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Using 'Improved' Equipment on Low-Tier Tanks

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CapPhrases #21 Posted May 09 2017 - 20:32


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every topic i've seen on this topic has pointed out what a bad idea this is.

Gurgar #22 Posted May 09 2017 - 22:08


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View PostCapPhrases, on May 09 2017 - 15:28, said:


i can't play ranked battles simply because i don't own a tier X. that's fine with me, give the players who reach that tier some end game fun. other MMO's have ranked battles for rewards and it's fine. however the problem is that those games use cosmetic rewards instead of buff rewards. as is these improved equipments have the chance to run off newer players since there are people who can get these bonds that run tier 5 tanks they love when they want a change of pace. this could easily lead to cancer in the lower tiers and that's really my problem with it as is.


I see a bunch of could or may do this or that. I have seen very little from this forum as a whole that would indicate the level of give a crapabout new players that has suddenly seem to infect people here. Anytime a person post they are leaving, the general feedback is "don't let the door hit you in the [edited]on the way out." Now all of a sudden, OMFG, the sky is falling.

Maybe it is because when it all comes down to the reason, it is to push an agenda that has nothing to do with new players.

99 post could call it a good or bad idea and the fact is that 99 post don't have a clue as to the final outcome and are just posting opinions.

I call B@LL SH!T on it all.

Good idea or bad, let's see what happens.


I_DIE_ALOT_2 #23 Posted May 14 2017 - 05:27


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the ranked rewards of better equipment is just crazy the better players are hard enough to compete against so now you want to give player that already dominate a match even more powerful so average player has zero chance to compete  

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Mikosah #24 Posted Jun 25 2017 - 00:31


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I've spoken on other threads that I foresee that it won't be very far in the future that WG will simply sell improved equipment and directives for credits. In the short term they want an incentive to get their new ranked mode tested, but in the long term they could actually solve some serious problems by selling these things in the regular currencies. Imagine for instance getting to use that directive that gives you sixth sense paying only 3k credits or so like a standard consumable. A perfect win-win. We're spending more credits, which makes WG happy. And lacking crucial mechanics like sixth sense becomes a thing of the past.

Tahllol #25 Posted Jun 25 2017 - 02:01

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The new improved crap should only be allowed on Tier 10s and in ranked battles as it is just more rigged [edited]to help the mod using unicums.

CubanTanker #26 Posted Jul 06 2017 - 03:36


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