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Looking for guides/videos on effectively working hills

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ShermanMedium #1 Posted May 16 2017 - 20:49

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While recently I've been able to consistently get yellow, light green, and dark green WN8 days, I still have a very poor grip of fighting on hills. For example, every time I go north on Westfield in a heavy, it's either get focused and nuked by artillery, or outdone by T-29s (hell, even IS, KV, and French heavy tanks) in peaking over and firing along the hills and ridges. I find it no easier to work that area and contribute in both Soviet and German heavies, the main lines which I play. Would I be more effective instead by going south to support the mediums there, despite the fact the entire area is a shot trap from every angle?


In short, I'm looking for videos and guides on effectively fighting on hills and ridges, along with guides for the T29, a tank which, when on flat ground, is rather easy to fight, but when it's hull down, almost impossible to root out from the front

OB1_Kenobe #2 Posted May 16 2017 - 21:58


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It is hard to fight on a hill with Soviet heavies. They have no gun depression. You need to play to your tanks strong points. If you can't play ridge lines in your tank then don't. I don't know of any videos that show you how to fight on ridge lines with a heavy tank. 

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Quemapueblos #3 Posted May 16 2017 - 22:22

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My Americans can do great on the hills but as NothingElse2 mentioned, Russian are too happy to fight on hard angled terrain. You just can't bring your gun to bear unless you approach the bumps at odd angles. 


Chieftian has some good videos on cover and how to approach that might help you survive a little longer on Westfield

moon111 #4 Posted May 17 2017 - 00:51


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Know thy enemy.  You want to avoid arty, play arty.  There's people playing this game thinking arty shells fly as fast as they do for tanks.  They don't.  I had fun in my AT2, just playing with an enemy 105LeFHB2, seeing how many times I could avoid his shells.  He didn't give up, I was never predictable and he must of fired and missed a dozen time.  I knew he'd be aiming in front and I'd stop.  I knew he'd be aiming behind, so I would move forward.  I turned and changed direction. The AT2 is dreadfully slow, but it's fast enough to avoid one of the fastest shooting and highest win-rate arty in the game.  But if I didn't play arty, don't think I would be thinking like he would be.  


Facing a hull-down T29 is an insane challenge, even for higher tier tanks.  Just don't do it.  It gets the ridge, it's in it's element.  Back out so to the point he has crest to the point he has to expose that hull.  Or flank, or if really desperate, push right past and trade shots... anything but facing it hull-down.

riff_ #5 Posted May 17 2017 - 02:41


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Read This.  It Will Help You.



moogleslam #6 Posted May 17 2017 - 15:50


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If you're in a tank lacking in gun depression, you either find terrain where you don't need crazy good gun depression, or you only poke over when you know you can't be shot, due to enemies being distracted or on reload.  If you play a tank with awful gun depression for a while (for me it was the Type T-34), you will learn how to position your tank on hills in a manner that will still allow you to get shots off.


If you're facing a T29, and can only shoot it's turret, your best option is to reposition, or failing that, just fire a few rounds of HE.

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