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Cheaters shouldn't Prosper

cheat tree down platornament

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Swearengen5 #41 Posted Jan 23 2018 - 20:33


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lol.   Okay.  I will address 2 points.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.


1. My understanding of the Destruction/Treefall MOD is that it DOES NOT get you spotted or set off your 6th sense. 

---From researching and watching multiple sources (e.g. Youtube videos), my understanding of this illegal MOD is that it will indicate on the map where items are crushed (walls crumbled/fences broken/buildings damaged/etc) and where trees/poles are knocked down (also note: in the case of trees/poles it will have an arrow showing a direction in which that tree was pushed over, thereby illustrating the enemy vehicle's direction of travel)....but again: it does NOT get you spotted or set off your 6th sense.


2. My understanding of spotting has always been that the FURTHEST you can spot is 445m.  Any 'view range' your tank has above 445m is used to defeat enemy camouflage (bushes/camo paint/camo skill/etc) WITHIN that 445m view range.  You can SEE beyond 445m, but you will only see your own tanks and enemy that are spotted by others....you CANNOT SPOT beyond 445m under ANY circumstances.


Anyone want to correct me on those 2 ???  Please do, because those are my understandings of spotting mechanics (and these a-holes who cheat).


PS---I looked at your evidence and I say this: "You need more evidence. I remain unconvinced that someone is cheating...but cheat MODs are so damn pervasive in this game I would NOT rule it out entirely."

Hellsfog #42 Posted Jan 23 2018 - 20:43


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Why did you necro this turd of a thread?

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