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Artillery Changes

0.9.18 Feedback

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Quemapueblos #1 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:39

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Hello Tankers,


Today we launched patch 0.9.18 and we want to hear your feedback! There are separate topics for the major 0.9.18 changes, please leave all feedback for Artillery Changes in this thread. 

  • How does artillery feel to play compared to previous patch balance?
  • How does artillery feel to play against compared to previous patch balance?
  • Do you find teamwork with artillery has improved?
  • How do you feel the economy for artillery has changed with this patch?


Details of Artillery Changes:



Overview of Patch 0.9.18 Here

Full Patch Notes Here

bossesarehard #2 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:53


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well every game i play i screwed over by it and die faster then being one shot by arty cause they don't have to hit you anymore you shot in the direction your stunned and there goes about 300-500 hp i can't stand it at the moment  but also im not hating it just right now im not sure how to play against it once i figure it out i'll be fine i'll just use my team members as meat shields and just carry games what ever

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ODAAT_chatbanned #3 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:54


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absolutely love the changes both as a spg player and playing against them.  this was long overdue and makes arty what it should have been all along, a harasser/support class

Porchcat #4 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:55


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other than not being able to platoon, I think arty is still very enjoyable to play.  May need to go to no more than 2 arty though.

VooDooKobra #5 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:56


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Removing the ability for arty to platoon even with regular tanks was not very well thought out.  And to add insult to I jury tank rewards is all about the platoon.  Which excludes those who play arty from earning anything.

FaustKnight #6 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:57


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It's definitely better than being one shotted. 

It's fun to play *as*.



Being stunned is *awful*. A stun at the wrong time essentially means you are dead, even at full hp. 

The amount of stun time per shot is very high. Perma stunlock happens often. 

Arty is dead on accurate now. In 5 games I've yet to miss more than 1 shot per game. 

Fruit_Loopz #7 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:58


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The "new fair and balanced" Arty..... I'll just say this. While playing Arty it's awesome, as you click and giggle people into fully stunned retardation. Not playing Arty I take the time during stunned for the game to decide if I'm going to uninstall the game and move onto another or not. My decision will take a days to see how things go.

Medessec #8 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 20:59


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Arty is more annoying to play against. I know stun is less potent and doesn't deal actual damage, but I'm getting hit far more often and getting splashed behind cover. Being a heavy tank is pretty awful now... a good amount of time is spent stunned, so you can't aim very well in some situations. I'm still seeing one-shots on lights and some mediums are losing more than 70% of HP, which to me is still pretty close to the problems of pre-0.9.18 arty.


Being arty, at least for me, is less exciting. Less damage, and stun doesn't feel very tactile, just that I'm earning "consolation points" for happening to hit near enemies when they're fighting, and at the great risk of stunning teammates as well. Stunning itself, from my perspective, doesn't feel like I'm doing much to help the team. It just feels like I'm occasionally doing a little bit every shot. I will say that the Battle Assistant Camera is fantastic. I don't like how there's now no reason to drive arty into town and try to shotgun enemies at close range, or even close the range at all, now that accuracy is higher.


This is my immediate impressions coupled with experience on Sandbox and Public Test. I will likely repost at some point.

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_JUMPER__1 #9 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:00


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For arty players who hunt other arty this is a plus!seems to make them need to move when gets splashed in return your scout just lit them up while they relocate.overall love the update now.

nuclearguy931 #10 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:01


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It's a great change and has made arty which was already enjoyable to play, even more enjoyable now.


As for the platooning, I can understand not having multiple arty in a platoon but not allowing it to platoon with other classes is just ridiculous. The reason being it would make for overpowered platoons is nonsense. If that was the case then you might want to rethink having 3 top tier auto loaders in the same platoon, would you not have the same 'overpower' issue allowing that to continue? A platoon of Batchats or the new Lorraine can be just as devastating if not more so than a platoon with arty.

Viper900 #11 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:07

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Artillery is by far more annoying in my opinion after this patch. In lower tier games, I get hit every five seconds or so, making it almost unplayable. 



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xrays_ #12 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:07


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As a long-time paying customer, that also plays a lot of artillery, I am quite upset that WG has decided to eliminate the option for artillery to platoon with friends. On top of the fact that it is far more difficult to "carry" a match in artillery now (this was something I was good at, forgive me), not being able to choose your platoon-mates really feels like a kick in the pants.


Artillery can still one-shot tanks (I have done a few already today), so the whiners will still be there. Artillery can still do damage (I have had multiple 4k+ games already today), so the whiners will still be there. The problem is damage consistency, or the lack of it. When a CGC hits for 300 damage, you just have to scratch your head.


The artillery-haters may see this as a triumph... Until they start complaining about the next thing.


