead, or frustrated and start making mistakes to try and kill you. That's when you've turned the tide of battle.


End game

This is really where your tank becomes the most deadly. With your 6 shells and fast reload, you're now a killing machine. You can finish off a couple of tanks in a single clip, reload, and go shoot someone else. If the coast is clear, you can even go and eliminate all their arty (don't forget to reload before going). With your 6 shells, if you don't kill all of them in the first try, since you're so fast, it's easy to just turn around them while you reload to finish them off. Just remember to keep moving! You're fast, have a great gun and are pretty stealthy. Take advantage of all that to kill off the enemy.



There are a couple of equipments you can use, but I've setup mine to be ready to do any task I need to, whether it's passive or active scouting. So for me, I use : 


  • Vertical Stabilizer (no mater what your objective is, ALWAYS equip this);
  • Binoculars (since I often passive-scout from bushes);
  • Camo net (again, since I passive-scout);


As I mentioned earlier, I like to be ready for pretty much anything. The tank is already fast, has a quick reload and is pretty accurate (by the way, the default shell is APCR!!!), so what I need most is more camo and view range when passive scouting (which is also what I consider the most dangerous part because once you're spotted, you're screwed... so you want to put all the chances on your side to spot them before they do).


So that's it! Hope you enjoyed my tips on playing one of my favorite tanks. Happy tanking!

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Na minha opinião o melhor tanque não é um tier 10 mas um tier 6, o t-37, por apesar de não ser páreo para um tier 10 em muitas vezes eu consegui ter uma otina partida mesmo em batalhas com tier 9 o que é comum para este tanque.

O t-37 tem uma mobilidade boa em comparação com os outros tanques mesmo entre os leves não perdendo para muitos, seu canhão tem um ótimo reload acompanhado de um dano que é razoável com uma penetração alta para o seu tier perfurando a maioria dos tiros.

Por ultimo a principal característica que o torna o melhor tanque é seu spot que realmente não tem como melhorar. Assim eu o considero o melhor tanque do jogo e eu não me desfazeria dele nem mesmo pela BC que é outro tanque que adimiro.


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Captain_VinylSiding #34 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 00:44


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My destination tank is the Skoda T25.

When I first bought the Skoda, I was unimpressed. It lacked standard and premium round penetration, it was sluggish for a VERY lightly armored medium tank. Its three round autoloader had an unimpressive average clip damage of 300 (and often less because of RNG). But then, after watching a tech tree showcase by Quickybaby (check those out, they are good), I wanted the TVP 50/51 and started back down the line. I fell in love with this tank, and here's why:


FIREPOWER: A three round autoloading 75-millimeter cannon with 132 AP pen and 185 APCR pen is not much to look at. It aims rather slow for its intra-clip reload of 1.33 seconds, and it wins no sniping awards with bad bloom and .36 accuracy. But when you get in someone's face, they had better watch out. If you face similar tier mediums, simply unload 300 damage and wait 7 seconds to do it again. Take a small hit to dish out a big one in return. If you face higher tier heavies, DONT! this tank has bad pen, and you will bounce often without APCR (and even that does not win any awards). But if you must, poke our in between shots and give them heck. Get around to their sides and rear and watch the engine fires rack up. If you're are facing TD's or arty, do your best to get behind them. If facing same tier lights, you can usually bully them into submission (unless it is an AMX 12t). The best parts about the gun are it's incredibly fast reload and intra-clip. The worst part is its bad bloom and poor accuracy.


MOBILITY: It has good engine power and top speed, but don't expect Cromwell speeds out of it.


ARMOR: None. Zip. Nada. Tier 4 tanks will pen you easily with this armor. Even Cromwell is better.


VIEW RANGE: A mediocre 360, vents and binos are a must.


WHY BUY THIS TANK: You like the idea of high burst damage at blisteringly fast rates. You like to reload so fast(7 seconds clip reload) that your enemies burning husks will all report you for hacking. You like low armor fast tanks that look like boxes on wheels.


WHY YOU DONT BUY THIS TANK: You hate low pen and bad accuracy, you prefer higher clip potential. You don't like autoloaders. You don't like feeling useless in tier 8.


HOW TO PLAY: A mobile damage dealer, poke out and give the enemy 300 to their face and then get back into cover. Find the side and rear of your enemies, when they are looking away from you, unload (and do some tracking, you can easily permatrack them). 


