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Suggestion: Next Iteration -> Frontline Random Battle Mode

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Charlie_The_Cat #1 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 11:39


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WG, in Iteration 2 of Frontline, how about:


-Mode: Random Battle Mode (just like the main battle types we do)

-Map(s) of 3km X 3km (full not subdivided in any ways)

-No big guns to destroy (those are related to the Attack/Defend of the subdivided map)

-No Repair pads (new reusable consumables that are coming will do almost the same)

-1 big spawning circle on ech side

-Goal: Cap enemy base or Destroy all enemies - like Random Battles!


We asked for bigger maps for many years, but I don't think we wanted to be 'boxed' into sub-zones on a bigger map like Epic Normandy.


You don't need to invent a new game mode (and take months to try it out before going live), when just a few bigger maps will let us have fun from the get go.


What bigger maps would also do:

-Scouts: Breathe a new life into them and finally let them exploit their camo and view range - and Tier 10 light won't need to get nerfed like you are doing in 9.18 CT

-Arties: Poor things will now have to move to get near the front line if they want to shoot something.

-Mediums: Will be able to flank and snipe again.

-Heavies: Will have to move together as a column if they want to reach the front line - no more yoloing

-TDs: Will get some glory of the past back and snipe/guard base/bottleneck roads and also will continue to attack for the lightly armored one, or assault and assist heavies with the heavier armored ones.

-We won't need to change our tanks/crews setup from how we want them to be (actual frontline forces us to readjust everything)



There are many 'plusses' to have a regular Standard Battle mode.


And as you see, Simpler game mode is often better than over complicated mode.

WileyCat #2 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 12:25


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its fine as is played it its good out ot of the box except profitability but thats always an issue when your using 10's


now this mode is 8's with same profitibility and prem tanks? yes please

Soiled_Tank #3 Posted Apr 16 2017 - 15:21


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I'd personally like to see certain parts reworked to fit lower tiers. Perhaps tier 5 or tier 6 should be the minimum, though there is the problem of less people playing mid tiers so would the matchmaker struggle?

Perhaps having the players fight against waves of bots as they storm the beaches, then alternate to players assisted by bots would lessen the stress for the matchmaker? Would help players a great deal when grinding several lines and tiers. A tier 7 maximum battle, you can choose between your tier 5,6, and 7 tanks. Though this does introduce a problem with balance, perhaps the other team could have more players with more tier 7 tanks? Perhaps it should be a template system where you must have a certain number of tanks in each tier to participate, or just one tier only? Having one tier only would probably would be better for balance.

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