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MM in Ranked Battles

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Cymru_am_Byth #1 Posted Jun 10 2017 - 04:03


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The overall quality of the battles have been good, better than typical pubs mainly because of fewer blow outs.

The MM has been pretty good overall except in the numbers of heavy tanks assigned to each team. In my experience about 60% to 70% of the time one team will have a definitive advantage in heavies.

The team with the advantage usually will have 2 or 3 more heavies than the other team although I was in one where my team had 3 heavies and the enemy had 10.

The  TDs always seem to be equal in numbers on both teams. Artillery is usually equal though on rare occasions I have seen 2 on one team and 3 on the other. I so rarely see light tanks in the battles that it is not that unusual for 1 team to have a light and the other team not.

I Think that for Ranked battles that the heavies should be separated from the mediums for MM and the difference between teams should be restricted to a +1 or -1 variance in heavies per team. For ranked battles lights might as well be tossed in with the mediums there are currently so few of them being played in Ranked battles

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holdmecloserTonyDanza #2 Posted Jun 10 2017 - 04:20


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astounding to me that they would bring the same crap  mechanics that most people are unhappy with in the pubs into another game mode.  

Oruckk #3 Posted Jun 15 2017 - 01:37


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yo estoy enojado con las nuevas actualizaciones, el MM se volvio una basura.

antes las batallas normales se ganaban o perdían 15 -14 / 15 - 12 y ahora es normal perder 15 - 1 / 15 -3 por más de 4 veces consecutivas, es un asco perder a causa del equipo.

opino que deben hacer algo con el mm de forma urgente

les dejo un ejemplo: https://www.dropbox....ot_021.jpg?dl=0


I am annoyed by the new updates, the MM volvio to garbage. Normal Before the battles 15-14 / 15 - 12 were earning or losing and now it is normal to lose 15 - 1 / 15-3 for dwells of 4 steal consecutive, is to disgust to lose because of the equipment.

I think that they must do something with the mm of urgent form leave an example them: https://www.dropbox....ot_021.jpg?dl=0

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