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What is your Destination Tank?

Destination tank Feedback

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Tilith #41 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:06

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My destination tank is the kv13


The kv13 is a tier 7 medium tank is very different to the norm, to reach this tank you can go through either the heavy tank or medium tank lines, this monster has 120mm of frontal hull armour and 100mm frontal turret armour which is well sloped, you are more heavily armoured in this mobile medium then some heavies of the same tier, having similar armour to the IS heavy. This tank comes with two viable guns, the 85mm d5t-85bm or the 122mm u11. the 85mm is a standard medium tank gun with low pen but good rof, while the 122mm is a derp gun that actually can do a lot of work when firing heat or using your speed advantage to get around tanks. When fully upgraded the kv 13 has a power to weight ratio of 16.93 and a top speed of 50, its traverse speed is 41.72. To play this tank to its advantages go somewhere flat so that your poor gun depression does not limit you, when dealing with enemy tank, try to use your good armour to side scrape and angle to bounce those shots, when dealing with heavies, try to circle them and shoot there rears. The main disadvantage of this tank is pen, so you should bring some gold rounds. Good luck on the battlefield tankers

Ikeinater #42 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:20


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Guide to the American medium line featuring M4A3E8/M4A3E2, M26 Pershing and M48 Patton.

These tanks are really great for any player. I choose the American medium line because the line is a very friendly line (with the M46 Patton grind being the exception). Also this tank line has some of the most iconic tanks that America produced and saw combat.

    The tier 1 T1 Cunningham starts the line off pretty well as it is pretty easy and combat effective. The tier 2 T2 Medium and tier 3 M2 Medium have a pretty quick grind and aren’t bad tanks.

    After you get to tier 4 you have reach the first iconic tank the M3 Lee. This tank is either great or terrible for many players. It’s a good tank for new players to learn about fixed gun tanks without being locked into a fixed gun line if they don’t like it.

    Up next is the tier 5 M4 Sherman another very iconic tank. This tank is kept and played by new players and pros alike. With two gun choices you can equip what fits you best though most players use the 105mm derp (don’t forget to shoot only HE ammo if you do). From the M4 you can split two different ways the M4A3E8 or the M4A3E2 both of these tanks are also iconic “there is even a premium tank the ‘Fury’ from the movie that plays like the E8.”

    If you choose the tier 6 E8 it plays just like you would expect a medium to play because it has a decent top gun and decent mobility with poor armor. If you choose the tier 6 E2 it has a massive 152mm of armor on the front that has added slope.  It is more of a heavy disguised as a medium but that armor comes with the cost of a worse gun and mobility.

    Next up you will reach the tier 7 T20 and what a great tank it is to prepare you for the M26 Pershing. The T20 playstyle is a ridgeline/flanking tank. If you try to play this tank any other way battles won’t last very long before you are left in a smoking heap.

    Next we have reached the tier 8 Pershing. The amount of guns available to this tank is overwhelming at first get that tier 8 90MM gun and this tank really shines. This tank is one of the best ridgeline tanks because it has great gun depression. Also as an added bonus the gun mantlet on the Pershing has amazing spaced armor seriously I have bounced T30’s and other large shells. The hull armor isn’t great so if you are in a dire situation and are forced to go head to head with an IS-3 or other tank that has poor depression you can face hug forcing them to hit that mantlet. All in all the Pershing is a great medium however, if you do not like the Pershing style at all I would recommend you stop here and play down a different line as the tier 9 M46 and tier 10 M48 Patton tanks follow the Pershing playstyle.

    Next up the tier 9 M46 Patton and after playing the Pershing this Patton at first is a massive let down. The wide variety of poor guns for a tier 9 tank leaves a lot to be desired at best. The grind to get the top gun in this tank is just…let’s just say if you can free exp to get it than do it. This tank plays just like its predecessor.

    Finally the tier 10 M48 Patton and at least at the moment (pre 9.18) this tank has the best base view range in the game. It has great view range for a reason though as this tank is not armored that well for a tier 10 and it is massive. So play that ridge line sniper or active spotter similar to how you played the Pershing. The M48 Patton is great because many nations are still using them today.


MountainGoatNoName #43 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:25

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TVP 50/51

Best tierX pub solo tank in my eyes.


Why do I like TVP50/51?

