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Light Tanks

0.9.18 Feedback

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chezypuuf #141 Posted May 22 2017 - 09:23


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Has anyone considered that making Arty obsolete would also negatively effect light tanks? I have a final mission where I need 4k spotted damage. Arty is a light tanks bread and butter for spotted damage. First of all less and less people are playing arty, and the ones that still play are doing less than half the damage they used to. Over all it's reduced light tanks performance, and had made many missions impossible to complete. My spotted damage is maybe a 3rd of what it used to be.

docroberts #142 Posted May 22 2017 - 19:25

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So a couple years back they cut the view range of all the TDs and they made everything revolve around spotting and relying on other tanks to keep them lite so you can shoot them . So now they have killed allot of lite tanks to pass that job to the Meds . I will never understand . Cause last time when they did that then all of a sudden we had all these new Heavy TDs cause the heavy's refused to push up and allot of TD players switched to heavy tanks .  To this day I still don't play allot of TDs because nothing seemed to spot and when they did the enemy team was 50 to 75 feet infront of you when they did spot . It made it pretty impossible to do your job when the rest of the team up and died , And didn't mater what skills you had on the crew . They claimed they fixed spotting a couple patches back but I'm still not seeing improvement ... Why don't they just cut to the chase and make spotting all the same for a base skill for every tank and spotting gets improved by the perks of the skill you choose , and quit screwing with nerfing and buffing , this is getting pretty old . Every time there is a change then the players shift from one line to the next out of necessity just to compensate to be competitive . 

general_scrubdriver #143 Posted May 26 2017 - 14:38


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i like apologize for jumping this thread, but i thought id say, well somethings, cause, ive had some problems with the new light set-up. i mean looking at right now tier7 (lts) its like their butchered, 8s well not as good, (as before update), but because of the new MM are competitive, where as old MM you may well rely on spotting, and getting less results there. now the new MM gives a (seemingly) 'balanced draw'. and to keep my comment short, i happen to now have the ger9, as it is now, the nice as a 8, and well jury is out as a 9, the ru, but how can a 10 make you need to, or even want to have to make 300of exp, oh im sorry its 298of exp, not 300(K) to research, and a ger med, or hvy are a small sum and easy to make 180+, maybe 200 or so K to make of research?? why would i even want to, need, to make that sum of exp for the pos(sorry, but not as a pun, but that 10 looks sorry). 

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Charlie_The_Cat #144 Posted May 29 2017 - 12:07

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As I posted in another thread, its cool to have tier 9 and tier 10 lights and a change to MM for them.

What is not right is this:

-Light tanks still feel like they are RWD (rear-wheel-drive) on ice: I don't know who came up with this model at WG, but please change it.  60kph IS NOT fast and you shouldn't make a 360 when you turn at that speed because you 'slip'.  The tank is at least 6 tons with tracks and this is not a behavior expected at tall.

-Tier 9 & 10 credits & XP ares too low for the amount of dmg and spotting we do: doing north of 2k dmg, spotted half of the known-world, killing 2-3 arty and still net you mid pack of your team? That is very wrong vs a med of the same tier that does less in term of team effort but gets rewarded better at the end? Something is wrong here. Buff the credits and XP gain plz.

-Some light missions are barely possible now and I feel the personal missions were forgotten in the last few months with the last updates. Missions like the LT-7 where you have to spot and dmg 3 SPGs - there are only 1 and max 2 SPGs per side now - is impossible to make. And when you do have 3 spgs, the chances that you are on the right map hurts even more.

-Maps are too small. Period.


The whole mechanic of view range needs rework and having scout tank performing less than mediums of the same tier is stupid.


So +1 for lights tanks by themself, but the game needs to be adjusted in order to make them viable. 

FlyingTankRescue2015 #145 Posted Jul 03 2017 - 17:40


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So after a battles since the 9.18 patch has been released and I immediately notice, all the light tanks have been heavily nerfed in the tier V  range. Why... just why... the only thing that made the light tanks good was their mobility, camo, and spotting. But now light tanks are so slow they can easily get picked off by other tanks. For an example the Amx Elc Bis, one of my favorite tanks used to go 65 and excellent acceleration but after the 9.18 patch it goes 60 and has terrible acceleration, like why WarGamming... its almost impossible to scout unless you have camo + Binocs or you charge into the front lines of the battlefield but to no avail you're just going to get obliterated. I feel like there is no point in playing the Amx Elc Bis, as much fun as it was its speed nerf just kills one of the best parts of the tank and I can say for most players of the Amx Elc Bis that you just completely ruined the tank. I hope WarGamming changes their mind and fix this and some of the other nerfs to some of our favorite tanks because some are under-powered now.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A Simple Player ~FlyingTankResue2015~


The_Eliminator6 #146 Posted Oct 22 2017 - 19:40


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What the heck have u WG ppl done,basically ruined the dam game for us.Who the dam idiot who thought this patch would be good.I have never seem WG open 3 patches in a year -> 9.18/9.19/9.20/9.20.1. WE KNOW THAT U KNOW THAT U MESSED THIS GAME UP BAD. I come bck from break bombarded by stupid prem advertsements and personal reserves. These 4 updates are stupid.OMG WHAT THE HECK. NOW LETS FOCUS ON WHY U GUYS MESSED UP SO DAM BAD. 



U GUYS nerfed its camo rating so ELC isnt even on top 10 tank camo list.The games are mostly tier5 and its so boring i dont really care to play that much anymore,but i still play sometimes to get closer to skills/perks (EDIT-IDK IF IM GONNA PLAY ANYMORE TILL FIXED). The games end way to fast and i get spotted more bc most of the other tank classes have same view range.Its so slow that i go up a hill and a tier4 is faster.The freakin luchs accelerates faster.Im getting 2 shot by tier6 russian meds.Im so mad that they didnt nerf any of the meds. Just about all meds tier5+ go faster than elc.They better revert back to 9.17 with scout mm.Who was idiot who even made the 9.18-9.20.1 update pass the test phase.Also heard ppl were fine with test phase but when it came out they destroyed just about everything and ignored feedbck so we get this 3/5/7 mm,light nerf,non-arty toon,arty stun, useless heavies,lower tank shooting frst trash update.Dam u devs better listen to us on these forums bc we pissed. DONT BUY ANYMORE PREMS,they also milking us with personal reserves every dam game.Its ridiculous. Hate this dam update. I tried to adapt to new mm but the matches are so fast and each match too similar that i might take another break. I already took 2 two month breaks from 9.18-9.20.1. Its not just elc but all lights got nerfed to death.Idk what u guys smoked in WG but it musta messed u up real bad. Usually im a real nice guy and most ppl in/out of game will say so but for the ppl who put sweat and tears into there tanks and played many battles,looked at many Youtube vids and internet guides to get good at tank roles, THEY ARE PISSED OFF. I think now u WG ppl know how mad we are. We have respected u until this 9.18 update,i think u lost most customers respect.NOW LISTEN TO FORUMS AND GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE BC SOON ENOUGH THERE WE BE NO CUSTOMERS TO BUY PREMS AND PLAY IF U KEEP GOING DOWN THIS MONOTOMIC GAMEPLAY ROUTE.





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