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With RANKED BATTLES...why play Standard?

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Mikosah #21 Posted Jun 14 2017 - 23:59


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The simple answer is that ranked is exclusive to tier 10, which is expensive to run at any rate and even more so if you're trying to run a competitive loadout with food and lots of premium ammo. Plus you can't bully tier 8s as you normally could in the randoms. If the rewards could be earned quickly, that'd be one thing. But as things are now, even a very good player will need a massive investment of time and energy to get his entire garage outfitted with improved equipment and a steady stream of directives. 


Now the interesting question is what would happen if they ran ranked queues at other tiers. If there were no rewards to earn and the only incentive was guaranteed same-tier MM, then that could actually become a complete replacement for the randoms. 

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