1. Win rate.

As medium tank, it can spot enemy tank at the beginning. If you are lucky, you can get a few free shots from slow tanks heading towards town.

Then, you can snipe like a td while thinking about your next move. You can either help your team to push a line or defense a line.

The most important thing is thinking about where you will be after clipping out four shots before clipping. Option one is staying behind covers like rock, house, corpse or hull down. Options two is keep driving to somewhere enemy cant shoot you then back to clipping another four shots. Option three is supporting your teammates as sniper in the shadow, which means you can have a cup of coffee while reloading.

When it comes to the last few minutes of game, you also have much more advantages as tvp. You may take a shot and kill an enemy less than 1200 hp. You may also kill an enemy has much more hp than you without taking a single shot due to your view range and camo. You may capture their base alone because enemy tanks are too slow to make it home. If you are winning, you can be a suicide scout to get lots of assisting damage. If you are losing, you can snipe to get some damage at least.


2. Win8. Sometimes, you will be doomed by matchmaker. All teammates on sui-scout mode, well, you can clip out a four shots before he die at least. With this tank, it is so much more easier to farm damage on a losing team.

3. Fun. You can boost some hills like batchat. 


The difference between tvp, bat and obj140.

1.Tvp is a better sniper because of the gun. Better accuracy and less aiming time. One point five seconds interval between each shot means that you can clip three or four shots while bat may only clip one or two shots.

2.Twenty two seconds reloading means you can reload whenever you want. Batchat may hesitate to reload when three shots left in the clip.

3.More viable on city map. Normally bat only have five heat rounds. But tvp can have more than twenty heat rounds. So that Tvp can clip out four heat rounds to pen ht tank frontal armor before enemy's second shot reloaded.

4. Not really a clan war med. Bat and obj140 are in higher demand.

5. Not really a front line med. I never go for the hill on mines at the beginning.I try my best to get free shots from those meds going for the hill instead.




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Taskforcerl #44 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:28


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My favorite tank the 59-16 light tank. This tank can zip around the battlefield due to its high power to terrain resistance and lack of armor. The 56-16 light tank with the auto loading 76mm gun may look bland with its lack of penetration but it can help you stack up the damage and will help you secure kills as you sweep through the enemies late game! With the second best camouflage rating among the tier 6 lights allowing you to spot in those happy little trees and bushes with little to no difficulty letting your team do some massive damage to the enemy team.

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Oh_That_Magie #45 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:31


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I have tried out and enjoyed many tanks but the one I have had my eye on for some time now and was able to try out via the common test is that of the American Tank Destroyer M 18 Hellcat. While the armor on this tank is relatively thin the joy comes when you realize the potential of this tank. The Hellcat is quick, agile, the gun is very accurate and powerful. Because of the power of the gun you can easily hang in there with tanks that are much higher. I have found that if you are patient and follow closely what a tank destroyer is designed to do you will be able to be a huge asset to your team and have a blast in the game. Wolverine was better than average, Jackson was a great disappointment, T67 was a perfect lead up to the Hellcat.

BaconMeLoveIt #46 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:33


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View Postdance210, on Apr 10 2017 - 08:54, said:

Ever look at the tech tree and wonder which tank to try next? Last month, we told you about some of our top destination tanks for each nation. Now, we want to know which tank you would recommend to your fellow players!


Make a guide to your favorite destination tank: what it is, why you love it, tips for going up the line and tricks to making it work.

Begins: Monday, April 10, 2017
Ends: Friday, Apr. 21, 2017 at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET



  • Only one entry per player. If more than one entry is submitted, the first entry will be the one judged
  • Entries must be posted in this forum thread to be valid
  • Entry must be an original creation made for this contest
  • Guide should include information for a new player on how to reach and/or play your destination tank, with tips and tricks for going up the line or playing the tank
  • Guides can be written or video
  • The Destination Tank does not need to be tier 10
  • Only entries or questions about the contest are allowed; all other posts may be removed
  • Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest image it’s posted on the forum, as outlined in the “10. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service



*Number of winners may change depending on number of valid entries


Check out our "Destination Tanks" video series for inspiration!


Can it be a premium tank that is currently available for purchase on the in-game tech tree?


KILLERZINHO #47 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:37


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posso fazer o guia em video, e no meu idioma?

Endo514415 #48 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:37


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I deleted this accidentally posted post in progress.








