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Bug with GeForce experience users......

nivida wgc Bug

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TomatoSauceHero #1 Posted May 14 2017 - 08:05


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Now not really your issue i don't think but after moving to the WGC. Nivida GeForce no longer sees my games installed wot, wows, wowp or the new alpha total war. to recommend optimal gaming performance settings. or launch from it as well.


Now i did submit this to Nvidia a while back but has gone unanswered maybe you all can throw some of your weight around and reach out to them to resolve this issue.


Before moving to WGC it noticed all my wargaming installed titles 

jcurz666 #2 Posted May 14 2017 - 08:24

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I just got rid of Geforce Experience, [edited]buggy experience IMO. 

MJR_Tom_ #3 Posted Jun 24 2017 - 04:51


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I have the GForce experience, windows 10 and a gtx 1080 card and I have no problems in this area. The War Gaming titles show up in the GForce library and it launches when I open the game. 

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