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Newcomer from Blitz

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Fascist_Pickle #1 Posted May 19 2017 - 19:56


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Hello! I am (or was) a player/contributor from WoTBNA, and have moved on from there because of some extremely crappy updates. I started on WoTPC nad played a few games, and this is completely different from the Blitz I knew and loved. I've found myself to be completely clueless as to how to play on PC, so I'm looking for some tips and tricks for an experienced player from another client to make a smooth transition here.

Thanks in advance!

Note: My old account is Boris_Convel (aka 0_DatGuy_0). Stats here

Mydragonsfly #2 Posted May 19 2017 - 20:08


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You are a purple player on blitz and from what I know of our more mobile little bro, there is no artillery class to be spoken of. If you do not love the touch of death agony coming from out of nowhere and being unable to shoot back at it, well, let's just say I look forward to your colorful threads.


Humor aside, welcome to the community. Our guidessection is a great place to get started.


I don't follow any guides myself, but I do know that Lert and Saskboth put out some good content so I'm sure you'll find their guides of great use. Since you're switching from mobile to PC, I'd suggest playing the in-game-tutorial if you haven't already (I see you already have three battles) to at least familiarize yourself with the basic con trols on the keyboard. Other than that, I'll let everyone else fill you in since I have nothing more substantial to offer.


If you are up for a platoon, I can always make myself available to play along. Just shoot me a PM.

YANKEE137 #3 Posted May 19 2017 - 20:20


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I moved over too (that 3.8 really stinks) , Biggest issue I think is learning the maps. You tend to get killed a lot by people who know the terrain better- especially sneaky spots. I'd spend some time in training rooms exploring.

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1mp0ster #4 Posted May 19 2017 - 20:21


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Here is a recent thread from a guy who came from Blitz. Some good questions and info here. The first thing you should know that that Blitz and PC WoT are two completely different games. Don't think that you know anything just because they are both WG games with similar names. http://forum.worldof...0#entry10983710

killer_koala_78 #5 Posted May 19 2017 - 21:10


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I came from blitz orginally and it was a shock to me the difference between the two 

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