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Unicum's Guide to the HMS Hot TOG

Guide TOG II*

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haxmachine21 #1 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 02:47


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Here we are again......this time, the tank I suffered through is the TOG II*, the largest meme to ever exist in World of Tanks. So....in we go!


For starters, the TOG II* was developed early in World War 2, with the designers (The Old Gang, hence the name 'TOG' ) expecting the 2nd World War to turn into trench warfare, just like the 1st. However, with Germany having developed the 'blitzkrieg', the TOG was virtually useless, and the project was scrapped. There was a TOG I*, but the prototype for it disappeared in 1943 upon being sent to a military base for testing. The TOG II* currently rests in the Bovington Tank Museum.....and Mighty Jingles regularly visits his mistress.


Here are the pros and cons for the TOG II*:


Excellent gun handling.

MASSIVE HP pool, comparable to some tier 7 heavies.

Excellent standard ammo penetration....gold is almost unnecessary. (17-pdr AT gun)

Very large ammo capacity.

Ammo is cheap, the TOG makes a lot of money.

TOG can stand toe-to-toe with all tier 6s, and will come out on top almost all the time.

Good turret armor (114mm), can go hull-down, and also has good gun depression, allowing you to only show your turret when peeking hills.

Pref.MM...only tank at tier 6 to get it.



The slowest tank in the game....14KPH top speed.

The TOG is extremely large...easy prey for artillery.

Ammo rack is vulnerable.

Hull armor is laughable, will be penned every shot with no angling.

Open maps are tantamount to a death sentence for a TOG.


The TOG is as recognizable as the White House....probably because the TOG is the size of the White House, but that doesn't matter. The TOG has a lot of HP, an incredibly good gun, and an awesome RoF. This means it can stand toe-to-toe with nearly any tank and wipe them out easily when used by a good player. However, being able to stand toe-to-toe with any tank doesn't mean it is extremely good. The TOG has a laughable amount of armor, and can easily be outmaneuvered. And if you're spotted, artillery will automatically ignore any other threat just to focus you down, since you're an easy target. So, in that sense, open maps are extremely deadly to the TOG, and that is when base-camping is actually encouraged, as you're too slow to really get anywhere, and as you're crawling along, you're an easy target. However, when you're on a city map, the TOG is far better protected, meaning artillery won't touch you inappropriately as much. But the main way to play the TOG is simply as a supporter when mid-tier, and as a frontline heavy when top tier. Your massive HP pool means you can soak up shots and allow your allies to stay alive as they rip away at the enemy, and when you die, they can use your tank as a very effective shield. When mid-tier, let your larger, more heavily-armored allies to take the lead, and since you're so slow, you can act as a flank guard/supporter. One more thing: When you pick a location to drive to, there is no turning back. Just like the Matilda IV (which I made a guide on as well), you're far too slow to change what side of the map you want to be on. And when going from cover to cover, do it without stopping, as stopping just makes you easier to hit.


Next, modules/consumables/crew skills/ammo loadout.

For modules, Spall Liner is necessary, as it makes HE far less dangerous. Then, pick up a Gun Rammer and Vents. No need to worry about a Laying Drive, as your gun already aims quickly enough. For consumables, a Large Repair Kit helps keep you sturdy, a Large First Aid Kit makes your crew far less susceptible to being killed, and an Auto Fire Extinguisher means you catch fire less often, and you don't need to worry about scrambling to find the button to activate a Manual one in the heat of battle.

As for Crew skills, Repairs should be your first one for everyone, as if a TOG is tracked out in the open, you're going to be utterly wrecked. Next, go with Sixth Sense (Commander), Deadeye (Gunner), Clutch Breaking (Driver, helps with traverse speed and makes it easier to deal with circling medium tanks), Situational Awareness (Radio Operator), and then go for Adrenaline Rush and Safe Stowage (on the 2 Loaders). Finally, follow all of that up with BiA and make your fire rate that much more cancerous. As for ammo, I use 104 AP and 40 APCR. I usually don't use HE.


Next, here are some tips.

--When top tier, while you can take hits, don't be so free with your hitpoints. A TOG is pretty fragile....and those hitpoints will vanish quickly if you're being too reckless.

--If you can go hull-down, do it. It hides your easily-penetrated hull and shows the enemy only your 114mm turret, which is harder to pen and a smaller target.

--If you can platoon with TOGs, make it happen. :P TOG platoons brighten up everyone's days, and 3 TOGs together mean you can melt targets with your combined RoF.


Finally, I only have a couple replays......here you go!

--The 3 MoE game (abused the hill and used my gun depression to hit cresting enemies): http://wotreplays.com/site/3536447#widepark-haxmachine21-tog_ii

--The 2 MoE game (holding off valley with a KV-1....a defensive TOG is a hard nut to crack): http://wotreplays.com/site/2453117#lakeville-haxmachine21-tog_ii

--TOG Scout (back when Mastery badges were hard to get): http://wotreplays.com/site/2392448#prokhorovka-haxmachine21-tog_ii


There you guys go! I hope this little guide helps a little bit!! :honoring:

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Urdr #2 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 03:22


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Totally agree, gonna try some of what u said.

Thanks :)

haxmachine21 #3 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 03:31


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View PostUrdr, on Apr 27 2017 - 20:22, said:

Totally agree, gonna try some of what u said.

Thanks :)


No problem! I love making these guides to help you guys out!

nickalaso123 #4 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 03:36


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Save the TOGS!

ImApollo #5 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 03:59

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This post was longer then the TOG...

Nonamanadus #6 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 04:14


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It would be nice if the TOG was able to snipe better, you can't chase down anything and it's frustrating watching shells slice to the left or right of a target (Firey Salient from the tracks to the road on the C line). Hit points are nice but they are mostly for the opponents to farm off you). 

MoWhiskey #7 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 14:29

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Tried to watch vids, no go wouldn't open... If you use mods maybe that is why as I don't anymore.


Still good info-Go TOGS

Whelan_Cooper #8 Posted Apr 28 2017 - 15:10


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Nice guide as always, 21.  Nothing gets me wanting to play bad tanks quite like them!


The only thing I'd add to its pros (and I know you already know this) is that it is the only tank to get tier 6 preferred matchmaking.


So what's the next 3-mark target?  Maybe the KV-220?

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