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Limit maximum amount of premium shells

Premium PayToWin

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M4Nick #21 Posted May 18 2017 - 00:39


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​I will say this about premium ammo, I will only carry a small amount in my T-29 whenever either I run out, or I have to use it in a circumstance where I need to penetrate. But I will say this one player in my recently matches driving my opposite tank (T-29) he spammed nothing but APCR at me, sometimes if someone does run out of ammo then I understand, but if load nothing but gold, it makes it more challenging, and to be honest I rather try to aim for weak spots with regular AP and not press the 2 key all the time. If it was tier 5s or 6s then I understand, but when I get into tier 9 everyone will fire it, and it's not needed, I do have a good turret, but their AP could miss my mantlet and hit my cheeks, but they just keep firing the gold. I don't understand why everyone thinks.... "Oh I can't get aim for weak spots, or get around him I'll just fire gold." I try not to get make, but sometimes when the gold spam is too much, I just get off for awhile and play something else. I might not be the best player, or a unicum, but I think the gold should be limited in my opinion due to this. I'm not doubting the penetration nor it usefulness of gold ammo, but at least give a limit for how much you can take. I understand with the 183 HESH does it's job, but for me premium should ONLY be used for desperate measures if the target your facing has better armor, and not less armor. That's what I think premium ammo should be used for. I know some people might hate me for this, I'll take the hate, I just think some things need to be done.

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