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Aquino Tank Weekend Giveaway!

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rossmtbiker__O_OII #21 Posted May 15 2017 - 01:59


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how did i miss this? :-(


i've ridden in lots of leopards, so no biggy. see you guys there!

Jcmartin2013 #22 Posted May 25 2017 - 06:50


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Sadly I must work this weekend, so no tanks for me.  :(


Hope the weather co-operates and you have lots of fun.  Perhaps I will be lucky and catch you the next time you guys are in Canada.

dexatrin82 #23 Posted May 26 2017 - 17:29


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I hope you can buy regular tickets at the gate, I don't need a leopard ride, but I wanna go.

Waffenzug #24 Posted May 27 2017 - 01:41


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I can't believe I didn't win, I mean, I was the only one that entered right? Oh, well, I guess its good that I bought my own ticket.  See you all there tankers!!

acyss1967 #25 Posted May 27 2017 - 22:12


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Had a blast today at the show saw meathead and his team easy guys to talk to was a great day going back tomorrow



nekojima #26 Posted May 27 2017 - 22:20


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I had a fantastic time today at the event too. Spoke with MHM, Q and the Chieftain, great ride in the Leopard and the live displays were good and loud!!


I didn't get to see the normal tank collection at the museum, think it was roped off. Will have to pop back sometime to see them.


moon111 #27 Posted May 30 2017 - 23:50


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Was a great weekend, went both days.  The WOT staff were all very accommodating.  They especially did very well making MeatheadMilitia a face for the company.  

On the way home, I asked my son what was the best part.  He said the Leopard 1 ride was really cool.  The live performances were awesome, but meeting

Meathead was the highlight.  Must admit, don't remember seeing much of Quemapueblos in front of the camera before, but he came across as a very cool representative

of the company and hopefully we'll see more of him.  Screw Warships :) The show did a roll-out of the tanks one-by-one.  A few things said raised my eyebrow.  Would of loved to have

seen The_Chieftan doing the narrative instead.  


The one thing I noticed, World of Tanks was a sponsor of the show, but there was nothing of a real sales pitch at all.  For a company that keeps on getting 'slammed' for

greed and profits, there was absolutely none of that here.  If I just happened to like tanks, I might of walked away from the show not even knowing what WOT was.

Just as a fan of the game, I would of walked around passing out invite codes myself!  But there was none of that.  The staff shook hands with existing players, posed

for pictures, and briefly chatted with gamers. There wasn't even any WOT swag for sale which might of competed with the Museum's revenue stream or other good causes

like woundedwarriors.ca.   It left you thinking this was definitely just a bunch of cool guys and not some evil corporation out to extort their player base.

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