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Light Tanks

0.9.18 Feedback

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chezypuuf #141 Posted May 22 2017 - 09:23


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Has anyone considered that making Arty obsolete would also negatively effect light tanks? I have a final mission where I need 4k spotted damage. Arty is a light tanks bread and butter for spotted damage. First of all less and less people are playing arty, and the ones that still play are doing less than half the damage they used to. Over all it's reduced light tanks performance, and had made many missions impossible to complete. My spotted damage is maybe a 3rd of what it used to be.

docroberts #142 Posted May 22 2017 - 19:25


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So a couple years back they cut the view range of all the TDs and they made everything revolve around spotting and relying on other tanks to keep them lite so you can shoot them . So now they have killed allot of lite tanks to pass that job to the Meds . I will never understand . Cause last time when they did that then all of a sudden we had all these new Heavy TDs cause the heavy's refused to push up and allot of TD players switched to heavy tanks .  To this day I still don't play allot of TDs because nothing seemed to spot and when they did the enemy team was 50 to 75 feet infront of you when they did spot . It made it pretty impossible to do your job when the rest of the team up and died , And didn't mater what skills you had on the crew . They claimed they fixed spotting a couple patches back but I'm still not seeing improvement ... Why don't they just cut to the chase and make spotting all the same for a base skill for every tank and spotting gets improved by the perks of the skill you choose , and quit screwing with nerfing and buffing , this is getting pretty old . Every time there is a change then the players shift from one line to the next out of necessity just to compensate to be competitive . 

general_scrubdriver #143 Posted May 26 2017 - 14:38


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i like apologize for jumping this thread, but i thought id say, well somethings, cause, ive had some problems with the new light set-up. i mean looking at right now tier7 (lts) its like their butchered, 8s well not as good, (as before update), but because of the new MM are competitive, where as old MM you may well rely on spotting, and getting less results there. now the new MM gives a (seemingly) 'balanced draw'. and to keep my comment short, i happen to now have the ger9, as it is now, the nice as a 8, and well jury is out as a 9, the ru, but how can a 10 make you need to, or even want to have to make 300of exp, oh im sorry its 298of exp, not 300(K) to research, and a ger med, or hvy are a small sum and easy to make 180+, maybe 200 or so K to make of research?? why would i even want to, need, to make that sum of exp for the pos(sorry, but not as a pun, but that 10 looks sorry). 

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