Basically, I think this has sealed the deal for me. I am now slowly withdrawing my dedication to this game. I have enjoyed the game up until now, but this "patch" has gone too far. I hope others don't feel this way and the game continues, and WG fixes these mistakes, but I don't have any faith left.



LordSerb #13 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:08


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Can we just remove arty at this point?

Laniru #14 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:08

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As I mentioned in a different thread, I would like credit compensation for all the AP/HEAT shells that were taken away.

IceFLYER #15 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:11


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Here, wrote it elsewhere but here's the link:


Stormer100 #16 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:15

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Even though I don't play much arty, I think it's very unfair for them not to be able to platoon.

Coftron #17 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:27


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Playing against artillery is a bit better in heavily armored tanks, but in light or no armor tanks it is a thousand times worse. A player may not get one shot but a lucky shell now, but light armored tanks still get hit for over 50% of their hp as well as having crew/module damage and now also stun effects. Light armored tanks are being affected overwhelmingly negative as a result of this arty change because they are being hit more often and drastically worse then heavy tanks. This forces light tanks to stay hidden and promotes camping which slows down game play and punishes aggressive play especially in lights that must flank in order to deal damage and even to light as mediums and some heavy tanks still have better view range.


The other frustrating issue is that we are not longer able to platoon with artillery thus relegating it to solo play. Why not limit the number of arty per platoon similar to World of Warships with carriers. That would allow platoon mates to coordinate and enjoy playing the game together again, instead of reduce the game to isolated an single player game. As a result, teamwork has been negatively effected.

Xyrothryu #18 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:35

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by a MILE this has made arty so much more annoying. It basically just causes camping. no one will pull out when stunned, and now if you do get hit your [edited], can't repair, can't move, can't aim, basically it made what was slow and minorly annoying to pretty much the worst mechanic i have seen.

Bravo4zero #19 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:39

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Although the changes (by some) are well received, I've witnessed both sides of the coin. On the test server playing my BatChat 155 58 was amazing as I'd be able to stun opposing teams members and rake in the assisted damage as our team obliterated the stunned opposition. So far, on the live server I haven't found this as players seem more intent on simply racking up there own damage and enjoying the spoils of war.


With the lowered damage I'm able to cause I'm losing more credits than previous as I'm unable to accumulate as much damage and suffer incredibly from the lack of teamwork present in most public games. This is from a small number of games played so this may (or may not) change in peak times.


Playing as a "tanker", I've found it more annoying to be rendered useless by being stunned than losing half my hit points from 1 artillery hit at times when playing lightly armored tanks as you take damage and have to drive a severely "nerfed" tank for 10-15-20 seconds. That being said, in a more heavily armored vehicle the change is a little bit of a "sigh of relief" (my Maus, Jpz E100 and E100 thank you!)


All in all I think this change will appease most players but not all. I think as an artillery player and tanker (majority of my play in NOT SPG) that the changes are of a positive nature. However, if I was only an SPG player I may disagree for the following reasons :


1. I believe the lack of being able to platoon, even with tanks of other types is a ridiculous change as is not the whole purpose of this game to promote team work? what about bonus awards for platooning? This has been taken from players for no reason at all in my mind. If in a mixed platoon you can at least provide support for the 2 other guys on your team that you can rely on while also being able to "profit" from the rewards awarded to platoons.

2. The inability to 1 shot opposing team artillery - I will try to counter-artillery to help my team be able progress without taking damage by taking out the long range support provided by their artillery. Now I find I can counter but often will simply stun the opposing artillery with all 3 shells fired from the clip of my BatChat even with direct hits.

3. I've found that firing at close range causes extreme damage to my BatChat, sometimes even self-destruct while doing little to no damage to the attacking enemy tank. I'm sure many welcome this and I to at times would have appreciated this but wonder if this intentional?

4. With the spall-liner and rechargeable health kits this has nullified artillery's usefulness as single shot artillery will essentially have no effect on a tank with this set-up.


I've tried to provide this info from a "both sides of the fence" perspective and as I said I believe the artillery not being able to platoon with even a mix of tanks is very unfair and DOES NOT conform to one of main aspects of game-play i.e. team work.

Brick94 #20 Posted Apr 18 2017 - 21:41


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The medium tier arty is a lot more fun to play, the top tier arty is fairly useless now.  I guess that was WG's goal to make tier 9 and 10 arty useless against slow heavy's.  Half the pen and half the damage, so now you only do 300 damage a minute vs 800 damage a minute.  All those times that an E5 or IS7 was one shot and they cried like the little girls they are about it, WG doesn't want that any more.  I guess anyone would get sick of all the crying babies after a while.  I mean, I must of one shot 1 to 2 tanks in my M53/M55 in 132 battles.  That's a lot of crying over something that happens so rarely.  Well I guess the cry babies got what they want and now they will get stunned and splashed to death, over and over and over again.  Got to love the 11 metre splash radius, makes getting reset easier.

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