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Ranked battles what are points

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blazer285 #1 Posted Jun 07 2017 - 04:50


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Ok google does not seem to like me what are points in ranked Battles or ade they the cheverons and also what does getting a vehicle rank give you 

johnmadara #2 Posted Jun 07 2017 - 05:50


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each rank up gives you a point up to 5 and once you get to rank 5 you wont lose it. from there I believe that every 5 chevrons on a tank gives you an additional point, this is unlimited


points are the first thing rankings look at

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thandiflight #3 Posted Jun 07 2017 - 05:59


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Reading comprehension:


"You receive Rank Points for each promotion to the next rank, both personal and vehicle.

If you earned a personal rank, lost it, and then earned it again during the same stage, you do not receive Rank Points for this rank.

Rank Points are not reset when the stage ends. The number of Rank Points earned determines if you become one of the Season Leaders and ultimately enter one of the prize leagues."

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