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Statement about the SirFoch incident

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t42592 #301 Posted Oct 09 2017 - 20:22


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Thank you for the statement. However, I strongly urge that a universal policy be implemented that "channels all external criticism to a central review" wherein the talking points and external remarks, posting, and media is vetted "internally" against a strict code. Knee-jerking will be avoided and responsible action(s) are consistent across all forums.

indoctrinated #302 Posted Oct 09 2017 - 20:27


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Why do you need to apologize? SirFoch was using your FREE content to make $ and then went on an immature, vitriolic rant against your company.
At least people like Quickybaby criticize your products but do so in a professional manner- not like SirFoch.

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Shadora #303 Posted Oct 31 2017 - 02:47


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Because it could involve legal action. Sirfochs video, however ranting you may think it is, is only his opinion.


WG slandered him and made false accusations that could affect every other person in the program.  They did the right thing by apologizing.  He forgave them and the issue was resolved.

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