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30 player teams and 1.4km map observations

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Pongo #1 Posted May 13 2017 - 19:38


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There are two maps available right now in sandbox. One is kind of gimmicky but fun(Grand Canyon) the other very serious and clearly designed to exercise the big teams.

Sunny Valley. 

Solar Valley


This whole area is covered with rolling hills that give good opportunity for clever fire positions. The center ruins area is quite a high pronounced feature, the built up area in the North East has lots of cover but fairly wide open lanes between them.  The South east rural area is hilly but less covered with hard protection then the other two areas.  At 40% more in each direction this map is over twice the area of a normal play map..My Bat Chat arty could not quite reach from east to west.

It doesn't show on that graphic but both teams get some good defensive terrain to lure bad players into playing passive and losing the match. The south gets a whole ridge accessible in the black area that takes good team work for the north enemy to clear if TDS and arty get pushed back onto it.  The north team gets high ground to its rear on those islands and peninsulas but light tanks in particular can get to it easily if they can cover the open ground to get back there. Kind of different defensive spots, cover with and open kill ground in the north, a cliff bastion that can be approached quite easily but is hard to get up onto if defended in the south.

View ranges are long.  Long enough that radio ranges are important I would say.  I have routinely sat in open ground in a full camo crew 103 and shot at spotted heavy tanks that could not see me. 

Standard of play is considerable better then the normal servers.  Except arty of course. You can have 6 arty per side and it is common to have 4. And typically your arty will be all huddled up with the same blind spots just like in the normal servers. 


I like the map allot. The east seems to be the place where this map can be quickly won. It looks more open but of course camo and cover make it navigable if it is not covered enough by one of the teams.  When an enemy gets established east(particularly if an arty gets to move off axis to that side) then the center bastion hill is flanked and real trouble starts for the cornered team. 

I have played TDs(103) Mediums(E50M) Scouts(german one) Arty(Bat Chat) and Heavies(T57) on the map.  Did not have much luck with the heavy, maybe the bruisers can do better not sure. 

Played well for all the roles.

 I think the map is the right size for 30 on 30.  When I have seen maps that favour those that can use tactics and positions as much as this map supports in the past, WG has made sure to remove all such positions. So I have no real faith the map would go live in the form it is in.  Fewer subtle positions that can be exploited, Less cover in strong positions and more hard edged plateaus that have a ramp up and down to remove options from smarter players. 

But it is fun right now. 

__Worm__ #2 Posted May 13 2017 - 20:06


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thx for the heads up +1

wkcw1 #3 Posted May 13 2017 - 20:20


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Is this restricted to tier 10 only when it comes out?

HI_FIVE #4 Posted May 13 2017 - 20:50


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I believe so


84Doc04 #5 Posted May 18 2017 - 19:04

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OP, I completely agree with you.  I didn't enjoy Canyon, it felt wrong and it was the ultimate Corridor meta.


Valley was fantastic!  I played it with LTs, Meds, TDs and one HT (Kranvagn) and found it to have terrific locations and terrain to suit all types.  Once the map is fleshed out and the model finished (hopefully with more bushes and stuff) this map would probably be my favorite in the game.  Between the rolling hills and ruins, the sporadic "urban" areas, and even some mountain goating on the south side, this map was the most fun I've had in a long time on this game.


It's critical to watch your ammo.  In a 30 v 30 you can very quickly run out and there may still be a ton of other enemies to shoot at.  This is especially important when trying to snipe from the very long ranges available on the extra large map.


OP is 100% correct, this map is amazing.  I very much hope WG includes it soon.  I'd play this a LOT.

Pongo #6 Posted May 18 2017 - 19:11


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Ammo is a big deal on this map for certain.

In researching tanks for this mode,  I decided the AMX50B is better then the T57 because it has 56 rounds to 36 rounds of ammo? something like that, the Swed heavy has 40..

And the AMX has far more speed as well. The faster per round ROF of the 57 is nice but not as important cause when you can see an enemy, he can not likely back out of fire as easily.


But I saw some amazing performances in the T57 as well. When I looked after the battle they would have been down too one clip of ammo left.

Myself, my best matches in the german light had me with only a round or two left.

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