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adamsm961 #49 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:37


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Top Destination Tanks I want to play


1. German Rat Models:While i've been a fan of The German Tech cause of Power, Strength, i was targeting the SPG Sniper Tanks. However due to Removal of those models i am now targeting the Rats. So that should sun fun to play and see how many hits i take.


2. Russia- The Russian by far if your a Fan of Speed and Durability, this is the army for you. Ever since I've played world of tanks on its first download I've learned to respect those tanks that are with speed and power. And Russia just has a Sense of Durability knowing compared to the German Tanks Its wonder that the Germans had a tough time keeping up with the Russians. As of now i'm Targeting the 360 turret Models of Russia as long as they are not removed or anything changes to the Tiers


3. France- Ah good ole France, nothing like starting From Slow, heavey, to fast and furious and thats what this branch is all about. These tanks may be a pain to drive but their worth to earn. I currently have the Turtle Tank and it may be a pain to drive but its armor and turret are worth depending on its position and where align it and put it on the map, i'm currently going for the SP Models of the Rapid fire class.


             So other than have those Tank Teir Classes World of Tanks is going strong other than that, hope everything is having a fun time going for their models have fun. And Kick some butt out their Tankers!


                    Adamsm961 Signing off!


russoLF #50 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:49


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When I started the game it was easier for me to start by the Russian line and to go through the heavy tanks my favorite is the kv1s tier 5, tier 6 kv2, t150 and kv85 in the middle t34-85 tier 6, in tier 8 is3 by Its speed and armor.

Taupmatism #51 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 02:52


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The Toldi III because it can have great camouflage and when you hit it's often one damage at a time so your target will enjoy so multiple noisy bings that its equipage may run out and you will capture their tank.

Endo514415 #52 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:04


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Tank : StuG IV 


What it is : Tier Five German Tank Destroyer Regular Non Premium


Why love it : 

- Low Profile should allow for a good camo rating

- The decent mobility allows this TD to get where it needs to 

- Fast firing accurate top gun makes the StuG IV a sniping machine

- Can shoot 105mm gun with a pretty good rate of fire shooting about 8 rounds and more ( reload time could be as low as 7.5 seconds and less) with 100% crew, vents and rammer


Tips and Tricks :

- Tier two should be played purely as a sniper and support. TD isn't designed with armor in mind so it will not survive hits. Mobiliy seems average. 

- Tier three, the Marder should also be played as a sniper and support similar to the tier two. Gun is good with about 100m of pen which should go through most tanks it meets. Mobility also appears average. Like the Tier two, Marder was not designed to take hits so expect penetrations.

- Hetzer has very effective armor thanks to the design of the sloped front of the TD. Armor is good but should not be relied on, Armor works well when TD is hulldown hiding lower hull. It can bounce about 100 mm of penetration shells which helps. 105mm is fun to use to against heavy armored tanks when 75mm can sometimes not penetrate. 75mm is ok and does the job, but may have trouble with armor that has some slope and thickness. Mobility seems to be on the slow side, but can be improved to an acceptable level of mobility with engine upgrade, 100% crew and vents. 













ThePigSheFlies #53 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:15


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View Postdance210, on Apr 10 2017 - 12:57, said:


No, it does not have to be a tier 10 tank. If you have a tier 2 tank that you love and would like to write a guide about, go for it! For our Destination Tank series, most of the tanks were between tiers 5 - 8 :)


warning, if it's not a tier 10, then be prepared to have it change tiers at the whim of the developers, and/or get "Rebalanced" and/or made trash in a future patch - thereby nullifying the concept of a 'destination' or 'keeper' tank in 9.18, and/or beyond...



  1. Amx ELC
  2. Chaffee (2nd time you guys have crapped on this tank)
  3. T-50-2 - last time you guys crapped on the tank/us was to insert a gimped 5th crew member that broke multi-crew perks like camo/repairs, BIA
  4. every tier 8 LT which was formerly and "end game tank" is now a "grind through" tank, if we bother to even contemplate a tier 10 LT in this garbage, funnel/tiny map meta...


this is a game, and the gaming experience should be about entertainment, not griefing your customers and creating frustrating and painful tech tree realignments out of some naive belief that pubby's who previously refused to scout in mid-tier LTs that were cheap to repair because they were down 2-3 tiers will do so suddenly when they are top tier...


