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IS7 6k dmg

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Sgt_IronHide #1 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 08:36

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hey all i am new to the IS7 had a good game would like some input any tips that you think might help would be great and if you must troll go for it i wont feed you lol

TheChumFamineOf59 #2 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 09:25


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Step 1. Load 10-14 APCR


I would have focused on the E-100 before the IS7.  You could have pulled up on his side and been near invulnerable to him while using him as cover from the IS-7.  If the E-100 had had any brain cells he would have torn you up. Even if he managed to push you off his side, he was a way bigger threat.  The IS-7 likely only had shots on your spaced upper hull and turret.  The house next to the E-100 at the very least provided you cover. 


That's really the only thing I can see...  to be honest, you benefited from pants on head retarded cowardly opponents and the opportunity to damage farm at the end.  

_Bagheera_ #3 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 10:15


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Didn't watch. The IS-4 would have done it better.


(Kidding, music made me cry, had to mute)


Also yeah, carry some APCR in tier 10 vehicles. If you ran into someone like me in an E100 you would have gotten slaughtered...you cant even pen the turret and if you cant simply rush an opponent like that you will get eaten.


E100 was stock, potato, didnt know how to pen an angled is7 repeatedly gave away lower plate.


No idea how that JPZ didnt punch you in the face for 1k. RNGesus saves.


IS7 was complete potato. kept handing you side shots when you where basically hull down from him. didn't even attempt to sidescrape could have penned you angled the way you where if he could see your hull or at least kept you distracted so the e100 could have kept planting shots in your side.

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WileyCat #4 Posted Apr 11 2017 - 10:30


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would have been so good that music on an e5 or e3

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