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Arty too accurate in 9.18

arty SPG 9.18 arty buffs arty too accurate SPG too accurate accuracy buffs WTF Wargaming?

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EvilCakez #41 Posted Apr 20 2017 - 00:48


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View PostSlaynar1, on Apr 18 2017 - 12:21, said:

Wait!! So now arty does not get to kill anything?? Just Stun?? I wish you would quit screwing things up!! I play this game because it gives some realistic "real world" play of armored battles. You keep screwing with tanks and vehicles that were "really" in the wars fought and giving unrealistic capabilities to tanks that never even got off the drawing board. Artillery is supposed to be annoying. Put yourself in a metal box in a field and let HUGE projectiles carrying large amounts of explosives go off on top of you or near by. YES it is supposed to scare you and change your thinking and game play. Stop crying about it and learn to play smarter and better. That is life. As for other tanks, the M18 for instance. I have like 7000 battles in it and even after you "nerf" it over and over I still play it. But other TDs that were not even in any war or even produced for that matter, E25 for instance, you do nothing to and continue to adjust others capabilities.



Wow, so you're telling me you want arty to one shot things? In a real situation for WW2, arty was primarily used for area of denial when large amounts of infantry and vehicles were mobilizing, or they were firing at stationary targets (fortifications for instance). They were nowhere near as accurate as they are in this game, which is sad since most tanks are significantly less accurate than they were irl. So you want artillery to be more accurate and kill? Wow, can't wait to engage myself in more dynamic gameplay. Arty is a hell of a lot worse now, I can't play a single round where someone doesn't want to stop riding my disco stick, and consistently stuns my crew and breaks every module on my tank.


As stated prior, arty was not used anywhere near as often on tanks, unlike the use of carriers versus ships. WoWS can keep it's carrier cancer, WHICH YOU EVEN HAVE THE ABILITY TO KILL OFF THEIR PLANES LEAVING THEM USELESS, whereas arty which provides the fairest gameplay by sitting in the back of a map, stroking yourself off with one hand, and clicking with the other. By far the lowest skill class (and most broken, I'll keep on mentioning that one), gets to deal as much damage as a tank on the frontline, with little to no consequence. Honestly, it deserves no sympathy whatsoever.

I can never fathom the amount of people who keep saying arty is hard to play because of leading shots and prioritizing targets. Really? How very insightful of you Sherlocks, it's not like other tanks need to move from one position to the next running away from something they can't see, while angling their armour and getting into proper positions to fight the enemy team (all while trying to keep in mind the previous "tactics" "only arty" needs to implement in order to play the game).

We already have to deal with the t49 keeping it's derp (they said they'd remove it, but they only removed it from the 2801, so that's not even fun now), the type 4/5 heavy having the 15cm which makes them easy mode since they do as much damage as the 14cm but pure spamming HE (so they have to do less aiming, and expose their tank less, while getting an armour buff for the type 5). The only people we have to thank for this are those of lower skill/willingness to learn.


This game is honestly turning into the biggest cash grab by WG through consistent skill ceiling decreases and nerfs to tanks that require some sort of effort to play properly, easy prem rounds that honestly needed damage and slight pen nerfs for a while (this should reverse the unnecessary maus buff they gave, with the type 5 needing it's old armour values as well), and arty completely removed or castrated far below its original parameters. I wouldn't even care if I didn't get xp for all the gold and free xp I wasted on arty, that's how bad I want it removed.

Mangonel #42 Posted Apr 20 2017 - 01:09


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if arty is top tier it can usually 1 shot the lowest tier tanks in that match with a direct hit - has happened to me

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Tahllol #43 Posted Apr 20 2017 - 05:46

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View PostBavor, on Apr 18 2017 - 02:57, said:

I played some more battles on the test server today.  On Sandbox, I complained that arty was too accurate, had to low of an aim time, and too large of a splash.  


Its the same way on the test server.  Arty was buffed too much and its completely annoying. 


These were my results on the test server today playing the T92 and Obj 261



5 shots fired 5 hits

3 shots fired 3 hits

3 shots fired 3 hits

4 shots fired 4 hits


Obj 261

5 shots fired 5 hits

6 shots fired 5 hits (the last shot was at a moving Obj 140 that was circling me at the end of the battle and I missed.)


A 96% hit rate in arty?  Yes that's not too accurate or broken at all.  What were you thinking Wargaming?  I guess you don't listen to Sandbox feedback when players say the SPG changes were a buff.



interesting how is it only you are getting 96% hit rate? Most of the people I've talked to in matches direct hits are about the same 30-40% splash is high but little to no damage. The Arty with the little guns and no splash/stun got 100% screwed.

Bavor #44 Posted Apr 20 2017 - 15:27


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View PostTahllol, on Apr 19 2017 - 23:46, said:


interesting how is it only you are getting 96% hit rate? Most of the people I've talked to in matches direct hits are about the same 30-40% splash is high but little to no damage. The Arty with the little guns and no splash/stun got 100% screwed.


Most players were getting 30-4o% hit rated before the buffs to arty accuracy and aim time in 9.18.  to get a 30% hit rate int he current buffed arty they must be bad at predicting the pubbie shuffle or bad at target selection.

marco001 #45 Posted May 18 2017 - 01:50


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Totally agree. arty is way too accurate now. Sixth sense goes off and "Wham!" I'm hit. That's some pretty fast aiming, even when I'm not in a key spot. Arty kills me more than any other tank. Arty players always say, well stay behind hard cover, move alot - impossible unless you want to camp behind tall, hard cover all the time. Don't even get me started on the LEFH18B2 

Dustychild44 #46 Posted May 21 2017 - 01:38


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Delete Arty. Fix Arty Or at least disable till you can pull an answer out of your [edited]to fix for F up.

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