I have tons of replays of epic results in various LTs that were formerly "end game" and/or "keeper" and/or "destination tanks" that could have gone into such a guide...


the way the game is headed, with the same old stagnant funnel/brawling maps, really the only guide is to grind an armored heavy, or russian hover medium, and RRR into the enemy, spamming #2, and rightclick+leftclick at the enemy...  somehow I doubt that last sentence qualifies as a guide tho :(

joedirt11 #54 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:18


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sweden tier 10 heavy

cascavelbaum #55 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:19


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o meu tanque favorito é o 121 da linha chinesa e ao upar a linha use bastante a munição gold que da muito dano e o xp vem grande , abraço .

Br_Dusinferno #56 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:25


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se quiser um bom tanque siga as  linha pesada russa o IS3 é um ótimo  tanque , sem contar  q antes dele  tem o kv1 o kv 85 e depois dele  o is7 todos otimos tanques

Generalpapanatas #57 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 03:45


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My destination tank is the FV 215B 183 (Tier 10 British TD, "Death Star" )


We start in Tier 2 and 3: There is not much to say, both tanks respond to a pure TD use, look for a good position to annihilate by far, since the shield is not strong in these tanks.

Tier 4 (Alecto): very fun and easy to play, just equip the 3.7-inch cannon and see how your enemy disappears from a single shot, but be careful, do not be far, since the precision is not the best.

Tier 5 (AT 2): We started with the "AT" family, they are slow tanks, armored, with good guns but slow, very slow. Arm yourself in patience and destroy your enemies with excellent damage per minute at 10 km / h.

Tier 6 (AT 8): Continuing with the "AT" family, this TD has a very good armor. Use your great armor, damage per minute and accuracy to destroy everything you see, as you listen to bounce off enemy missiles. And if you guessed it, it's slow.

Tier 7 (AT 7): Considered one of the best tier 7 TD, he has a tough armor like all good "AT", but in addition to this, it consists of a deadly cannon, which can no doubt deal with heavy tier 8 or even Tier 9.

Tier 8 (AT 15): Last tank of the family called "AT", it is a great TD, for its barrel, that distinguishes in precision, penetration and damage per minute, but is very big. Yes, do not worry about finding a place to hide, it will not serve you much, just advance (slowly) and annihilate everything in your path while the projectiles bounce like drops of water.

Tier 9 (Tortoise): The tank with the best damage per minute of the game, extremely deadly in the short and long range, effective to advance the enemy line, as well as to be in second line eliminating all the tanks that dare to face you. As its name says, is very slow.

Tier 10: The highest of the tree, tank fun as terrifying, called "death star of world of tanks", just aim with your 183mm cannon and see how the enemy tank disappears, but beware, you can not Carry many projectiles, so you must use them wisely.

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Lord_Sunder1337 #58 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 04:17


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The Hitchhiker's guide to the Obj 263

Welcome to the hitchhiker's to the Object 263. This is an elusive TD that not many people play as it can be a royal pain to handle on the battlefield. Sit down,grab a snack,some wet works,and enjoy the ride.


Tiers 1-3 derp around as normally do..your gun will do damage but the grind is short lived..its a short walk down to the corner store..not a big deal at all

Tier 4- SU-85B the TD with Reman perfect cloak! Camo paint,net,and the start of camo training on your crew starts here! This little TD can be a pain in the butt to spot. The camo value on this is high..bushes and heavy concealment are your hunting grounds..your quarry the other tanks. While in your own tier you help to direct the flow of battle. Stay in concealment! you have 0 armor to bounce anything. Hitchhike off the heavy tanks and mediums..keep behind them and finish off any crumbs or soften up the bigger targets. If your stuck waiting for a lift keep back and snipe the big boys in the side or back..load that premium ammo your going to need it. Your not the fastest TD out there so if the main push moves as do you..going from bush to bush. Your gun depression is bad so tall hills and ridgelines are a no-no for you..tempting but not a good idea. Low ridgeline and small hills with bushes are a great idea..the perfect ride to a win..know where those are at and work em till that area is clear.


