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Saturday 15vs15 tourney. Attack/Defense

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smacker247 #1 Posted Jun 20 2017 - 00:18


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Why is it in any other battle that is attack/defense, the defender wins if the attacking team fails to cap/kill all. Yet in this weekend tourney time running out is a draw? Makes this type of match useless, and should just be reg 2 caps. If anyone in wargaming is reading this, please fix the rules so that the attack defense works properly, and doesn't give one side a huge advantage of being able to cap out for a win, yet the other team can't. If the attacking team sits in the back, and time runs out, should be a win for the defending team, not a draw. FIX IT.

Daddy_Griefer #2 Posted Jun 20 2017 - 14:01


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It is a different format. The Attack/Defense is different from the standard. This tournament is setup like gold and silver league which a lot of clans have been wanting to try out. This is also what the last clan league was setup as. It is faster pace and it does give the defender the advantage on many maps. Its as if you are attack someones land and have to break their strategy. However in this format you have two bases in which you can cap making the attack have many options and the defense has to defend two bases instead of one. 

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