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Destination Tank!: Indy's guide to the Renault G1R


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IndygoEEI #1 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 18:57


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Destination Tank!:  Indy's guide to the Renault G1R





Welcome to my guide on the G1R and also an entry for the Destination Tank Faw Contest.

In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about the G1R with a brief synopsis

of what to expect while in pursuit of it.  Let's get started!


Getting There...



The G1R is a T5 medium tank that requires only a few hours in a day of play to get to.  The

tanks that proceed are a nice selection of tanks.  The FT at T1 is good Tier 1 tank that has

great armor and a good gun but is slow.  It's followed up with the H35 which is more of the

same but better.  Then things change up with the Somua S35.  The Armor is traded is off

for some speed, but it still has a good gun. 


It is then followed up by it's successor, the SARL 42.  It is a S35 with a new turret and a

selection of viable guns   These guns are the 47 mm SA37 amélioré and the 75 mm SA44. 

The 47 mm offers better stock Pen, gun handling and DPM, then the 75mm.  However, the

75mm will give you some nice pen if you opt in to it's gold rounds along with alpha damage. 

This is something that the 47mm lacks in offering.  If you do consider the 75mm, please

keep in mind that you should have a premium account if you choose to spam gold. 

Otherwise, use the 47mm.


While you're here at the SARL, you should research 2 essential things.  That is the top

Radio and the top 75mm.  Doing so will make things easier when you get to the G1R.


Order of Research Operations


Once you do get to the G1R, the first thing you should research is the Tracks.  Once you get

the tracks, research the top turret.  You can actually mount the top radio immediately with

some equipment once you get the tank.  After you get the turret mount it and the 75mm SA

44 gun as you should already have it from the SARL.  Then go for the 105 mm Howitzer and

follow them up with the engines.  Voila!  You have a fully upgraded tank.


About the G1R or Appearances can be Deceiving



The G1R is not you typical Tier 5 medium tank.  In fact, it's take on a medium tank is very

unique to the game.  On paper, it's stat look very Meh, but in practice it's a very capable T5

tank that has some tricks and Aces up it's sleeve.  When you first start out, this tank plays like

dog.  It's not very fast, it's stock gun is awful, and you will want to dump it immediately if you

can't deal with it's issues immediately.  Some of this can be readily rectified with a Gun Rammer,

Vents, and GLD.  If you have any of that equipment, mount them.


Once you start playing though, you'll notice it's first Ace.  This thing actually has ARMOR! 

ARMOR!?  ON A MEDIUM!?  Nope, nothing that is medium has that before Tier 5 and is mind

breaking concept.  The only Medium that comes close to having a good all around armor is the
Russian T-34, but it can still be derped with 105 mm Howitzers.  Meanwhile, the G1R can take

a hit from 105 HE and still be quite healthy.  Most of the time it only takes about 150 hp and I

can still live through another shot of 105 HE.  This means I can out trade any T5 derp medium

and win easily.  Even if you get hit with a 122 mm HE Derp, you still have a good 50% chance to



However, the armor is just good for Derp but sidescraping too!  This is the most powerful T5

medium to sidescrape in and you can tank alot of shots.  Hell, it even has side skirts so it

makes the side armor get to ridiculous levels of bounce (300+ mm of ARMOR!?) due to

spaced armor.  This armor is almost as good as heavy at the same tier.  It gun depression

of 8 degrees allow it to further mitigate damage.  Plus it's stock turret profile is an awesome

round ball and very bouncy.  However, you will miss that soon.


Eventually, that stock gun has got to go.  It's horrible (WG PLZ BUFF) and even the SA44

is inadequate for it's tier.  100 Stock Pen with 127 Gold pen is not enough to reliably pen the

front of T7 heavies.  That leaves only one option:  The 105 mm Derp gun.




The G1R has two rivals to contend with at it's tier for 105 mm Derp.  These are the M4

Sherman and the PZ4H.  Once again, on paper things look bad.  The M4 and Pz4H trump

the French 105 mm Howitzer in just about everything.  Except for two details.  The first can

be seen in th link above that has a full stat comparison and that's Shell Velocity.  The Shell
Velocity for the French Derp cannon is about 50% faster then it's counterparts.  While it's

accuracy may leave something to be desired at times, the Shell Velocity makes up for this

deficit by making it easier to hit targets at distance.  The Shell Velocity Also helps prevent

enemy tanks from dodging a big 105mm Derp shell, so you will connect more often in a

when an enemy tires to peakaboo.  In fact, you'll have a leg up on your rivals playing them

in peakaboo situations.


The second thing is Shell Arc.  Now I am going to admit that I haven't tested this, but it

feels like the French 105 Derp has less shell arc then it's counterparts.  If it does, then

it means that this gun is even more point and click friendly then other 105 mm howitzers.

Not only will your shell fly in more of a straight line allowing you to make pin point shots,

but it will also increase your chances of penning.  All this leads me to a conclusion that the

105 is a rather elegant piece of French Hardware. 