CONCLUSION: This is a mobile little scumbag that will leave lower tier enemies dead and mid to higher tier tanks going "What the heck is taking off my hitpoints so fast". It has no armor and its accuracy at long ranges is bad. The grind is mediocre up to this point, the tier 3 is good and the tier 5 is ok. The tier 9 and 10 down this line are absolute monsters, and this tank is work picking up along the way. 


This video is not mine, but it shows off the tank. I will post a replay of my own from it (maybe). Enjoy, and thanks for reading. GLHF and I will see you on the battlefield.



Here is my video and first MoE on it.



Here is the link to the endplates: http://wotreplays.co...iding-koda_t_25

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My destination tank would be the Object 268, the grind I found to be very pleasant, most of the lines I have tried always seemed to find a rough patch where it felt like I was dragging my feet, however this line seemed to make time pass quickly. You start with mobile lil monsters that pack a good punch for their tier, and before you know it your in a stealthy little su 85 which can provide hard hits at its tier and get to where a TD is needed.,as the line progresses the guns get more and more dangerous and I felt as though I was actually making a good contribution to the team when I had a decent game and learned to get myself in the right positions. The SU 152 at tier 7 just made the day fun, you could be having a bad day and roll in and DERP someone which brings a big smile....and then at tier 8 you become a TD to be afraid of, the ISU 152 gives you the gun to deal some serious damage to the big boys, and it only gets better at tier 9 with more mobility and armor, finally reaching the Object 268 which in my opinion is one of the better TDs in the game. My advice if taking this line would be to also grab a premium to train your crew and gain some experience in the Russian td line , you have the choices of  box tank the su 100y its big as a garage but with a gun that has tier 9 stats at tier 6 its just fun to play  or even the su 122-44 both can be absolutely devastating to enemies. All in all so far I personally have found this line to have been the most pleasant grind.

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Destination:  Object 261


I've been playing Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs, artillery, or arty) in World of Tanks for a very long time.  There's a warm place in my heart for my first top-tier tank, the T92, which I purchased while it was still a Tier VIII.  It was soon surpassed in my affections, however, by this beauty from the Soviet blueprints file.  Whatever others may say in their vicious calumny against arty, I find it suits my playing preferences quite well.  In World of Tanks, your King of the Battlefield has the ability to literally oversee the entire map (using the Switch Reticle Mode key, which defaults to Left Shift, I believe).  As you learn the basics of playing artillery, you'll find that most tech trees have larger and larger guns with less and less accuracy, and that many SPGs have very slow movement.  This is true for the Soviet line as well, as exemplified by the SU-14-2, which is a big, slow "school bus".  The Object 261 is different, though.  It's reasonably fast, and it's ACCURATE.  With proper planning and a fair amount of practice, you will gain the ability to hit pinpoint targets, even tanks that are moving at top speed.  Its comparatively-fast reload time also means that you can afford to take such speculative shots, rather than waiting for the "perfect target" of a stationary heavy tank.  The main downside of these features is that they will spoil you!  If you play other high-tier artillery after playing the 261, you'll think to yourself "Why am I so slow, now?" and "Why is my targeting so completely inaccurate?"  If you don't mind being spoiled, get busy grinding your way through the USSR tech tree, and enjoy the Object 261!


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My destination: The T-10. Guide to the T-10.


Why is the T-10 my favorite tank, and why should you get it?

I love the T-10 because it has an amazing 122mm gun, and has very good mobility for a heavy. It also has decent armor with argueably a better turret than the E 75. I also love the T-10 because it is so flexible and forgiving, with regards to the gun and armor. Many think that the T-10's armor is total garbage, and it is when it is not directed towards the enemy because of the pike nose design, but in reality the T-10's armor is actually almost as good as the for example the E 75's, when used correctly. The gun on the T-10 is also godlike. It packs a 122mm with 440 alpha, 258 mm of penetration, good dpm and some mediocre accuracy and aim time for a soviet heavy. Overall the gun is very good at dealing with equal and lower tier tanks, but it can still punish tier 10's if it has to. The mobility on the T-10 is also very for a heavy. It goes at 50 km/h, has a decent power/weight ratio and some okay ground resistances. It can get around quickly, and surprise the enemy or come back and defend.


How should you get to the T-10?