Tier 5 SU-85 - Much like its little brother the SU-85B your armor can take a few hits...again don't be without your bush buddy! By now your crew should be well on their way to camouflage skill completion. Your cloak while diminished some is still your best weapon aside from the improved 85mm gun. Your still going to hitchhike with the heavies and mediums..keep the pirates off their backs and help direct the flow of battle in front. If your stuck with a bad ride (bottom tier) keep in the back,load the premium,and snipe. Gun depression is better but stick to the low ridges and hills..being on top of a hill or ridge is bad and there is a 85.63% chance you will die....violently.


Tier 6  SU-100 -  By now your crew should have mastered the art of cloaking..time for the 2nd perk..brothers in arms. BiA will help get this beast in fighting shape even faster. SU-100 gets to pick from 2 main guns..the big nasty 122mm or a 100mm. Go for the 100mm; the 122 is too cumbersome and doesn't provide the best ride at all. Same procedure as the prior 2 trips. Hitchhike with the mediums and heavies,finish off the crumbs,soften big targets. Now we come to a fork in the road..Go north for the SU-152 or the south fork for the 100M1...we are going 263 so south fork it is!


Tier 7 - SU-100M1 The highway gremlin - This is a highway gremlin..its better suited for hitchhiking with faster speed,SU-85B camo,and a wicked fast 100mm gun. This is where you can venture off on your own for a short distance before grabbing a ride with the heavies. The armor is much better than its little brothers. Tall ridges and hills are never a good idea..-4 degrees of gun depression make life miserable up on high..so stay low. it likes low rubble piles,ridges,and small divots in hills. With the better armor and faster speed you can drive for a bit..but don't go too fast..nearest safe planet is 5 parsecs away and through an asteroid field. Same process as before with the others. Use your DPM to whittle down the heavies and the speed to get around the mediums and send em packing back home


Tier 8 SU-101 - The Cannonball run - Even better armor and even bigger boomstick means less reliance on hitchhiking and more venturing off with your friends you made at the last cantina over some uncut batarian ale and ryncol. You now have the IS-4s main gun..the ring you lost 8 planets ago,5 sectors back towards the termius systems is now back on your finger..the middle finger. This gun is nasty..makes anyone who crosses your path think twice about poking out. High hills and ridges are still a no go..kinda like the bar in lower omega..just don't go there. Low ridges,low hills and the like alongside concealment are where you love to be..off the beaten path a bit and full of surprises. Your armor can take much more than what is could before..keep low and angle some and watch shots fly off. Your fast..so keep up with the mediums and give em a helping hand from the shadows.


Tier 9 SU122-54 the mirror darkly to 122-45 - You still have a big nasty gun,your still fast,you still have a good cloak..you are now independent and no longer need to hitchhike..you are free! Your armor will hold against most of whats out there but mainly at range. Hills still aren't a place to be but by now you know this quite well.You've made alot more bush buddies and now are feared by many. Your crew are cloaking masters,work as a team and can drive and pull positive G turns that would break most others.


Tier 10 Object 263 So long,Farewell and thanks for all the fish - The end of the line. Your scary 130mm gun is accurate,the shells are laser beams but gets damaged easily. Your thick skin if used correctly will resist anything thrown at it..if not you are punished harshly. Your ammo lines the left and right sides of the rear open top portion of the hull..so no booty dancing or two stepping to impress that dancer at the cantina..barkeep will blow it off post haste. You are nimble and fast..only the quickest of the quick can nab you and freeze you in carbonite. You blend in just about anywhere you go..people at times mistake you for a bush to hide behind. 


That is the hitchhiker's guide to the 263..So long,farewell and thanks for all the fish

Jancera #59 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 04:23


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O Gato Infernal


O M18 Hellcat, foi um tanque usando na Segunda Guerra Mundial. Foi o veículo blindado de esteira mais rápido da Segunda Guerra, As tripulações do Hellcat usavam a sua velocidade para defesa, devido a sua blindagem ser fina, e no jogo não é tão diferente. Enfim, vamos lá falar sobre o tanque e sua linha.


Os primeiros tanques da linha, os de nível dois e três, T3 HMC e T56 GMC, são dois tanques rápidos, com canhões de disparo rápido e alta penetração, mais o tanque em si tem uma blindagem muito baixa, então o estilo de jogo deve ser mais recuado, dando suporte para tanques aliados a média distância, mas cuidado com o inimigo, artilharias são letais, mantenha-se em arbustos, e só saia de la para surpreender o inimigo de onde ele menos espera.


