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historical battle tournaments?

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Would you try a historical battle tournament?

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Uryangkhai #1 Posted May 03 2017 - 22:32


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The original format was poorly implemented and quickly abandoned rather than fixed.  But i think competitive and scheduled play could fix a lot of flaws that historical battles had.



Matchmaker struggled with cobbling together an assortment of tanks.



What if everybody wanted to take a Tiger but nobody wanted to be in a Sherman for particular battle? 



Noobs thought their Hellcat would have a 90mm gun, or 122mm for the KV-1S... likely got miffed in battle.  Assuming they got into one.



There was a clunky message which seemed to show an inordinate amount of credits deducted for ammo... even if the net amount was actually marginal it seemed to be pretty high.



Limited amount of people to begin with and even fewer once the flaws started eroding the already narrow pool meant an irreversible downward spiral set in quickly.


But with a 5v5, 7v7, or 30v30 competition... the flaws are either addressed or minimized.  The mix of heavies, mediums, TDs, lights (and arty?) that one side can bring, right?  So there won't be a lopsided queue of 15 Tigers versus 0 volunteers to be roflstomped as Shermans.  People already burn through plenty of credits so that wouldn't be the same deterrent.  Wait-time between matches is a bit obnoxious but most people already deal with this.  And yes, it might be a pain to be  the low-tier Hetzer in a historical match when the other team is bringing a Jackson or ISU-152 but that already goes on to a certain extent with limitations on total allowable tiers.


To start off of course T-34 vs Panzer IV or M4 vs Panzer IV is an obvious baseline before tweaking the composition for various matches.


tl;dr - i would like to see Historical Battles.  they cancelled it in Random but i think it could be done as a Tournament.

Soiled_Tank #2 Posted May 03 2017 - 22:46


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In a tournament fashion it could work as the battles are already arranged and only a human "matchmaker" would be needed. I would like to make my own suggestion to this idea, making the tournament based on actual battles. Having games reenacting the Battle of France, Kursk, Battle of Bulge, or battlefields such as how the Afrika Korps would be fighting the British or United States.


With your baseline, battles could be something like this:

Stock Pershing with short 90mm versus Tiger with short 88mm

T20 versus Stock Panther, or Easy 8/Jumbo versus VK30.02M

Jackson/Hellcat with 76mm versus Dicker Max/Jagdpanzer IV with either 75mm/Nashorn with long 88

Wolverine versus Stug with shorter 75mm

M8A1 versus Marder 38t/Hetzer with 75mm

M4 Sherman with 75mm versus Pz IV H with 75mm

M3 Lee versus Pz IV D

M3 Stuart versus Pz II Luchs without 3cm cannon.


Using historical tanks in historical configurations, people could sign up to be part of a team. If a fair team can't be formed with the remaining units, they will not get to participate. If more people sign up, we can have larger scale battles perhaps even up to 30vs30 or 60vs60 for a real battle feel.


One question though: Will the regular HP system be used, or will all tanks have 100Hp and be able to be one shotted for more historical accuracy? I feel that the current HP system will be better to use.


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Ak_Lonewolf #3 Posted May 03 2017 - 22:52

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The only way a historical battle could work...


You hit battle and it randomly selects your position in the battle.. and you play with what you are given... Like the WW1 go carts but with pre-selected tanks and equipment..

nwn #4 Posted May 03 2017 - 23:19


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I like this idea. Actual vehicles with the historically correct guns. Sign me up. FYI, the Jackson had the 90 mm cannon, not the 76 or 75 mm.

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