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Dear Wargaming, (9.18 Light Tanks Petition)

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WernerShadow #41 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 17:58


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So glad some one made this post it was hard enough competing in the current T8 light tanks against T10 mediums because they just don't fear you and now since the T10 tanks will be utter trash they will be even more likely to rush in and just destroy you the worst is they Nerf the view range with camo rating already worse than most of the current T8 lights the mediums will definitely spot you first  so next patch expect to see less and less lights till no one wants to play your trash tanks any more wargaming because i for one don't want to be cannon fodder for T10 mediums because my tank is trash and any medium can do the job better 

RC_1140 #42 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 18:11


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Agreed with op. Although there were a few things that could have used a very slight nerf, like t-100 armor and the 430 view range (420 on those tanks is fine, no need to nerf the others). So instead of slightly tweaking a few of the tanks making all of them fun, good, and not op they just crush them into oblivion with a giant nerf hammer. 

a_Neophyte #43 Posted Apr 13 2017 - 18:31


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I see no reason to get any of the tier 10 light tanks if this is how they will be implemented.  As it is right now on the Test Server all the Russian mediums and the Batchat are better all-around scouts and almost any medium or heavy can out spot the "scouts."  

So get your light tanks if you want and enjoy being less than useful to your team while giving free xp to the enemies.

Nick279 #44 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 00:22


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Is this whole nerf some late April Fool's gag? If so, I don't think it's very funny.

0ldtreadhead75 #45 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 00:32


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Strongly agree with OP.

High_Caliber #46 Posted Apr 30 2017 - 17:06

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View PostSpartan_Striker, on Apr 12 2017 - 14:39, said:

Dear Wargaming,



We the player base strongly disagree with your decision to heavily nerf light tanks. (both tier 10 and otherwise)

You have turned them from being the perfect support/scout tanks into piles of rubble.

They were fine as they were. Really.


Their abysmal penetration, accuracy, dpm, as well as armor and hp let mediums keep their role as the tank that can perform at any distance and brawl effectively with other mediums, and become a major push-force on the battlefield.

For a tier 10 light tank to be effective, it had to be within 150 meters.


Your decision to nerf the dpm of lights, as well as the gun handling of many of them was completely unnecessary.

Scouts need decent guns to be effective. The era of scouting is passing, and light tanks can no longer be used for scouting only.

The number of city maps and otherwise close-quarters means light tanks are useless on those maps without half-decent guns.


On open maps, light tanks also have to worry about conserving hp and being effective at avoiding fire more than any other class.

The risk of getting aggressive spotting and targets for your team is costly enough.



Not only this Wargaming, but you have caused Light tanks to fail at the roll you so adamantly claim they were designed for: Scouting.


Most of the light tanks (including tier 10's)   now have view range worse than tier 10 mediums.

How can a tank designed for spotting have worse view range than tanks that were meant as a major firepower class?


We demand the logic in this.

Tier 10 heavy tanks have more view range than some tier 10 light tanks now.


This is messed up completely.




We looked forward to light tanks with eager eyes when the 2nd version of 9.18 came out - it was at this point that light tanks were at absolute perfection (neither overpowered or underpowered) - Then the micro-patch came and ruined them.


You spotted a few people in the crowd with frowns and decided to go with THAT opinion.

Wargaming, you simply can't act on the pleas of a player base % that is less than 2% when 98% is perfectly happy with it.

You will always have someone unhappy with tanks that can play well in the right hands.


In fact, light tanks required an immense skill cap to play effectively.

Now that skill cap has been raised so high, that now the only real way to play tier 10 light tanks is to sit behind your own mediums and hope for an occasional tracking shot (or who knows, maybe even one that does damage ever 10th time?)





At the 2nd iteration of the 9.18 common test, I played mediums to see how it felt playing against the new light tanks.

It was a true joy. They couldn't pen me, they couldn't out-shoot me.


I in the meantime, I auto-penned them every time,and chewed them up in a matter of seconds.


Do you not see, Wargaming?

ou listened to the pleas of a few hundred people that "lights were going to replace mediums."

Light tanks will never even begin replace mediums


Please review the following comparisons of tier 10 meds and their respective tier 10 light tank counterparts:









You then decided to nerf light tanks even more and make the class very bland and not useful in battle.


Sure I will still play them occasionally, because I love light tank gameplay in general.

But I will not play them more than 1 or 2 games per session,

I will not be playing them in clan wars.

I will not be recommending them to anyone.

I won't have as much fun playing them as I do in my other tank classes.


(The nerfs we are unhappy with include those done to tiers 5-9)





Please revert light tanks to their status  in the 2nd version of 9.18 Common Test. (before the micro-patch)

On the off-hand chance you read this, Wargaming, thank you for your time.