You can get the T-10 from 2 different starting lines. One being with light, medium and heavy tanks, and the other being with only light and medium tanks. The 2 lines are quite similar in the first few tiers. Personally i prefer to go through the KV-1 line, since it has some good guns and good armor at tier 5. but when you start to get to tier 5 they change to 2 completely different lines. The heavy tank line evovles into some of the most heavy armor at tier 5, the KV-1. The medium line evovles into a fast and well armed medium tank at tier 5, the T-34. One important note though, is that when you get to the KV-1, you have to go through a whole new tier 5, the KV-1S, to get to the tier 6 KV-85. From here on the medium tank line doesn't have any significant changes, they pretty much just get better at everything. When you then get to the tier 7 KV-13, you get the choice to progress to the T-43 or the IS. Here you want the IS, as it leads to the T-10. The IS is the first in this line to get a 122mm main armament. Though the IS's gun isn't as good as the T-10's tier for tier, it can still do the job. But it is when you get to the IS-3 that things start to get exciting. The IS-3 is considered one of the best tier 8 tanks in the game. With the infamous 122mm BL-9, the IS-3 is feared among tier 8, with some very good front and side armor and decent mobility. The IS-3 reminds me alot of the T-10, but then again not. They both have similar 122mm main armaments, but the mobility is much better on the T-10.


Playstyle of the T-10 and a few tips and tricks

When you play the T-10 you gotta play ít to its strengths. The T-10 is good in various scenarios. It can fight medium tanks, it can fight heavy tanks and it can fight tank destroyers. The 122mm main armament let's you punch through any tank you can meet on the enemy team, and deal a good amount of punishing in a short period of time. It has decent hull armor,  very good frontal turret armor and if used correctly it can bounce tier 10 tank destroyer rounds. It also has the mobilty to keep up with all the medium tanks, and participate in the fast pushes with the mediums, unlike many other tier 9 heavy tanks. The T-10 is all about powering through with your good gun and helping your allies where ever they need supporting. It is fast and can handle a beating as well as the other way around. The T-10 playstyle really depends on the situation of the battle. The T-10 should try to find a hull down position or find the biggest push and just help it's allies push the a flank. The player playing it should also be aware of the friendly cap circle, as the T-10 has some of the best in class mobility to get back and defend. As every other heavy tank should, the T-10 should also try and avoid artillery as much as possible. Though the T-10 has alot of good things going for it, it also struggles when it is left alone and caught off guard. This is something you need to be very careful about when you play the T-10, as it can make your game alot worse and ultimately, in a top tier matchup, it can lose the game for your team.



The T-10 is a fast versatile tier 9 heavy, that packs a punch. It has good armor, good mobility and a good gun. It struggles when left alone and caught off guard. Overall my opinion on the T-10 is that, it is one of, if not the, best tier 9 heavy tanks in the game. It is forgiving and is easy to play, though everyone has their own opinion.

And to top it all off, i have linked one of my replay just under this. It shows that the T-10 has the good mobility, good armor despite what everyone else says and that it punches through everything.


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View PostAPOLLO75, on Apr 10 2017 - 17:41, said:

The currently the best tank in the game now id the Skoda T50, yes it is a tier 9 and the tier 10 TVP in the line is not as fun to play or dominating.   I suppose it doesn't matter anyway because if a tank is this fun WG will either nerf it to oblivion or take it from you and replace with a far more inferior tank.  They did it to the WT auf E100 one of my favorites, and the Grill that replaced, well lets just say the only tier 10 I ever sold.  WG has a history of these things, they did it with my absolute all time favorite the T50-2, funnest tank ever.  They took that away and replaced it with a useless tank.  Once again they did with a great tank the Tier 9 Lorraine, replaced it with a far inferior tank and the tier 10 option Batchat in that line is not fun at all anymore.  Now WG wants me to buy the Loraine back, OMG not on your life, I am thru spending any funds on a game that screws with you like this.  I like the game, just won't spend any money.  Buy the Skoda T50 before it gets nerfed or WG steals it from you.


I know that feeling bro. I had the same feeling when they nerfed to death the T-50, now they want to screw it up even more putting even less HP for the engine, more top speed (not even the historical 65km/h, but 60km/h), will be tier 5 and have exactly the same 45mm top gun, damn it, if its really for that, better put back the T-50-2 in tier 6 as a predecessor of LTTB and end of story, if literally the whole server wants it back, then BRING IT BACK

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My recommendation is the MT-25.  This is the fastest and most heavily armored tier 6 light tank in the game.  It is Russian so the gun depression is horrible; however, the elevation is decent.  It boast the fastest turret traverse speed of all the tier 6 lights and has a top speed of 72 kph, allowing you to circle the enemy with easy.  It does not have the greatest gun, but with a rate of fire of 25 to 30 rounds per minute and a 100 pieces of ammo it has the handling and speed to be able to auto aim and  pump out round after round into the sides and rear of the enemy as you circle.  If you want a cross between first shooter and Mario Kart game action this maybe the machine for you.

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