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1v1 Tournament: What's the point?

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moogleslam #21 Posted Jun 12 2017 - 16:36


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View PostMad_Dog_Seabee, on Jun 08 2017 - 20:20, said:

I just watched my kid do a 1v1 and he lost because all his opponents were spamming gold ammo. We can barely afford to rent/bills so we can only buy premium time and gold on occasion and honestly, we aren't so good at this game that we could go Pro so what's the point of these low tier tournaments?


I constantly see complaints of players being destroyed by elite tankers with 50,000 battles or more playing low tier battles with a ridiculously geared out tank. I made the false assumption that low tier tournaments were to get new players into the competitive side of Wargaming but I guess I was wrong 100%. From the looks of it, Tournaments at a whole are nothing more than breeding grounds for people with expendable incomes and too much time on their hands.


This is now yet another facet of the game that I am not allowed to partake in because I do not possess the income or the time to fund it. What a great marketing scheme. Appeal to the rich, to hell with the middle class and poor. :sceptic:


If you can "barely afford rent/bills", you should NEVER be buying premium time and gold, even on occasion.  Instead focus on lowering your expenses, increasing your income, building an emergency fund, paying off bad debt, and then investing.  In fact, if you can barely afford to live, i.e. pay rent, I'd recommend selling your PC in order to get your life back in order financially.


Everyone really needs to stop calling premium ammo "gold ammo" because anyone can buy it for credits, so the cost should be zero.  Paying real money for premium ammo in 2017 is crazy, and very few people who participate in tournaments are spending money on it, if any.  When I used to do 1v1 tournaments, I had never spent a cent on the game, yet I only used premium ammo.  Why wouldn't I?  Take every advantage you can get in the 1v1 tournaments, because you can win gold.  Then you can use that gold for something useful like garage slots, camo, Commander training/retraining, demounting equipment, skill/perk resets, etc.


Furthermore, even though I would always bring premium ammo to get every possible advantage, I'm sure I could have won almost as many tournaments with standard ammo.  Take some time to learn opponent weakspots, and standard ammo will work in most cases.  Also strategize for the map (usually Mittengard).  If you're in a tank with a strong turret and good gun depression, use the hills in the grassy areas in the corners to your advantage by going hull down.  If you're in a tank with good camo and view range, use the spawn points to get of some free damage shots before your opponent even gets down the hill.  If you're in a fast tank, try to flank your opponent when his gun is pointed away from you.  If you've got good frontal/side armor, find good positions from which to side scrape.   It's a lot more about skill than whether someone has standard or premium shells.

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t8z5h3 #22 Posted Jun 12 2017 - 20:24


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1 v 1 may seem worthless but it's a hard tournament to win i have done it like 1 or 2 times but most likely will end up in the 3 to 5 range


things to note:

-it's only you

-location of your tank is impotent.

-understanding the amount of time it take to cap or move from one location to another is a good way to generally know where the enemy is

it's more a feeling then anything else you need to developed.

-it's a grinding style of play and i have even played and done well in a tier 1 in a tier 2 1 versus 1 tournament.

-you get a better feel for things like view range,camo and how stress effects yourself.


and there is many more... i feel 1 versus 1 should have some bonds attached to it as a standout aspect agents other tournaments.

Bullets_inc #23 Posted Jul 08 2017 - 13:35

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Contact me in game there are lots of tips we can share with you that will help your enjoyment and let you feel as though you are at least competeing w/ the big boyz

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