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_TankHunter_ #41 Posted May 19 2017 - 17:22


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View PostAllegra, on May 18 2017 - 16:12, said:


As far as I'm aware it is an unwritten policy.


However, at this time, I think it they are doing everything to circumvent this without actually nerfing the premiums.



yes, means they can do it, but most likely they won't

View PostBlaze_terror, on May 18 2017 - 15:37, said:


yes but a premium tank should never be as good as a reg tank as soon has they started bring in op premiums the game turned in to pay to win.  And caused more in balance in a game that now has more problems  then it did when In beta.    Slowly killing players enjoyment.   From just the last 2yrs wrecking Clan Wars, League, and tournaments.   Finally having a working contact list and Looking at it  80% of players on it are playing very little or not at all and it's not from just this last patch it has slowly happened.   Yes wg has added nice improvements to the game but for every Improvement they have added has caused 2 more things that needs fixing 

that was the point, just compare IS-3 and IS-6, now IS-3 and 252u clearly 252u is way better than is3 (you can see this just looking at T8 clan wars)

_Bagheera_ #42 Posted May 19 2017 - 18:08


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What should be happening is before these premiums released they are balanced in the first place without the need tor nerfs that they are unwilling to do.


252 didn't need a lower plate that thick. Perhaps the bottom parts of it could have been weaker to 180/200 pen guns and the upper parts as strong as they are now since its a rather large target.


Liberte is fine. Its chock full of armor holes and has no side armor or DPM to speak of.


26E5 is fine. Its a GREAT tank but not overpowering, what should have happend was simultaneous buffs to the T32 with better AP pen, better gold pen, gun handling and accuracy. Massive gun handling buffs to the T34 as well.


I would have 0 complaints about the Chrysler if:


The Other American 105's got a gold pen buff to 260.


It's lower plate was a weak point to guns around 200 pen.


They would have gotten bonus brownie points if american 105 standard pen got buffed as well  to about 220mm so you didn't have to spam gold at EVERYTHING. There would be no complaints...good ufp, good at sidescraping, easy to pen lower plate and the T32 would still be just as competitive as any other tier 8 American heavy. But instead they just keep leaving the tech tree tanks/older premiums in the dust where a few Pen buffs or gun handling buffs here or there would Quell 99% of the Saltiness going around now. I MISS driving my T32...but that gun is no longer competitive at all.

Scorpiany #43 Posted May 19 2017 - 20:05


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View PostLaniru, on May 19 2017 - 05:12, said:


Circon didn't lose his CC status. All that happened was they asked him to take down the vid making fun of Victor's kid, which he did.


He had originally lost his status as a CC. They reinstated him within a couple of hours after Circon talked to them over Discord.


Old_Noobette #44 Posted Sep 19 2017 - 19:41

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View Post_TankHunter_, on May 18 2017 - 12:42, said:


they can't nerf premium tanks (it's a policy now), because of problems such as players suing WG, so the way around is to give us better and better tanks until the game is unbalanced as fck



They nerfed the crap out of the e-25 noticeably

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