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Ranked Mode is broken (9.19 CT)

MM heavies mediums 9.19

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Gothraul #1 Posted May 05 2017 - 23:56


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Gave this mode a couple of runs and it is fun until the MM starts throwing lopsided teams where one team has the lions share of the mediums and frankly mediums dominate in this mode...

Mydragonsfly #2 Posted May 05 2017 - 23:58


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So in laymans terms, "dont bother grinding for a tier ten"?

Shifty__ #3 Posted May 06 2017 - 00:07


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View PostMydragonsfly, on May 05 2017 - 16:58, said:

So in laymans terms, "dont bother grinding for a tier ten"?



Erik_Thorvaldsson #4 Posted May 06 2017 - 00:31


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So what you're saying is either ranked or pubs are the same after 1 or 2 battles.


This is what happens when you can't find a player base that gives 2 sh!ts about tank games.


Crazy thing is, the NA servers service approx half the entire world. I.E. North, Central & South America, the Pacific Ocean area including AU and NZ + the rest of the pacific rim yet we can't match either EU servers non prime time population at our peak.


If only we would've had 1 major tank battle in North America...

fred_632 #5 Posted May 06 2017 - 00:55


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View PostMydragonsfly, on May 05 2017 - 23:58, said:

So in laymans terms, "dont bother grinding for a tier ten"?


You can still grind for a tier 10 to play in Random Battles where its a little more rewarding, it's just not worth it to play Ranked Battles unless you have really deep pockets and no limit on your credit card to buy credit bundles or gold to convert to credits.

DethLok #6 Posted May 31 2017 - 12:56


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So, I pick a tier X arty, enter my first ranked battle after the new 9.19 patch.




ANOTHER Tier X arty!


Just one!


A two player battle, one versus one.


In arty.


At tier X.


So, I take a video, they shoot me, I die.




Despite finishing at the TOP of my losing team, I don't get the reward for finishing in the top three?


WoT MM put us into this 1 v 1 battle.


I lost 20k and met the requirements, as I understand them, for a reward and got nothing?


Why even put me into a game if I CANNOT get a reward and just lose credits?


I wonder what SirFoch (or Jingles, QuickyBaby, etc) are saying about this?


Ranked battle 1 v 1 game, in arty, no reward.PNGRanked battle 1 v 1 game, in arty, no reward TEAMS (Custom).PNG


It doesn't seem quite fair to me, to lose credits, be in the top 3 (1st has to be in the top of anything, right?) and get nothing for losing credits.

Sure, first few games after the patch, but doesn't WG say that MM is better now and if it can't find a match it'll put you back in garage?

A 1 v 1 match for no reward is NOT a good match.



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