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TRICKSHOT68 #1 Posted May 07 2017 - 02:44


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can someone please tell me hot to use one crew in 2 different tanks ? " example  tanks ; T-34-85m and T-34-85 RUDY "

Karl__Childers #2 Posted May 07 2017 - 02:53

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First, is your only Russian Medium crew the one that came with the Rudy?

Steeljaw_MajT #3 Posted May 07 2017 - 03:02


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If both have crews, put both in Barracks.  Then you can decide which crew you want to train up, put that crew back in it's tank and run it in battle.  After put back in barracks and move them into the other tank.  Repeat

Yao_Wang #4 Posted May 07 2017 - 03:28


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View PostTRICKSHOT68, on May 06 2017 - 17:44, said:

can someone please tell me hot to use one crew in 2 different tanks ? " example  tanks ; T-34-85m and T-34-85 RUDY "

ok well first of all seeing as both of these tanks are premium they shouldn't have crews trained only for them! premium tanks are meant to train the crews of regular tanks what i mean by this is as follows if you own the USSR tier 6 T-34-85 medium tank you can tank that crew use them on the USSR premium tier 6 T-34-85m medium tank the USSR premium tier 6 T-34-85 Rudy medium tank with out having to retrain the crew

tod914 #5 Posted May 07 2017 - 04:19


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Well your Rudy comes with a BIA and 100% skill.  Only 4 members though.  The M comes with a 50% crew.  Dismiss the 50% crew, you don't need it.  The M is the better of the two tanks.  Put the Rudy crew in your M.  Pull a Radio operator from one of your other Mediums and put it in the M.  If the radio crew member isn't at 100%, spend 100 gold this weekend and make it 100%.  Train it on BIA.   Work this crew in your M.  When they do a crew transfer sale, then reassign the Rudy crew to one of your standard Mediums, preferably the one with the operator you pulled to run in the M.  Also, make sure to run the daily 2x in Rudy for the extra xp bonus.  Make sure you check the box so the xp goes towards crew skill, and not free xp.

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