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[World of Tanks] Micropatch 0.9.18_2

Micropatch 0.9.18_2

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CalypsoBlue #101 Posted May 02 2017 - 01:04


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This new change with MM is killing me. I have seen my rating go down since 4/28/17. Ok, so I am not the greatest player out there, but I try, but it seems like I have to go thru 10 battles to finally win one. Cannot believe I am saying this, but bring MM back to the original setup. At least I had a chance....

skychan #102 Posted May 13 2017 - 23:52


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1. When will you put in a patch to change matchmaker to structure platoons based on the highest tier a tank can see, not what tier it is so that preferred vehicles can platoon correctly? 

2. When will you put in a patch to allow one artillery per platoon so that they can both be played socially, and gain the benefits of being in a platoon?

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