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Sandbox is currently offline

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NubbyBot #1 Posted May 07 2017 - 01:48


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I have been getting this message from the 2nd time i logged into the sandbox, maybe 3 weeks... Im assuming this isnt the case as others seems to have no issue logging in.. Whats the issue here??

DOMlNO #2 Posted May 07 2017 - 20:13

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I'm getting the currently offline message also, not sure if it's the wrong client or what. Mine says "You are running the latest client version." but the promo graphic shows "Sandbox adds another frontline scenario". I thought it was supposed to be the new ranked mode now.

Kohler7 #3 Posted May 07 2017 - 23:18


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No, I think it's a new map and some changes to frontline.  I got the E-mail yesturday.  My launcher says everything is good to go too but the play button says the sever is offline. :/
Is it not active for NA players yet or something?  WG's official sites say the sever is up too.
Is it only on at certain times?  Maybe? :/

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MadeYuGoBoom #4 Posted May 08 2017 - 01:57


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having the same problem.

A2nd77thFA #5 Posted May 08 2017 - 11:51


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yea I'm having the same problem everything looks like it should work, sent tickets to NA support they say they cant help you must contact RU Support tried cant do that either, they told me once you have to delete a file but I don't remember which one why do they ask if you cant get in to play

Catman59 #6 Posted May 08 2017 - 23:39


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So much for "customer support".  I wish I could get paid to say, "I's not my problem."  Minsk is still firmly controlled by communists.

evolighter #7 Posted May 10 2017 - 19:23


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After a short pause on the test " front line"  May 11 will be available to the new format large-scale fighting. (Translated)


Guys you are in the wrong forum to report these issues NA has nothing to with this, it's all RU.


SB Forums:




You will have to log on again with your SB PW etc. This will give you quick support and it will tell you if it is actually online or not. And remember that this is the second frontline test so if you see posts about it check the post date as those are from the previous test.


Hurry up and bring this mode back. Makes pubs seem so pathetic and trite in comparison.

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