The Whole of the Wot Playerbase    (except for that 1 guy you will find in the comments below)


get a life the nerf was long overdue


DeadZone_JC #47 Posted May 03 2017 - 12:42


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I have to agree with this petition request. I started out only playing heavy tanks and then a clan mate told me he would teach me to play lights because he thought I would enjoy the light branch more than the heavies and mediums.  Well, he was completely right. I love my light tanks and learned to play them well. Hours of time where I played nothing but my light tanks and enjoyed the experience. However, now that you have nerfed the hell out of the light tank lines in 9.18, it is a chore to play the light tank lines. Now I am not enjoying the game as much and feel that all the time and effort put into my light tanks has become a waste of time and MONEY!

Hydro4 #48 Posted May 03 2017 - 13:54


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HAHA easy issue to solve... next on the chopping block... simply nerf mediums to be slightly worse than lights...  no more issue.


I mean, why not, everyone is always crying about nerfing something... so, an all around nerf bat might do the trick.... after that, they'll have to nerf heavies so the nerfed lights and meds can actually do some kind of damage to them op heavies....


People could stop crying nerf, and figure out how to have fun in a video game... Before people crying about everything ruins a game we all enjoy...



"Remove arty" ( lots of people play arty, this would not fix an issue, only create a new one)

"Nerf Arty" ( they changed arty... nerfed damage, but, tried to "rebalance it"... now people are crying about the nerf because of the stun....will NO ONE be happy?)

People cried my arty could oneshot someone.... and now they cry that they get stunned so often.....


Sandbox.... Lights are great...wait...they are OP...nerf lights, nerf hit, now other tanks have better scouting ability than lights....


People dont get it, if the Dev's do what a whole crap ton of people cry about.... everything will eventually be nerfed into an unplayable state.


On a side note... Ive been stunned in matches where there was no arty.... could it be the HE shell change had an overall affect on other tanks that shoot HE as well? Working as intended or simply a glitch that came along with Arty shells being HE and stun mechanics now in game?


I wish WG would nerf peoples ability to cry "nerf" on the forums....

             Consumers... Crying ner since day 1, and Dev's.... foolish enough to cave to the masses.....

                  Great games DIE off because of this issue.


MaddTrker_1 #49 Posted May 05 2017 - 17:22


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I agree with most of what is being said in this post, but think that Wargaming still needs to make some more tweaks to the light tanks and other classes to rebalance them again. While I'm not much of a Lt tank player, I still feel WG nerfed the Lt's a little bit to much in some areas. I think light tanks should always have the best view range of any class and better camo ratings than mediums and far better than heavies. I do not think light tanks should ever out perform mediums and heavies in dpm or have better hp than the other classes. Light tanks are the eyes for the other classes and it seems that player's don't want to work together anymore and just want their favorite class of tanks to have the best of everything and hell with the other class of tanks. Each class of tanks has to work with the next class to win the battle. Light tanks are meant to scout and to take out the other light tanks. Plus they are supposed to help the heavies by keeping the mediums from flanking them so the heavies can do what they're supposed to do. All in all I think that light tanks need a small buff to at least bring the view range and camo values back up where it should be, but not buffing the gun enough to allow them to out perform the other classes of tanks at their tier.

Manodedios69 #50 Posted Jun 30 2017 - 00:23


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yeah I see everyone's frustration with this, Wargaming needs to get their head out of their collective you know what's. who made this almighty decision to nerf light tanks, it was so sudden. One minute on sandbox they were all OP and everything every light tanker wanted then come release of 9.18 BURNED an entire sector of their player base. Reducing their clip size and view range was the stupidest thing I have ever seen, messing with entire lines that people have enjoyed for years was just plain stupid.

I have tanks of every sort and variety and when I play a light I expect certain things, #1 being Top in view range!~ wthis with making med tank view range so much more??? #2 having firepower when I decide to ambush someone and take them out (reduced clip size and base alpha was just plain stupid), both of which you have decided to castrate in the light tank line.

Meds are far too over powered now hell you can't even fight them as a heavy which is utter bs.

You really need to start taking time to finish projects and actually listen to the player base and not just your biased russian player base. 

You NEVER finished fixing physics; ever see a tank climb a wall or light standard in real life? NEVER

Spotting is still sketchier than ever, other tanking games outclass you in that respect, hell even WOWS spotting system is better; FINISH fixing it!~

And please please more new content, as in NEW MAPS, no wonder people drive around bored and drive up walls or over cliffs, never anything new in the game.

I'm a long time player and enjoy the game and yeah spend too many real dollars on it, consider lowering premium time costs you may see more people buy it.

Please start finishing what you start and stop driving away your player base with bad ideas; pay to win prem tanks need to go, they should never be better than the XP earned tanks in the game.

We can all see the Player base shrinking on NA server you need to start listening more to things like the above, its too easy to log into another game and get more enjoyment than the same ole WOT experience and lack of new content, every other game out there comes out with new content "IE: new Maps" at a minimum of yearly, think on that  (yet another thing we were burned on when you started WOT Console, YOU STOLE WOT PCs  MAPS, and have since created NEW maps for console and neglected PC. "Paris does not count" everyone hates it haha).

Rant over, DO SOMETHING pls

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