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Unable to connect to the update server.

wgc wgc bug

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Camper_2000 #1 Posted May 26 2017 - 07:37


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Yesterday I had no problem opening the game, but today when I opened WGC it tried to update WOT, showing the error "Can not connect to the update server."

I tried pausing antivirus and firewall, and reinstalling WGC, but the problem persists. Now im downloading the game again, but outside game center, as the same error shows when trying to install the game with it.

flipthedog #2 Posted Nov 30 2017 - 01:43


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Same problem now and I can not find a fix. Contacting support is of no help. Have tried most basic things such as uninstalling, rebooting and running as admin.

Semmes63 #3 Posted Dec 21 2017 - 15:26


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Yep, I've uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't play the bloody game at all because it won't connect to the update server, thus won't update, and won't let me play.


I'm done with this BS.

Omega44 #4 Posted Mar 25 2018 - 14:06


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I tried several fixes before I reinstalled. Now when I get to sync garage it kicks me back to my desktop. I was planning on spending some real money with this new update; premium tanks, gold, etc. but obviously that won't be happening anytime in the distant future with this issue. It would be nice if the developers would quickly address this issue as there are many of us with this problem. I will check back from time to time but this game is not going to be high on any list of to do's.

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