While tank is limited to a top speed of 42 KPH, it is actually quite fast to get to it.  It has ample

engine power to climb hills and can traverse very nicely.  It's mobility is more then adequate

for the armor it has and has some good terrain resistance values.


The last ace up it's sleeve is the tanks ability to not light up like a roman candle.  Like the AMX

40,  The engine placement is in a very good area with a lot of buffer to sponge up module

damage.  The engine sits right behind the turret and it's a mystery to me of where the fuel

tanks are because they rarely break.  Also the engine fire chance is 15%, lower then that

of it's Derp Rivals.


So in conclusion the tank is a very much a dangerous Sleeper.  If you see one, don't

underestimate it's qualities.


Crew Skills


The tank's Crew setup is CO, Loader, Driver, and Radio Op.  The CO also does the job of

Gunner, making his position rather important if not the most.  Here's my recommendations for

Crew Skills.  They are listed in order of need.


All Positions - BIA


BIA will critically increase the performance to a point of it being dangerous.  This should be

your first skill on all crew members.  Until you can get this skill reset at 100%, use the first

recommended skill as directed per position.


Commander - Recon, 6th Sense, Snap shot, Camo, Eagle Eye (Alt for 6th), Repairs

The CO only needs one skill for his gunner job and that's Snap shot.  If you're like me and

like to forego 6th sense, then take on Eagle Eye Down the road.  Increasing View range in

this tank benefits it greatly.  Camo and Repairs are great for this tank as other skills the

CO has Acess to are not highly demanded of.


Driver - Clutch Breaking, Smooth Ride, Off Road, Preventative Maintenance (Optional),



The Driver needs to increase traverse speed immediately to prevent the tank from being

flanked.  He also needs to help with the accuracy since the tank demands a Derp Gun. 
After that he can concentrate on other areas of importance.  Preventive maintenance is

entirely optional as a complete 4th skill and should only be used if the tank's operator isn't

comfortable not running a Fire Extinguisher.  (More on that later...)


Radio - Situational Awareness, Camo, Repairs, 5th skill is your choice...


The Radio Operator picks are standard fair, but the 5th skill is your choice.  Due to the lack

Fires that occur in this tank, you can forego that option and pick something.  You can get

the Request for Vengeance perk instead of the Fire Training skill.  You can even opt in to

the Radio Boost skill for this tank as a viable option if you decide to downgrade the radio. 

Why would you want to downgrade the radio?  Because the stock one is 50 Kg while the

top one is 200 kg.  This can give slight increase in mobility that will be noticeable while

keeping a up a respectable radio range..  However, this skill is for your consideration and

not an outright recommendation.


Loader - Camo, Safe Stowage, Repairs, Fire Training


The loader goes through standard procedure, but it's recommended to reset to safe

Stowage a little later then usual.  You should reset it when Repairs reaches at least 50%

on skill 3 to keep the tank better concealed in the long run.


The Advanced Equipment Setup


Earlier in the guide I recommended GLD, Vents, and Rammer to maximize it's capabilities.  If

you want to 3 mark this tank, then it's time to drop GLD when the tank hits skill 3.  At skill 3,

swap out GLD for optics.  When your view range skills gets trained enough you can get 445+

View range with food.  This will allow you to spot for yourself, rack up better end game payouts,

and make it easier for you to 3 Mark your tank


Recommended Consumables and Ammo Loadout


The recommended consumables are first aid kit, repair kit. and Food.  Food is a major bump

for this tank and if you can afford it, you should use it.  If not, then consider using 100 Octane

gas as it will help quite a bit with turret traverse and mobility.  For ammo, you should have a

near 50/50 split between Heat and HE.  Load up the extra round between the split to HE.  You

should be using HEAT on targets at tier 5 and some Tier 6s which are usually mediums.   Use

HE on the rest of your targets. 


If you are using the SA44 75mm gun,  load up all your ammo to APCR rounds except for a few

that are HE.  It's the only way to be competitive with this gun.




I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it to be very informtive.  I put a lot of work into it and

it was great fun.  Just remember to DERP HARD and have fun or if you see this tank to

beware that it's not a tank to be taken lightly.

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ClydeCooper421 #2 Posted Apr 14 2017 - 19:03


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T-34-57 > All other tier 5 mediums. 

IndygoEEI #3 Posted Apr 15 2017 - 00:32


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View PostClydeCooper421, on Apr 14 2017 - 13:03, said:

T-34-57 > All other tier 5 mediums. 


Then maybe you should enter the Destination Tank contest?

ViceKing #4 Posted Aug 19 2017 - 15:07


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Nice guide mate! I'm motivated to try this derper out :)

IndygoEEI #5 Posted Sep 05 2017 - 22:26


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View PostViceKing, on Aug 19 2017 - 09:07, said:

Nice guide mate! I'm motivated to try this derper out :)


Thank you!  It is a definite sleeper...

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