Os próximos dois tanque da linha são M8A1 e T67, que como os antecessores, são altamente móveis, só que mais precisos, e com uma ''peça'' nova que é a característica da linha, a Torre, Agora você terá um tanque rápido. com uma taxa de disparo muito rápida, alta penetração, e não vai precisar ficar mexendo o tanque para mirar no inimigo, isto é ótimo, e novamente, com o mesmo estilo de jogo dos tanques de nível dois e três,podendo dar suporte agora a média-longa distância.


E por fim, no nível seis, o Hellcat, tanque com as mesmas características dos antecessores, só que com um canhão muito mais forte, com penetração alta, dano alto, muito preciso,com um tempo de mira muito baixo, mas com um tempo de recarregamento maior, este tanque tem um nível de camuflagem alto, que pode ser aumentado mais ainda com habilidades da tripulação e equipamentos, ele e seus antecessores, podem ser equipado com pilão de projétil, telescópio binocular, e rede de camuflagem, lembrando que ele tem um estilo de jogo parecido com os outros tanques, mas você pode ser um pouco mais agressivo no inicio da partida, em mapas abertos e com bastante arbustos para de esconder, e em mapas de cidade você pode usar sua mobilidade para flanquear o inimigo e ser oportunista na hora dos disparos, tocando sempre se posição, e fugindo dos disparos inimigos, mas cuidado com batalhas de níveis maiores que o seu, ele como os seus antecessores, tem blindagem muito fina, dificilmente sua blindagem vai segurar algum tiro do inimigo.


Espero ter ajudado, e boa sorte no campo de batalha !

renogaga #60 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 04:28


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Destination Tiger II


Researching Modules

The Tiger II is a tier 8 German heavy tank in the E 100 line. Overall, it is sort of a jack of all trades heavy with a good 105mm gun, good armor if angled correctly,  and decent mobility. The tanks leading up to the Tiger II do not have much in common with it apart from the tier 7 Tiger I. When first researched, the Tiger II comes with a weak turret and the same 88mm gun as the Tiger I. My recommended research path would be to research the turret first, as this increases your RoF, HP, View Range, and Armor. Next, you need to research the suspension, otherwise you cannot mount new modules because they are too heavy. After the suspension is researched and mounted, I recommend researching the first of the two 105mm gun options. The choice between the 88 L/71 and the 105 L/52 is up to you. If you mount the 105 L/52, you lose 3mm of penetration (down to 200), 0.01 accuracy (increased to 0.35) and reload time. However, your premium rounds are better (244 vs 237) on the 105 and the average damage of the gun increases from 240 to 320. Next, I recommend researching the second 105mm gun, the 105 L/68 which is the clear choice of gun on the tank. The L/68 gun has 225 standard penetration and 285 premium penetration. It is also the most accurate of the three guns at 0.31m dispersion, but has a 2.5 sec aim time, which is 0.2 seconds worse than the other two. I recommend researching the engine last, as it does not give a very significant boost to the Hp/t ratio. 


Playing the Tank

If you want to survive in the Tiger II, you had better learn to angle and sidescrape efficiently or risk getting torn up. Everyone knows to fire at the lower glacis plate on a tank, and this is very true of the Tiger II as well. The lower plate is 160mm of effective armor when faced straight on and the upper plate is about 200. However, if you angle the hull of the tank about 20 degrees, the effective armor on the lower plate is increased to ~175-185mm of armor, the upper hull is increased to ~210-230mm of armor and the sides are automatic ricochets. This is the best way to use the hull armor, but the lower plate is always vulnerable unless at an extreme angle. Because the tank is so flat and rectangular, when playing it you want to get yourself in positions where you can hide you lower plate or sidescrape off of rocks or buildings. One of the tanks' biggest weaknesses is its turret armor. Although the second turret is better than the first, it is just flat in the front and so the armor is only 185mm, making it easily penetrable. Since it is not the most mobile or agile of tanks, you want to also make sure you are with others so that your flanks and rear are covered. The Tiger II's gun is very good and can be used to great effect due to its penetration and accuracy. The Tiger II is a true brawling tank, and sometimes, the best way to use it is to ram other tanks and face hug them so they cannot hit your lower plate. In summary, if you are playing the Tiger II, you should be on the frontlines and in the enemies' face, using your armor and gun to tear them to shreds.


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