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9.20 Supertest of Rebalanced Vehicles: French tanks

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ixovera #101 Posted Aug 09 2017 - 04:35


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View Postchurchill50, on Jun 29 2017 - 13:58, said:


I think I can call confirmation bias here. I doubt you've been one-clipped by a Bat Chat that many times.


Being 1-clipped by a batchat is quite common if the batchat driver is a competent player. I was more upset about the HD model change than the gun changes. I'd pref better gun handling, lower dmg per shot, and an overall faster reload speed. Keep the penetration the same, though. Dmg should be nerfed to 320, not 300, IMO.

ixovera #102 Posted Aug 09 2017 - 05:07


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Oh, and while you're at tweaking the AMX 30 B, maybe you can give it an engine comparable to the AMX 30. There is a reason people prefer the AMX 30 over the AMX 30 B: Faster turret traverse and better power-to-weight ratio. A faster reload speed doesn't matter when you have cover to hide behind or are out of visual range. Being able to more quickly react to game changes is more important.

Oh, and better ground resistances. Yeah, that too.

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Warlock__ #103 Posted Aug 25 2017 - 15:25

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View PostFinnegan_Gromyko, on Jun 23 2017 - 16:15, said:

Dance, this is seriously one of the most ridiculous things I've seen WG do since I started playing this game. I try to stay away from the Rage Quit tantrums I see on the forums, but lately I've begun to understand why people rage quit, or threaten to. 


I started grinding the French line to get the Bat Chat. Along the way I played and loved the AMX Elc, and then WG nerfed its best traits and made it irrelevant. It went from my favourite tank to one I don't even play any more. 


Then came the Great Light Tank Apocalypse, and in general a lot of the light tanks (other than premiums like the Type 64) lost their purpose. Playing through the French light and medium line has been brutal and really hurt my win rate and my enjoyment of the game (43 second reload on the BatChat AP? Really????). 


But now? My God. After all that, you nerf the #&$&*&(ing BatChat?


I can't even describe how fed up I am with this constant nerf-buff rebalancing BS. For the first time I am seriously considering and talking with my buddies about leaving the game for good, and finding another to focus on. 


It's not just the BatChat either. 


WG ruined Tier 8 by filling it up with OP Premium heavies that can never be nerfed. My T32 is almost unplayable now because it bounces off the Prems with Gold rounds. 


You ruined the Hellcat just before I got it. Ruined the Elc. Wrecked the light tanks I was grinding as I was grinding them. Now you're wrecking the Bat Chat. 


I spent MONTHS grinding this painfully inadequate line to get the Bat Chat, and halfway through the last tank you nerf the Bat Chat. 


Do you not get why people are so ****ed off with WG?


You're on the forum every bloody day, and you see all the rage and frustration and you completely ignore it, and blindly forge ahead with stupid, and completely unnecessary nerfs that you blandly try to pass off as 'rebalancing'. 


Could you just give your fricking devs some time off so they'll stop screwing with every tank in the game?


WG created a great game, and has spent a lot of time since then making it worse. You are your own worst enemy.


I've got a lot of friends in this game now, and it will be painful leaving, but congratulations! You are actually driving me away. Well done.


We'll see if this bundle of excrement gets out of the Test Server, but if it does, I'll be switching to another game because I AM JUST SO SICK OF HAVING EVERY TANK I LIKE GET NERFED OR POWER CREEPED AS SOON AS I GET IT. 


The game is supposed to be fun, something you play to relax, and you've turned it into a constant source of aggravation. Way to go. You've made WoT more annoying than my job.




Now this is the truth, if they are intent on ruining this game like they did Blitz, they have succeed.


xX_GRIDLOK_Xx #104 Posted Nov 26 2017 - 01:35


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How about them new French Heavies? Them heavies are gonna be hull down monsters. So I can see tier 8 tanks are gonna have no chance of penetrating the teri 10 and 9 new heavy line once they are hull down and on a crest. You will not be able to see the capola when they use the 10 degrees of gun depression. Not even the JgPz e100 is gonna be able to penetrate the tank with it being hull down and no capola showing i mean the armor is ranging from 360 to 900 and that's the tier 9 AMX M4eml.51 with a JgPz E100 shooting at it. On tankg.gg it says that tank has like 6% to no chance of penetrating the tank. So nevermind the tier 10 French heavy wow that's gonna be crazy. So all I know is i gotta grind to get that thing A.S.A.P. because nothing is penetrating that thing from the front. I mean damn that things almost worse then the super heavies Maus,Type 5 and such. So Gold ammo isn't gonna work on them suckers. Well good luck fighting em everyone.

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