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Sandbox's Frontline gamemode

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Poll: Should Frontline be in the game? (43 members have cast votes)

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_Charlito_ #21 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 22:52


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I really enjoyed my first time on the sandbox. I really like the frontline game mode but it has one issue. It's too costly to play. This was the major problem with rampage. People can't afford to buy a tier 10 drive it around and lose money on it game after game. You make this game to where you can make silver instead of losing it and you see a game mode that stick around. If you don't I honestly would bother release it.  

adamd1373 #22 Posted Apr 17 2017 - 16:36

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WG has said several times that the economy isn't an actual working economy.  I've noticed a few other things aren't working properly, but their chief concern was "does the game mode work?"  They'll tackle the other issues once they see if it's viable.  


I've played a few games with my clan mates, and as a 5 man platoon it's hella fun.  You can roll around as a pre-built mini squad (1-2 mediums, 1-2 heavies and an arty, etc), and it's fun to communicate and work towards an objective.  I'd say we've gone 4-2 for the games we've played.  Attack is significantly harder than defense, but I enjoy the challenge.


I've had quite a few fun games already - had 1 where with 3 mins left, my JagPanzer E100 was able to singlehandled take out the last cannon and win us the game with 10 secs left.  It's a blast.  If they can get the economy to scale properly, it's a breath of fresh air from the current 15v15 MM fail brigade we've all been seeing of late.

jackaroo0505 #23 Posted Apr 19 2017 - 15:49


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I would like to try the game mode so I can give feedback to the public so they can work on top of it and make the game mode better. Thanks!

cplmanse1 #24 Posted May 12 2017 - 16:06


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My opinion is we need this game mode in the game. It presents new challenges for everyone.

More maps sooner rather than later would be a good idea I think as the maps seems to get stale rather fast sometimes.

Tier 8 to 10 tanks I think works well.

I believe if it is presented correctly players will understand it still requires development and input from them. Of course there will be no end to the jerks who come here and whine and complain and offer no solutions, just need to have big shoulders.

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